Story – Kinky providence

“If you’d ever have thoughts this is making you less hot… it isn’t… not at all…” Every time she saw Sandy again, these words came back to mind. And every time Karen did, every look into her eyes confirmed she still meant every word. Sandy had always been a weird chick, a weird chick who was… Continue reading Story – Kinky providence

Blog – Reciprocal relief

Starting this blog in november 2015, I never imagined to be over 55,000 page views by the end of this year. I also assumed my blog to reach a fairly limited number of countries only. The counter is three-digit meanwhile, showing 109 at this moment of writing. And with the average number of page views… Continue reading Blog – Reciprocal relief

Story – Polish pleasures (2) – Perfect touch

“Many nice,” she smiled, sipping her wine. “And also this place. Beautiful… view?” “View yes, very good. And we’d say very nice, not many.” “Dziękuję,” she smiled. “Proszę bardzo, darling. And my view is even better,” he winked, eying her. He was correcting her because she’d explicitly asked him to. Wishing to learn English had become a little more… Continue reading Story – Polish pleasures (2) – Perfect touch

Story – Small town surprise

“Hey, you were so bragging about loving it, now do it.” In the bar, he’d done most of the talking when Fifty Shades was the subject. Boldly claiming to be this town’s undiscovered Christian Grey. Okay, he’d had a few beers. Nothing to worry about though; she’d never have hit on him if. He didn’t look bad at… Continue reading Story – Small town surprise

The floor to others – Android

Introduction Devotees are starting to become less silent, it seems. This next interview is with Android, a male and straight devotee in his early 30s. He’s tall, outgoing and told to be a great personality. He describes himself as fun loving, always optimist and loving life. When and how did you discover your attraction to amputees?… Continue reading The floor to others – Android

Story – Ready when you are

  “To me it’s funny.” There was someone disagreeing, she could see. And just how much he actually did, made her smile with excitement. They were dating since a couple of weeks now, but she still wasn’t fully used to it. Losing her right leg had made her develop what she called ‘expecting the frown’,… Continue reading Story – Ready when you are

The floor to others – Merman

Introduction My next interview is with a devotee, Merman. He’s a 44 year old, straight male claiming to look like 25. He’s from North West USA and is twice divorced. When and how did you discover your attraction to amputees? “I worked in a comic & news stand store in my teens. We had a… Continue reading The floor to others – Merman