One month on

It’s fascinating really, the difference one single month makes between launching my first written stuff into internet space and the picture today. It’s pretty exciting too.

Since kick-off, my blog had visitors from all countries highlighted on the map above. It’s still a long way from Adele’s magnitude of going viral, considering the likely more limited interest in erotic attraction to amputees, over 3700 visitors from 89 different countries isn’t bad at all, I’d say.
With an average over 7 page views per visitor it’s furthermore safe to say they aren’t just clicking my blog to disappear again after having seen Home.

I’m a bit of a nerd with numbers, so you can trust me to have a regular look at the stats my blog produces. One thing that caught my eye is the somewhat peculiar country ranking by number of views. This is the Top 10:


You’d expect many countries to be on this list, but not Austria and Switzerland, would you? One month is a bit short for valid conclusions of course, yet I  couldn’t resist wondering how this would be explained. Germany is very high in the ranks as well, so perhaps speaking German (Austria and part of Switzerland do as well, in case you didn’t know) is a factor here? I´m not sure if – a big referrer – is German based, which could explain, but otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue why. I found it intriguing though.
Oh, and as to The Netherlands showing up here: it’s where I come from, so those 569 include my own clicks to check if everything is working well.

Correct interpretation of naked click stats would require number of views related to population, say views per million. This trick creates huge skews in the case of small countries though, an effect best explained by switching to Olympic medals for a moment.
While the USA won a grand total of 2680 of those over the years and Jamaica only 67, the Jamaicans brought it off with only 2.8 million people, with the USA needing 326. Calculated over population size, that brings Jamaica well above the USA, by roughly 24:8, so 3:1.
You see a similar thing happening with blog views and small countries. Doing this math on my own blog stats makes the Isle of Man – somehow logged seperately and not as UK – a solid number one. At the other side of this ranking we have a single 1 view from China spreading out over its 1377 million population, which actually is a bit of a pity for a devotee smart enough to get past the heavily restricted internet access of this country.

What this picture shows most of all though, is devotees being all over the world. Greenland is still empty, so perhaps there’s no Inuit-devs – or none outside Canada anyway. Arab countries only started showing up fairly recently, in very low numbers of views too. The less developed African countries likely have very limited internet access to explain for no visitors recorded. But otherwise, devoteeism appears to have geographical nor cultural or religious boundaries.

A mere month ago, I wouldn’t even have dreamed of being able to make this observation, so thanks to all who made this rather unexpectedly possible!

Oh, and it’s WordPress that requires you to register before being able to follow, like or comment. So it’s not me. All it takes is an email address though, and we all know how to create one.
Hope that’ll increase discussion, and thanks again!


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