Story – Polish Pleasures (1) – Bed & breakfast

“Still work?”
“Just a few emails, but I’m done now,” he replied, smiling as he closed his laptop.
“So WiFi is good?”
“It’s perfect.”
She smiled. “I just make it installed, new eh… router?”
“Yes, a router.”
“Me not technical. For me, computer have to work.”
“You’re right. We shouldn’t be technical. Computers are here to help us.”
“Yes, very true!” she laughed.

She had the Slavic accent everyone had here, and her English was a tad broken. But he’d been off a lot worse. A bed & breakfast was always a bit of a gamble, but he liked the change from boring international hotels and didn’t mind an occasional disappointment. And this one wasn’t at all. After finishing business in town, a mere ten minute drive had brought him to a pretty little country house, where a charming and quite attractive Polish landlady had welcomed him to an unexpectedly luxurious guest room.

He estimated her to be forty when she’d opened the door for him earlier this evening. It was an innocent habit, instant age guessing, and he liked to think he was good at it. There was also something about her that didn’t need guessing, though. A motionlessly stiff left leg and obvious limp had made it clear the moment he’d seen her walk. Her climbing the stairs to show him his room had confirmed it, and now she had just entered the tv-room for guests using crutches. And with the jogging pants she was wearing, her left leg amputated very high upper thigh was hard to overlook.

“Drink maybe then, if you finish work?” she asked, smiling invitingly.
“Great service, I’d love one, yes.”
“Polish men always want vodka, you too?”
“No vodka, please. I had it once with a couple of Polish friends, and I still can’t remember how it ended,” he replied, grinning apologetically. “So a beer maybe, or a glass of wine?”
She seemed relieved he wasn’t going for the national Polish poison. “I have both. You the guest, so you make choice.”
“Wine it will be then. And can I give you a hand?”
“Very gentleman of you,” she smiled, gesturing him to follow her into the kitchen. “And I hope is no problem?” she added, looking down at her not wearing a prosthesis.

It wasn’t of course, but not only for gentlemanly reasons. Business wise, this had already been his lucky day, it had become even more since moment he’d seen her limp. Encountering an amputee was pretty rare, let alone one with a perfect amputation. His erotic fascination for amputees was rather specific, and this lady’s left leg taken off high above the knee qualified to perfection. On top of that, he was the only guest tonight, and her inviting him to a drink sounded promising.

Her checking if he didn’t mind gave him a chance to ask how she lost it, and he was glad not to see her mind answering in detail. It was a pretty shocking story, typical too of the times this country had once known. At age twelve, a number of medical errors during and after minor surgery to her knee had led to her leg needing to be amputated, and the surgeon responsible had used his contacts with the communist authorities to get away with it. Soon after, that regime had come to an end though, and her father had used the revanchist public opinion of those days to sue the hospital. It hadn’t given her back her leg but it got the surgeon what he deserved and she was awarded damages. A couple of lucky investments had then more than tripled that money, allowing her to buy the little country house and start the bed & breakfast business that made her a living.

“Bad story, eh?” she said as they both sat down on the couch.
He nodded compassionately.
“I not like think of it. Better live life. Life is good now.”

He could see she really meant it, and there was no embarassment in her not hiding what she’d been dealt with. Maybe it was because he’d rather emphatically assured her he didn’t mind her prosthesis being off, maybe telling her story had taken away the emotional charge for her, her sitting back relaxed was showing her stump prominently, yet it didn’t seem to bother her at all.

“We say na zdrowie.”
“Na zdrowie then.”
“To life. Life without husband, but still good life,” she added, smiling somewhat mystically.

It was another clear sign, and it encouraged him. The conversation went effortlessly, in an unspoken teamwork of mutual interest. It moved to flirting, welcomed by inviting smiles. And as his looking at her beautiful stump became too obvious to remain unnoticed, she welcomed that as well.

“You look different to my stump,” she smiled with a trace of seduction.
“I do?”
She nodded. “Many people look with pity. You look with curious, nice curious.”
“Maybe I don’t find it unattractive?” he smiled, observing how she would respond.
“Maybe…?” she smiled meaningfully.
“Okay then. I happen to find it very sexy. You mind?”
She gave him a reassuring grin. “I had boyfriend once who also found sexy.”
So she knew it existed, his liking, he thought with relief. And excitement.
“If you like me as woman, no problem you like my stump. Nice even,” she added with a frolic smile.

There was good reason to like her as a woman. The short cut of her blonde hair was racy and tasteful, and confidently showing she saw no reason to hide she wasn’t twenty anymore. She wasn’t exactly mannequin slender, her curves were where they most added to her feminine appearance. And in a nonchalant way, she wasn’t concealing them. She was wearing a simple, blue sweater on top of the jogging pants doing so much good to her well-rounded buttocks. Nothing special, but in terms of being just tight enough to hint at a seductively full pair of breasts, it was extremely well-chosen. And by the time their flirting had become seduction, it was clear she knew very well that it was.

“We can make more comfortable?” she whispered, stroking through his hair. “I woman without husband, you my only guest…”

He nodded, smiling as he reached to take off her sweater. Raising her arms, she let him, turning her back to him then to let him unclasp her bra. He caught the voluputuous softness of her breasts in cupping hands as they came free, put the bra aside and hummed with appreciation when she turned to him again. Her jogging pants followed, pulled down along her teasingly stretched one leg as she laid back and lifted her butt. And as soon as her stump exposed naked, she lifted and twitched it with a grin that was almost defiant.

She was amputated just below the hip, leaving a short, rounded stump that shared the seductive plumpness of her full breasts. And despite it being the sad result of medical error, the amputation had been done decently. Not surprisingly there was a prominent scar, but otherwise the unnecessary loss of close to her entire leg had at least left her a stump that wasn’t as hideous as the communist negligence that had caused it.

“You find sexy, my stump?”
“Very, very sexy,” he said, stroking it gently and humming with excitement when she twitched while he did.
“Mmm, yes. Show me you like me,” she whispered, squirming a little and pulling the sleeve of his shirt to tell him he was expected to undress as well.

He did, standing up, taking off his clothes in front of her and winking at how she was teasing with her stump while watching him. There was no beating around the bush. She was a woman alone, not shy to admit the downside of not having a husband, and she was taking her chance as it was presented to her, using her leg amputation being an unexpected asset with unencumbered flair.
It was merciless, her teasing. And tremendously arousing. Her ex-boyfriend had no doubt taught her exactly how to tickle erotic fascination for a stump. He couldn’t explain otherwise why she was doing the exact right things, and with very confident pleasure. She was playing him, there was no other word for it, and he drank in it like he’d never done before.

She made him play his cockhead against the scar, groaning to encourage him and using the idle contractions of her stump muscles for one purpose only. There were two very horny grins when his violently spurting load splat out all over her hump of amputated leg. She made him smear out his cum, telling him it made her very horny while watching him do it. She was using her high amputated leg as the irresistable sexual weapon she knew it was to him. And it got her what she wanted. Cunningly deploying her experience, she had him back in action in no time, and then the advantage of him already having orgasmed did the rest. Uninhibitedly making use of his now being able to go full throttle, she had him fuck her brains out, treating him to the same along the way.

There was another glass of wine afterwards, with relaxed chat showing they had both enjoyed and without discomfort. Not in him now lauding how very sexy a high amputation she had, nor in her being alluringly at ease with having it. He went to sleep alone, but not after having kissed in a way suggesting tomorrow might bring more. There was no business waiting, only the trip back home, so there was time if there’d be more to follow. She’d already promised him not to wear the leg tomorrow, grinningly enjoying his firm statement that she was so much sexier on crutches, and with her short stump dangling freely in jogging pants. She had even shown him the free dangling with nothing on, seductively swaying between her crutches as she made her way to her bedroom. There was so much arousal still in him he had to jerk off before being able to sleep.

But before doing that, he rated this bed & breakfast on With a full ten out of ten.


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