I know it’s controversial, but I happen to find amputees extremely attractive. My erotic fascination for a missing arm or leg dates back to the earliest days of having sexual fantasies. I haven’t got the faintest idea why and it’s safe to say it’s impossible to get rid of. Not that I’d wish to, meanwhile. I’ve come to accept it as something I happen to have, and I seek to explore it in a respectful way.

Respectful is not an easy term in this context though. My liking requires that someone ‘qualifying’ be disabled, making it fundamentally and ethically different from most any other erotic preference. If you’re into bondage, you simply remove the ropes after the fun. Amputation is permanent. And it’s not only permanent, it also clashes with societal concepts of beauty, at least it does in the eyes of others.

Since I also like to write, I decided to open this blog. It contains my thoughts put into opinionating blogs and my musings and fantasies put into erotic fiction. With this writing, I aim to show two things, one being that my erotic feelings for amputees are genuine and sincere, the other being that amputees do not differ from able bodied people in their desires. And also that they don’t within a world often thinking they do. The latter presents an option that could be beneficial to both sides. Amputee issues of self-esteem are the consequence of a culture of bodily perfection, a culture that not only victimises amputees, by the way. In the eyes of the devotee, this doesn’t exist however. That’s not to say erotic attraction to an amputee’s bodily ‘imperfection’ will automatically resolve their issues of self-esteem, but it might help, provided the amputee devotee respects there’s not only the stump to admire but most of all the human being having to live with it.

So, I guess I want my blog to paint of picture of how the world would look in this respect if it were up to me, with a few thoughts on how to get there. Whether I succeed in that is up to the reader. But I’m giving it a sincere try.

Do let me know what you think, thanks!

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  1. I could not have put together a better statement myself as this portrays my exact feelings, there have been so many misjudged and misunderstood articles regarding this and to be fair so many people with a disrespectful view that makes me see why. I have the attraction, I have no idea why, and I can’t see many people understanding it as I don’t myself let alone anyone else especially someone who is an amputee and not aware of this attraction dealing with their own issues so where do you go with it? I just want to make a point that not all people with this attraction are seeking to exploit someone but just simply find beauty in it the same as more other more conventional attractions


  2. Hello!! My name is Bob Cloud. Quite a few of you know me. Many do not, but I am an admirer and I also have BIID. I am also transgender. I have been aware of part of my interests since I was three years old. The others have taken awhile. I.mean they took awhile to reveal themselves. They have always exsisted, I now realize. I wish to be be…no. I have to be an amputee I am going to losr one leg at the hip. I would like to have a partner, a woman who has a similar amputation, but that is only a strong desire. I would be happy to have a devotee woman. One who would really love my amputation. So anyway, there ypu have me in a very small nutshell. There is much more to me than that. I would welcome any and all questions. You may write to me here. Thanks!


  3. Hi, I’m “Ampfly,” a devotee (and occasional pretender) for my entire adult life. Thank you for this excellent site – respectful, reverential, revealing!


  4. Hey! Just found your blog and I haven’t even browsed through the content but I just loved your introduction. I’m also a ‘devotee’, an admirer of bodily forms that fall outside the immediate periphery of what is considered beautiful by mainstream media. I believe it to be responsible for the current situation regarding disability and sexuality, this stigmatised view that is reinforced by society and the media, and we are somehow caught in the middle of it due to our unique perspective. The current status quo dictates that disability is not sexually attractive and subsequently anybody that does find it so must be some sort of pervert or sexual deviant. If we lived in a world where where people with disabilities were not viewed or treated as different i.e. – non sexual, helpless “victims” – society infantalises the disabled community without even realising it – always wanting to help them out of pity and sympathy or patronise them by glorifying their every day existence and ability to carry out every day tasks – and if we changed our view on it then perhaps it wouldn’t be so unusual for us to find such people to be particularly attractive. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with our set of preferences and I’m all for a healthy and open-minded forum to invite both people with disabilities and people who find them attractive to join in and engage in a productive exchange of ideas and thoughts. Keep it up!

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  5. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m not
    sure whether this post is written by him as no one else
    know such detailed about my trouble. You are wonderful!


  6. You’re not the first devotee to try to break out of the closet. Don’t falter. There is a lot of pressure to keep it suppressed. Most feel ashamed, due to derogatory comments of women. Follow the many blogs and contribute to the conversation.


      1. Hello, thanks for the quick response. I was active in the Fascination Weekends, and dated Rose several times. Check out the site for Stacy Paris, a Scott DBK for your site.


  7. I like your work really is very good video and photos selected of the amputees and the articles are very interesting.
    I hope for the future see another woman p.e
    Valerie , Divemouse etc.
    Go ahead and congratulations


  8. Hello:
    This looks like a fascinating place to read about something that we all have in common: devoteism. I`m from South America, and yes, this is a worldwide attraction. I believe that I have felt attraction to handicapped women (not only amputee) since I was very young. Is strange. For my part there´s not only the attraction, but at one point in my life I wished with all my strength to lose a limb. Weird? That´s not a word that can apply to us… Anyway, I´m going to take a good look to the Blog. Interesting stuff so far.


  9. Congratulatons for your woderful dedication , thanks for send beatiful imagens and video about the beatiful lady amputees


  10. Since I was young, I’ve always had crush on my neighbor who is an amputee. I’ve since grown up and returned home to find she is still beautiful & I still have the biggest crush.


  11. I’m Android, a lifetime devotee of women amputees. I’m in my early 30s and have been searching for a chance to meet and connect with women amputees. Unfortunately, I haven’t even had the chance to get to know anyone so hopefully with this Website and with more tasteful ones, I’ll be able to have that opportunity. Thank you for giving us a sounding board to discuss this topic with others like us.


  12. Hi, Thanks for your site, I too, for as long as I can remember have always been fascinated with an amputee girl, woman and like with you, I have no idea why but I know I always will be attracted to amputees!


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