The floor to others – “J”

The third interview in this series is the first with a devotee, “J”. He’s 50, married to an able bodied woman, and from the USA.

When and how did you discover your attraction to amputees?
“Pretty much since adolescence. Whenever I would see a female amputee, I would get aroused. Even though I am very much a heterosexual male, I would even get aroused when I would see a male amputee.”

What did discovering it do to you?
“When I discovered this feeling I did what most would do: I began to seek out amputees. Of course this was way before the Internet, so the sources of amputee material were limited to real life sightings or print material like magazines, books and news papers or television. So, I developed what devotees call radar. Always looking for crutches, the sound of them, one shoe under the table, the empty sleeve, the wheelchair . You get the idea.”

Did you feel guilty, confused?
“This did cause some guilty feelings, but I knew what I liked. Also, at about 14,  I stumbled onto a large collection of Penthouse Magazine that had the copies of the penthouse letters that discussed the attraction to amputees. At that time I knew I was not alone.”

How do you feel about that now? Do you have an ethical conflict with this liking requiring that someone be disabled?
“No, not really. I did not cause the amputation.”

Can you describe your preferences?
“My preference for amputees has been the classic single leg amputee without a prosthesis. This also helps satisfy my love of the female foot and the female foot in sexy high heels. However, I also find double above knee amputee almost as desirable. Go figure no foot, no high heeled shoe. I also like above elbow amputees. I think the reason is most do not wear a prosthesis, so their unique beauty is always present for all to see.”

Have they always been the same?
“Pretty much.”

Does anyone in real life know you’re a devotee?

Does being a devotee influence your real life?
“It does to a certain degree because I spend a good bit of time on the internet searching out amputee images, talking to amputees and devotees.”

Can you have normal relationships?
“I do have normal relationships. I am divorced from my first wife who was able bodied. The devotee attraction was in no way the cause of our divorce. My second wife is also able bodied and we are happy. I have been married for almost 25 years.”

How do you enjoy your attraction to amputees?
“I enjoy looking at pictures and videos of amputee ladies. I also enjoy learning about their lives, either reading about them or communicating with them on the internet. How being an amputee affects their lives, their relationships. How they adapt and cope with their particular situation.”

What’s your view on how devoteeism is being ‘practiced’ on the internet?
“Devoteeism on the internet runs the gamut from honest, sincere selling of amputee images and videos, to shady, deceitful, unreliable people that traffic in this sort of material. Also and most concerning to me is when an amputee is stalked online or in real life. Some devotees behave so badly, being rude obnoxious, hateful and mean to amputees. This makes it very hard for the rest of us to develop any kind of relationship with an amputee.”

How do you ‘participate’ in it?
“I participate by doing things like this interview. Talking to other devotees and amputees online. I do purchase some erotic amputee material online.”

Are you in regular touch with other devotees or amputees?
“Yes, I do communicate with several devotees and amputees as well. Several yahoo groups are still kinda active, and then there is Fetlife and Deviantart.”

Did it influence your looking at amputees or at yourself?
“No, not really.”

If you could give devotees some advice, what would it be?
“Treat amputees like any other person. Why would a missing body part cause someone to be treated any different?”


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