Story – Anniversary

“Guess I didn’t expect you to remember?” she smiled, obviously surprised.
“You should have,” he smiled back with confidence, then he kissed her. “And we should celebrate it.”
She took a pensive moment and then nodded. “If you say so, we will.”
“Only because I say so?”
Her smile turned shy. “Did you have anything in mind already?”
He looked straight into her eyes, insisting. “You’re avoiding my question…?”

She was pretty sure she had mentioned that date only once, but his memory for numbers was phenomenal. So yes, she should have known. The question was tougher to answer, though. She knew it had saved her life, it had also marked it. Twenty five years – to the day today – had made her used to it physically, the emotional scars losing her left leg to bone cancer had slashed into her self esteem were deep enough to still leave her not really secure with it. No matter how often he told her he did really find her attractive and sexy, there was always disbelief. She didn’t like it, but it was there: a wall around her that bounced every compliment before allowing it to touch her soul.

“It’s really very sweet of you to remember,” she replied hesitatingly. “And we should celebrate, I agree. It’s just that I still can’t bring myself to…”
“…Really finding it a cause for celebration,” he filled in.
She nodded, smiling vaguely. “I know, I’m a stupid cow…”
“You’re stubborn for sure…” he smiled comfortingly.
“Um… maybe stubborn and trying to not be?” she pouted.
“Depends. Are you trying now?”
Another nod, this one more positive. “I always try hard with you,” she replied, whispering and looking deep into his eyes as she kissed him softly.
“Then we’re going to take this off now,” he said, patting lightly on her prosthesis.

Pulling back now was not an option, and she was tentatively glad it wasn’t. The road to coming to terms with this was more than clear to her, as it was clear that this man offered her best chance since quite a long time. And maybe her best chance ever. Interesting guys crossing her path had been sadly limited, interesting and understanding ones even more so, and this man now kneeling down to unscrew the vacuum valve of her C-leg was very interesting and not minding at all.
They’d been seeing each other since about half a year now. He was nice, cheery, witty and caring, he had never once shown embarrassment when with her in public, and since a month or two she knew him to be an attentive lover who was nice to wake up next to the following morning. Their sex was still a bit guarded maybe, but she was largely taking the blame for that herself. He was the type of man who would only let himself go if she would first, she sensed. And even when that felt reassuring, it also told her something about herself. Something that needed to change too, she felt.

“Thanks,” she smiled as he made the C-leg come off. “Also for for pushing me a little.”
“One day you’ll believe I find it cute,” he winked, putting it aside.

A full day of fixed confinement strained the muscles in her stump, so she twitched to relax them. To her relief, she was meanwhile past not daring that with him watching. Completely at ease was still too big a word, she had managed to put a stop to constant worrying. Their relationship now included sex, sex included taking her clothes off and her clothes off included her stump showing, including the not too elegant contractions that came with relaxing it.
Her amputation being high upper thigh it was short, and obviously the surgical removal of her leg had left marks. Despite the shape being fairly regular and rounded, there was a huge scar slant across the front, and twenty five years of limited use of remaining muscles had weakened them to a flabbiness that didn’t make showing easier. She was thirty-three, young enough for the rest of her body to still display the beauty and firmness of young age, so her stump made a contrast with that, more so since she had a good figure.
Luckily, they had managed to save just enough leg to enable her to walk comfortably with a prosthesis, although that qualification only really applied since she had the C-leg. Before that, walking had been tougher. The upside of advanced prosthetic technology also had a downside, though. Her barely limping when she was wearing the C-leg, made taking it off more confronting than it used to be with the old leg. It was a minor detail, though, one she found herself stupid for and one she found she needed to get rid of. Especially when with him. She was very carefully allowing the thought that he might be the one for her, making the urge to finally start being comfortable with herself become pressing.

“You’re sure doing you best to convince me,” she chuckled.
“I think I am, yes,” he replied, welcoming her bare stump with nibbling kisses.
“So much and so sweetly so that I’m starting to feel guilty.”
“How about just enjoying in stead of feeling guilty?”
“Doing my best,” she smiled shyly.
“Then say it is cute.”
“Yes, cute. Don’t think of it as an amputated leg, think of it as what I’m thinking. As looking sweet in its own way and feeling nice.”
She looked at him, trying to believe what he said.
“I know you have this and I’m fine with it. It’s you I like…”
“Comes with the package eh?”
“No, more than that,” he replied firmly. “I’ve come to find it a special part of you, and of your beauty. So it’s not just neutral. It was in the beginning, but not anymore.”
“You made more progress than I did then,” she admitted instantly.
“You did too,” he said reassuringly. “But you need more time, it seems. And that’s okay. I’ll wait for as long as it takes.”
“You really will…?” she replied tentatively, touched by what he had just said.
“Well, I’m sure doing my best to speed you up…” he grinned.
It made her giggle, more so when he started tickling her stump. She let him though, and watched how she was okay with him seeing the twitches it caused.
“Now you tell me why this would not be cute!” he added, smiling relaxed.
It helped, helped to think what he was thinking. Alone and in private, she had accepted it as part of her body, and she did find her stump felt soft and nice. But in the presence of others, it always reverted to an amputation. Until now, and she experienced it with a relieved smile.
“I’m not ready for cute yet, but I like your smiling,” she confessed, now twitching herself.
“Hmm, even cuter,” he responded, observing curiously.
She giggled again. “This is bending my knee, this is moving my ankle and this is wiggling my toes,” she demonstrated.
“So that’s all still there, after twenty five years?”
“The memory as such is more or less gone,” she explained. “But I can still think to move my leg and produce the neural signals to make it. It just has a rather different result.”
“Somewhat different, yes,” he smiled. “And it’s part of what I find cute about it.”
“It is?”
“Yes. It has a sweet sort of helplessness that’s very much part of you for me. Not that I find you helpless, because I do not at all, but it’s so your body and so part of how I find that beautiful and sexy.”
A soft smile again, both broad and shy. “I guess it’s about time I let myself be convinced by you. The evidence is too overwhelming.”
“You’d make me even more happy if you would…”
“From now on then?” she smiled.
“Does it work that way?”
“No, but nothing does, so I might as well try this.”
“And enjoy it?” he added.
“Yes, and enjoy it.”
“In that case I’ve got a little present for you…”
She beamed with curiosity. “A present?”
“A present.”
“And what if I wouldn’t have said this?” she grinned playfully.
“Then I might have given it anyway, but this makes it extra special?”
“Mmm, what is it then?”

She watched him walk to where he’d hung his coat. It wasn’t really big, the package that contained her present. Expensively wrapped it was though, making her all the more curious when he handed it to her. Her fingers moved fast and her smile was curiously expectant. And it turned into a very broad one when she opened it.
“Aww, this is so beautiful!”
She felt the soft silk and gave him a grateful smile.
“I had to guess the size of the special one. I do hope I guessed right!”
It was a pair of black, silk stockings he’d given her, one a very chique regular size and one to fit her stump. She tried it on immediately.
“It’s perfect! Looks like you’re good with numbers in many ways!” she exclaimed, laughing teasingly.
“It looks perfect too,” he smiled.
“No it doesn’t,” she instantly replied. “But I’m gonna do something about that. Will take a few minutes only, so stay put!”
“You bet I will,” he replied, already having a bit of an idea what she had in mind. And he liked it.

It took a bit longer than just a few minutes, but that was women. The result was spectacular though. She had changed into her sexiest set of black lingerie, nothing else, and she was wearing his stockings with a black stiletto heel.

“Like?” she asked, wiggling seductively between her crutches.
“I can’t breathe…”
She giggled, feeling relaxed and charmed now. “You should, though. There’s our celebration still to come…”
“So it’s our celebration, not mine eh?” he winked as he stepped close.
“Yes, ours…”
“And did you already congratulate yourself?”
She looked at him. “Should I?”
“I think you should. Say it.”
She nodded, well knowing what he meant. “Happy twenty-fifth anniversary to myself.”
She looked at him, thought for a moment and then spoke. “For twenty-five years of having one leg, and for many years to have it with you by my side.”
“Hmm, that last part makes me want you, very much.”
“Then want me like I want you…” she whispered.
“As in fucking you like I’ve never done before…?”
He had never used language like that before. And maybe her lingerie was making him, she loved it. “Yes, let’s do that. Fuck our brains out…”
“Any idea how much I’ve been wanting to hear you said that?”
“I’ve been thinking it for quite a while,” she teased, grinning seductively.
“So no more compassionate sex?”
“No more decent sex either?” she asked back.
“Nope, no more inhibition…”
“Mmm, you should feel how wet the mere thought of that is making me…”
He did, straight away.
“Mmm yes, grope me,” she moaned. “But before you really do…”
“I can’t stand on this high heel without crutches,” she grinned, without feeling a need tot apologise, “So you have to make a choice between liking me pretty or wanting me to touch you as well. And I have a preference myself…”
He looked at her, wanting her now. “So do I…”
There was a wink, a hasty, hungry kiss and then a pat on her butt.

Then they rushed to the bedroom.


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