The floor to others – Heather

Introduction My first interview is with Heather, a 45 year old female from British Columbia, Canada. I met her on Fetlife, and Heather has an active interest in what this web site is dedicated to. She’s happily married but considers herself polyamorous, and she has a relationship with a man next to her marital relationship.… Continue reading The floor to others – Heather

Blog – “You people scare me!”

I’m on Fetlife, a site dedicated to BDSM. I’m there because it also has an amputee devotee community, and it has amputees participating in it. I’m not into BDSM myself, yet I’ve always liked the open minded attitude of this world. Browsing through the many users that populate Fetlife, I came across an older post… Continue reading Blog – “You people scare me!”

Blog – Supposed saviours

Erotic likings come in many ways, attraction to amputees and amputations not excepted. As stated previously, there’s a touchy aspect in feeling attracted to amputations, and the attraction generally being rather specific makes it extra touchy. As far as I know, the reasons for this specificity are unknown, but they easily place devotee attraction in… Continue reading Blog – Supposed saviours

Story – Present

She had realised this morning, looking at the newspaper over breakfast. Suddenly, the date at the top right had become bigger, seemingly at least, and then it came to her. Twenty years ago today, to the day. It made her smile. The gratitude for what had saved her life had long been wry, but now… Continue reading Story – Present

Story – Mutual revelation

Their first cybercontact dated back three months, a contact neither of them expected to become very serious at first. Okay, there was the computer match, made by the web site that established their first contact. It was dedicated to what they were both looking for, she being a curious amputee not principally rejecting men who… Continue reading Story – Mutual revelation

Blog – Devoteeism: the esthetic view

I’ll repeat myself before addressing this: yes, it’s controversial. But I’d also like to really state for once that my erotic fascination for amputees has a lot to do with beauty, sincere sense of beauty. Before going into that, I feel I first have to go into the controversial aspect. It’s the main reason for… Continue reading Blog – Devoteeism: the esthetic view

Blog – On the quality of dev porn

We’re a sad bunch, us devotees, aren’t we? I tried hard, but I couldn’t come up with an erotic preference that contents itself with worse porn than we do. There’s some good footage from prehistoric times, but it’s not really porn. And the HD-stuff of nowadays doesn’t really tickle either, does it? Okay, it’s a… Continue reading Blog – On the quality of dev porn