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Not letting an amputation stop you comes in many ways, so I’m not at all pretending to be comprehensive here. When looking at sports alone, there’ll be thousands of amputees in the world who took their limitation to where no one else has been.

Picking Dutch Blade Babe Marlou van Rhijn is therefore mainly chauvinism, fueled by two things: she really is a babe and, as far as I know, she was the first disabled sportswoman – Marlou is a bilateral below the knee amputee – to feature in a Nike commercial. And one that is truly great. It’s 16 seconds only, but play this with sound on full volume and let any thought of disability be tornado’d out of your brains! Speed of Light.

Italian Paola Severino is an example for politics and government. Following her academic career and a top-lawyer position, she was the Italian Minister of Justice from 2011-2013. Incidentally but hardly surprisingly considering her expertise, there’s virtually no information regarding her being one-armed on the internet. Dr. Severino had all of that removed, using European privacy regulation like no one else probably could.


Another Dutch amputee with some fame is fashion model Debbie van der Putten (see featured image). She lost her right arm in a bus crash and didn’t let it stop her to become a professional model, successfully too. Next to that, she travels the world to research disability-friendly holidays.
There’s quite a bit of good art photography on her on the internet, and it should not be missed. Debbie also models for Amputee World.

As to famous devotees, there has always been rumour of Spanish painter Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) having been one. Even when taking his often bizarre choices of subject into account, quite a bit of his work supports that suspicion.
This detail from Honey is sweeter than blood (1927) shows a female nude with both her left hand and right foot amputated, and a strong suggestion of a left below the knee amputation.
The man in this detail from The Dream (1931) has an amputated left foot.
And the lady below in Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening (1944) at least creates a suggestion of Dali making her appear with a right above the knee amputation.


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