Story – Best friends

“Jeff’s really okay with this, right?”

Considering Kim was about to enter her best friend’s home, this final check was a little late. It was also unnecessary.

“I’d count on it, hon,” Laura winked as she let her in. “He’s all ready and waiting for you.”
“Well, then I have no choice, I guess!”
“I’ll remind you you haven’t,” Laura winked again.
“You have to, hon. I’m wettening my pants at the thought!” Kim replied, the both of them giggling.

It was the all understanding laughter of best friends. They had been since rehab, a good ten years ago now. Two girls in their teens then, who had just seen their bodies ravaged by the wry consequence of a black spot on an X-ray. There’d been chemos to try and save their legs but eventually they both had to lose it, both their right and both very high upper thigh, reducing rehab to learning how to walk with crutches, and their learning it together creating a bond that soon made them discover they had more in common than having become amputees.

It had made two soon to be women stick together, in being scared to death about the cancer returning, in raving about boys and The Pet Shop Boys nonetheless, in fighting their way back to life when test results allowed the hope to survive to become a near certainty, for years afterwards in coming to terms with that certainty also being a lifetime sentence to only one leg, and every day since in enjoying life while accepting their sentence and not letting it be the end of the world. It sucked, big time too, but they taught each other to take it with a smile, making them best friends in a very special way.

“The ravishing Kim, how are you, dear? Good to see you!”
“I’m great and I’m nervous, Jeff,” Kim answered, grinning and not beating around the bush. “But great to see you too!”
“You’re sure looking stunning, dear,” Jeff winked, eying her as he approached to welcome her with a kiss.

Her grey mini skirt had a silvery glistening maillot and a darker grey poca booth underneath, and a tight black t-shirt on top that could be called daring. For her fairly slender posture, Kim was rather well-endowed, and a deep V-neck and demi bra displayed that pretty openly, supported by a smile of knowing it did and a confident stance.

She’d known Jeff since Laura started dating him, and his special reason for finding Laura drop dead gorgeous was no secret to her. Since Kim qualified for that reason as well, being in Jeff’s company was relaxed. Laura’s and Jeff’s was a place where having only one leg was matter of course. There are things you only notice when they’re absent, and this little love nest was pleasantly void of anything making her think there’d be something wrong with her looks.

“Always trying, Jeff,” she smiled as they kissed. “How are you?”
“Fine, fine. And hoping you’re not too nervous? This is meant to be fun, eh?”
“It is, I know, no worries. Just my chicken side acting up a little.”
“We’ll soon make that your chick side acting up, hon,” Laura replied with a fat wink.

Her pun made them all laugh, also with some relief. After all, it wasn’t only Kim being a tad nervous. This jacuzzi night à trois had the prior agreement of just seeing what would happen, and neither of them had ever done that before. It wasn’t just a whim, though. Actually, the motive for this was serious.

Laura and Jeff had been together for a year now, a year in which Kim had seen her best friend thrive. Not that Laura was unhappy before running into Jeff, but there was a difference, a difference maybe best described as really loving life in stead of just enjoying it, and expressing that in many more ways than only the things having to do with Jeff. It had made Laura more confident, more fulfilled, more shining than ever. And in a non-envious way, Kim loved to have a taste of that as well.

Bringing it up hadn’t been a problem. They were best friends the woman way, no subject excluded and sharing with an openness Jeff would never imagine, nor would ever hear about. It was the kind of bonding discretion that gave female friendships their imperceptible advantage over men, never malevolent but always present and ready for use, in this case to have Laura try and seduce her lover into a naughty idea of Kim’s, one she liked herself too and one she thought would do Kim good.

It was not Jeff’s erotic liking as such that had made her grow, Laura knew. It was rather what it had induced, and not in one but in two seeking souls.
Her bravery and perseverance had brought her a lot of good, it’d also created an invisible wall of self protection. Somewhere inside, an emotional line drawn made sure no one was to touch the most sensitive side of coping with a maimed body. Jeff finding it beautiful rather than off-putting had made her dare to open up a little, very hesitatingly at first but gradually more. Simultaneously, it had made Jeff dare to start expressing feelings he’d always kept secret.
In a ping-pong of mutual reinforcing, the ever less reserved devotee in Jeff taught Laura to really believe she was desirable, as the ever more confident amputee in Laura taught her lover to let his devotee feelings be a natural part of how much he liked her. It gave way to a scintillating voyage of emotional discovery. Seeing one another bloom made eager for more, a hunger fed by realising what they’d always missed. That love and total honesty between two people was creating much more than just the sum of their persons. That breaking down emotional walls wasn’t scary once you dared to trust, would even turn from scary to liberating and invigorating. But most of all, it made the both of them feel they mattered as a person capable of inflaming happiness in another soul.
And obviously, she could never have Kim have a genuine taste of that, her best friend was well capable of using a sniff of it to her advantage.


“You’re not getting cold feet, are you, Jeff dear?” Laura inquired teasingly.
“Struggling with a stuck zipper!” it sounded from the bedroom.

Two giggles resounded in a very luxurious bathroom. Jeff’s oldest and very well-off uncle passing had given him a not unsubstantial inheritance, one they’d used to enlarge and rebuild their second favourite room. To sheer perfection. It had a power shower for two, seperate washstands to avoid early morning disputes and best of all the giant jacuzzi Laura and Kim were standing next to, butt naked and frivolously waiting for Jeff.

There wasn’t a lot of difference in how their legs were taken off. Similar diagnoses had led to a similar result of amputation under the hip, leaving a stump just long enough to enjoy the support of resting it on the hand grip of a crutch, which they were both doing. And they’d normally not even give that a thought, now they were. After all, doing this naked revealed a little more than just a high leg amputation resting comfortably, and they both knew it did.

“Need any help!?” Laura called from the bathroom.
“No, babe. I’ve got it working again.”
“My handyman!” Laura chuckled.

A few seconds later, Jeff made his entry. They’d been to the beach often, the three of them, and they’d often used Kim’s secluded garden to catch a little tan together. But that was Bermuda trunks and bikinis, lately topless for the girls when at Kim’s. This was all of them naked, and Jeff liking it was showing prominently.

“Why am I suddenly thinking Mae West…?” Kim grinned widely.
“It’s the second part, dear, not the gun,” Jeff winked, not looking particularly embarrassed.
“Happy to see you too then,” Kim winked back.

Laura followed them with distinct interest. She had told Jeff how very eager Kim was to learn all about the sexual side of his liking, so to not hold back. It was a little more than Kim had actually indicated, Laura considered it a white lie to kick things off a little easier.
Well knowing what it had done to herself, she gladly granted Kim the pleasure of feeling very special for what was a disability in every day life. And while Jeff’s unending praise of one-legged beauty was familiar to Kim, this evening was about the one aspect she was yet to become familiar with. And for Laura, it was the best by far.

He was taking her advice alright, Laura could see. Mae West’s famous line was getting an exciting dimension as Jeff cupped Kim’s stump, tenderly but unmistakeably demonstrating the essence of his fascination. Touching the softly denting flesh resting on the hand grip made him instantly rock hard.

“Comfortable with this?” Jeff asked.
Kim nodded.
“Also with what it’s doing to me?”
“Can I be very much?” Kim replied with a charmed grin.
“As much as you like, hon,” Laura winked, sliding a hand over her thighs to show she was liking this too.
“Then put my crutches away, fast please,” Kim chuckled.

Jeff did, taking Laura’s as well and hearing the ladies slide into the jacuzzi as he parked them in the corner by the door. Laura had encouraged him not to hold back, he was finding out now he really couldn’t. The mere prospect of two naked high leg amputees had already made him hard while taking off his clothes in the bedroom, and things hadn’t really softened since. Luckily, Kim was anything but minding his hefty response to seeing her in full glory, a glory that included her phenomenal tits by the way. Next to his special attraction, Jeff quite appreciated everything that made a woman look feminine, and Kim’s glorious bosom qualified with thrilling opulence.

He was also very happy Laura was trusting him in this. Life hadn’t been overly generous to her with respect to meaningful love affairs, and her being with him really was, making this evening a little more vulnerable than her bravado in setting it up suggested. He wasn’t going to fuck Kim, nor have serious other sex with her. That’s were the line of just seeing what would happen was drawn by all three. But occasional kissing and teasing was agreed to be allowed, which was most definitely going to touch Laura’s brittle certainty of having found the right guy, making it all the more admirable to see her wanting to share him with her best friend.

So, it wasn’t unleashed excitement only that was driving Jeff. Despite the frisky atmosphere, he knew what he was doing, showing the love of his life he was worth her trust, without denying Kim a proper taste of what his feelings were all about.

“Hmm, having fun already, I see,” Jeff grinned as he slid in as well.

The jacuzzi was on max, and the ladies were taking full advantage. Floating on their backs with their leg over the edge holding them positioned, they let a guggling waterjet massage their stumps. And judging from two suspiciously broad smiles, the waterjets were very likely massaging right next to their stumps as well.

“Uncle Henry would’ve liked what we did with his money,” Laura replied, chuckling.
“He would?” Kim asked.
“He would,” Jeff said. “He was a grumpy old chap in the end, but he had his fun alright. I’ve had four different aunties thanks to him, and I’ve always suspected he wasn’t restricting to aunts only.”
“Uh oh, your Jeff might resemble uncle Henry then, hon,” Kim winked at Laura.
“He knows that’s gonna cost him his balls…” Laura replied, grinning wickedly.
“I’d say you’re much too fond of my balls,” Jeff said, moving over to Laura and fondling her stump for Kim to watch.
“Once off is off forever, darling. What you’re touching now should tell you that. So, feel sure enough to try me?” Laura challenged teasingly.
“Touching what I’m touching now, I don’t think there’s anything making me wanna try…”
“You’re touching very nicely too…”

Kim watched them with excited curiosity. Jeff’s fondling became kneading now, and his touching expressed an intriguing gusto. She knew he didn’t wish it on Laura, nor anyone, watching him now also made clear how much he enjoyed her having it. Jeff’s touching her own stump had been gingerly. His touching Laura’s was resolute, unreserved, and visibly wishing to feel the fleshly essence of her high amputation. Despite its hunger though, his touch was also incredibly loving, and the stare of his eyes revealed his hands were kneading a precious thing of genuine beauty. And of mesmerising excitement.

“Mmm, you’re so fucking good at this, honey. But let’s make it Kim’s turn now…really Kim’s turn,” Laura whispered suggestively.

Jeff gave her a wink of understanding, then moved to Kim. He didn’t ask, just went for it. And Kim let him.
Gasping with amazement, she now felt the full power of his attraction. It was confronting at first, simply because he was very physically touching, almost groping, boosting the sensation of being amputated to roaring intensity. But there was also the actual experiencing of what she’d just seen him do to Laura. His hands were tangibly fascinated, his deep pushing fingers explored with sensuous insistence, and with her as much as with Laura, his stare was one of immense excitement. And there was more than just his stare expressing that too.

She looked at it, his rockhard erect cock throbbing visibly. It made her breathing falter as she made the awareness of what it meant enter her feelings, literally ‘made’ since it was very much a pushing, a demanding her emotions to respond to the conflict between her amputated leg and the blatant male arousal it was causing.

“Let it in, hon,” Laura’s reassuring voice sounded from what seemed like a distance. “Relax and let it in.”

It felt good, safe, made it easier. She smiled vaguely at Jeff, who was observing her with care. A twitch of her stump the first sign of confrontation moving to enjoyment, and her smile becoming less vague. Laura had often told her about this, about the switch inside it took to be able to like this. Now she was really feeling it, the cringing that kept it from flipping. This was about allowing herself to associate her stump with pleasure, and about daring to accept the implications of a pleasure like Jeff’s.

She had often seen him admire what he shamelessly called her beautifully amputated leg, and she’d learned to find it flattering. Now she was feeling his hands physically loving her stump, with his huge erection right in front of her demonstrating the very much sexual side of his love. And she would now have to learn to make that cringe into a tickling of her cunt, as Laura had once called it.

There were more twitches of her stump now, and Jeff was responding to them. He was even letting his cockhead rub against the ever more sensitive flesh now, making her shiver. And he was doing it more and more insistingly as her reservations seemed to disappear in a trance of wishing to surrender.
Kim crossed eyes with Laura, more wasn’t required. She flawlessly read what her best friend’s eyes were telling, the same thing she said to Jeff: “Do it.”
Jeff looked back, not being so sure. “This won’t cost me my balls?” he then asked, grinning.
It broke the tension for a moment, allowing Kim to ake a deep breath.
“Just this once then,” Laura replied, winking at Kim.

Now there were two mesmerised stares. One of a man jerking off slowly as he let his cockhead play with the scar of a high amputated right leg, another of a woman who witnessed it in excited silence. Who let it in, the sensation of this man’s arousal lusting for her stump, and everything it implied.

And who also smiled, at her best friend, for granting her this.



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