Story – College life

“It has its cons and pros,” she said, grinning at his surprise and giving him a naughty wink.
They were naked. They were standing close together in the middle of her room. And she had just rubbed her stump firmly against his cock, leaving him stare with as much amazement as there was arousal suddenly pumping.

College life was promiscuous, at least it was in her circles. Most parties ended in either being picked up or doing that yourself. Asking someone to sit down with you in private at the end of the night was the usual code, and if the chat confirmed mutual interest, you had your one night stand. And tonight was no exception.
Her right leg being amputated wouldn’t stop her from taking active part in this. True, there were guys who found it a turn-off. Fuck them. She loved her life too much to be bothered by anyone backing off at the sight of her stump. It was there, she saw no reason to hide it, and it had nothing to do with the young woman well worth knowing she found she was. Or actually it had, beit in a positive sense. Losing a leg had made a fighter, and losing it at young age had made her grow up to adolescence with a firm belief that she needed to like herself and express that she did if she was ever going to taste from the pleasures of a woman being desired by a man. And so – and perhaps contrary to what most people expected – being insecure was not in her book.

“I see what you mean, yes. Can feel it too…wow,” he grinned with surprise.
“Comes with tonight’s package,” she chuckled back, subtly lifting an eyebrow.
“A package I’ve been hoping to open for quite some time…”
“Really?” she asked, trying to look surprised.
“Hmm, so you never even noticed, eh?”
“Nope,” she feigned.
“Man, my flirting sucks then.”
It made her giggle. “Look at the bright side. It didn’t tonight?”
“Wasn’t tonight a little more your flirting?”
“Ah yes, it was.”
“And why was that?” he inquired teasingly.
“I felt I needed to make your dream come true,” she said, sticking out the tip of her tongue.
“And wouldn’t that mean you did notice?” he replied smartly, catching her in a closer embrace. “Hmm, gotcha.”
She gave him a pouting look. “Already?”
“Yeah, you just gave it away. You like me,” he said, smiling smugly.
“Would I allow you in my room at this hour if I didn’t?” she teased, whispering while brushing her lips against his. “Very much naked too, and letting you have an erection on top of it?”
“I wouldn’t call it letting, what you’re doing with your…”
“Stump,” she filled in. “I call it what it is, and so should you.”
“Fine with me,” he smiled. “And can I ask…?”
“You can,” she interrupted him again. “Bone cancer at age eight, three chemos without result, leg amputated. It’s a longer story but the ending’s just as short, so to say,” she added, taking his hand and leading it to her stump. “And I’m okay with it and it doesn’t hurt, so don’t be shy.”
“You’re awfully relaxed with it, yes,” he smiled with admiration. “And please bear with me when I’m not, okay? This is new to me.”
“It usually is,” she smiled back. “That’s why I took your hand?”
“I got that, yes.”
“Then go ahead. For me it feels pretty nice,” she said, smiling frolicly.

It was her usual way to get rid of uneasiness. Forteen years of having one leg made it as natural to her as him having two, but she obviously knew that was not the case with him, as with any other soon to be lover being introduced to her leg off below the hip, for that matter.
This one was taking her encouragement very seriously, though. It made her smile to see him go on his knees to have a real proper look.

“Tell me what feels nicest then?” he asked, surprisingly relaxed in letting his fingertips brush along the curved end.
“That tickles,” she giggled, feeling the flinching.
“Jiggles too,” he grinned, amused. “And this?” now cupping and kneading gently.
“Much nicer, and remember to not be shy?” she winked.
“I’m trying. But it looks sensitive, vulnerable.”
“It isn’t, not more than breasts.”
“Interesting comparison,” he grinned, looking up at what he found a sexy pair. Then he touched harder.

His fingers moved as he pressed the soft flesh, up over the highly sensitive skin of her inner thigh and further. This time, her flinching was for another reason too. His fingers were good, great even. Their touching was resolute without being hurried, and firm without losing mildness. With exciting composure, they left her no doubt as to where they were heading, yet allowed her time to gloat over the inevitable.
His other hand moved up her leg now, along her calf and higher. Its kneading was slow seductive, and in sync with how her stump was being fondled together with the outer regions of her pussy. Or cunt, as she preferred to call it as soon as sexual arousal stepped in. She hated diminutive terms for her sex parts. His hands played a glorious game of teasing, making her lower body shudder, her breathing become heavy and her own hands reach for his shoulders to keep her balance.

“Even nicer, a lot…” she whispered a now superfluous encouragement.
“Can I say something?” he then asked, rather unexpectedly.
“I’m amazed I do and I know I shouldn’t, but…I find it hot, your stump.”
He looked up, as if fearing her response.
“And why shouldn’t you?” she smiled reassuringly.
“Because it’s bad?”
“Do I look like I think it’s bad?”
“Um, not particularly, no. Amazes me too, by the way.”
“Go ahead. It’s flattering.”
“Thanks,” he smiled with relief. “Oh, and hot leg too, and ass, and tits. My unnoticed flirting was with good reason, you know.”
She gave him a charmed giggle. “You’re not looking too bad yourself…”

It made him turn almost shy, which she liked in him. Slightly timid guys who nonetheless had a mind of their own were a real weakness, and this one was a cutie on top of it. She cuddled through curly, black hair that added an angelic something to his looks. She stared at calm looking eyes that made an intruiging contrast with his resolute hands. He was taking his time, which she loved. He was exploring her with all senses now too, which she loved even more. His face had moved close. She watched his nostrils move as he sniffed the scents of her cunt, watched the tip of his tongue taste the skin of her venus, and she smiled when his lips playfully nibbled the thin line of dark blonde stubbles, the only pubic hair remaining after this morning’s shave. And all the time, his hands massaged with ever more naughty determination.

“Is there anything hot girls with one leg can’t do, or don’t like?” he then asked, without stopping what he was doing.
She smiled again. “Sweet of you to ask.”
“And are there any answers?” he replied, looking up and smiling back.
“I’d fall over doing what you’re doing,” she said, grinning. “A hot doggy style might make me too. Other than that, I would just try me if I were you…”
“I’m seeing a double bed that’d make a great place for that…”
“Me too…”
“And can I ask one more question?” he said, standing up and sliding his hands up along her buttocks and back as he did. Looking a bit hesitating too, though.

His confession was one most guys wouldn’t dare to make. He often came too fast when he found a girl really hot, he told her. And she was definitely one of them. He also – and pretty relaxedly – came up with the solution, to make sure he’d already had an orgasm by the time they moved towards the finale, if that was going to happen. And finally, he told her he would have an idea for that.

“Being?” she smiled, obviously very curious.
“What you did earlier… with your stump…”
“The cons and pros thing, you mean?”
He nodded, smiling sheepishly. “I’d really love to try it, but… um… would that make me a perv?”
She grinned, but also looked straight into his eyes. “Does doing that myself make me one?”
“Why not?”
“It’s your body.”
“You sniffed my cunt and enjoyed it too, I think. Where’s the difference then?”
“I sure did,” he smiled. “And maybe there isn’t?”
“The difference is in what you’re thinking with it?”
“Lusting after someone’s being disabled is pervert. Lusting after someone’s stump as a part of the body of a person you like is okay.”
He frowned, thinking. Then he smiled with a sort of relief. “Yeah, that makes sense. Glad it does too, phew.”
“That afraid to be a pervert?” she winked.
“Doing much better already,” he winked back.
“And it’s not only okay, by the way…”
“As in?” he teased.
“As in giving you that stump jerk-off with great pleasure,” she grinned, pulling him close to show what she meant.
“Only if you allow me to reward you,” he replied, groaning already.
“And what would my reward be…?” she whsipered seductively.
“A gloriously long fuck…”
“Mmm, details please…” she said, with begging voice and rubbing hard.
“I’ve already licked your very sexy cunt when I let my cockhead part your slippery lips,” he obliged. “You’ve had one or two orgasms by then, and your eagerness for my first thrust is making you squirm…”
She was already. His great hands and appealing honesty were not his only asset. He sure knew how to talk dirty too. She took hold of his rock hard cock shortly, jerking it off a little to support her stump tease. Then she resumed the intent pushing of her up and down moving stump. It was strenuous alright, but compensated by the excitement of the hardness of his cock pushing its way into the softness of her stump.
“You squeal when I finally do what your cunt is crying out for,” he continued, “And me gasping out into your face tells you how good finally fucking your horny slit feels to me…”
“Mmm, you’re good at this,” she moaned.
“Pfff, so are you, hottie,” he replied, sounding hoarse with excitement.

He could feel he was not going to stand this much longer. He’d been uneasy to ask, but sure wasn’t regretting he had. There was no doubt he liked her for who she was, a merry and fun chick that had impressed him at every occasion he had seen her by how she succeeded in letting her disability be part of her sexy appearance. It always seemed as if she wasn’t bothered by it at all, never looking dejected and always openly showing her leg was off almost completely by wearing things that didn’t hide.
And now she was giving him that exact same impression with all her clothes off, even invigorating it, by letting her stump be just as obvious a body part to be sexual with as any other. And in a way, it was the beauty of that thought that was the final trigger to make him come. He kissed her when he did, moaning into it as he felt the gushing release spurt all over her frantically twitching stump. It was as exciting as it was special, and it was welcomed by her beaming smile and charmed squeals.

“How long is the break gonna be?”
She asked after a while, allowing him the time to enjoy all the way. And she was still beaming.
“No break at all, you’re much too hot for that,” he grinned.
“Looks like I am,” she chuckled, looking down at her cum stained stump.
“It’s even hotter now,” he winked.
“Male pride or really?” she asked, relaxedly twitching and moving it in circles.

They had done a pretty nice job, she found. It was what it was, her leg taken off just below the hip. But it could have looked a lot worse. The rounded shape was regular, as was the scar running straight across the curve where her stump ended. Forteen years of being amputated had inevitably weakened the remaining muscles, but that was still within acceptable flabbiness. Considering what missing her leg meant, these were futile details of course, but she was a woman, and women want to look pretty. And if you happened to be one with a missing leg, a stump was not excluded from that.

“A bit of both, I guess,” he smiled. “Although what you’re doing now is male pride free very sexy.”
“Thanks,” she whispered, and she added a seductive kiss to it.
“My pleasure,” he replied, subtly raising an eyebrow. “And the break’s over, by the way…”

She giggled when he playfully slapped her butt. Then she rushed him to the bed, hopping happily.


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