The floor to others – Merman

My next interview is with a devotee, Merman. He’s a 44 year old, straight male claiming to look like 25. He’s from North West USA and is twice divorced.

When and how did you discover your attraction to amputees?
“I worked in a comic & news stand store in my teens. We had a porn section and I found a fetish magazine that once featured a one-legged woman and I thought ‘wow!’.
Later in college, I worked as a custodian in the university hospital. They were remodeling an old abandoned wing that I had access to, and one night I found an old scrapbook of patients and their prosthetics, black and white photos from like the 50’s. Hot amputee chicks.
After that, there was a girl in my dorm with one leg on crutches. I saw her stump in cutoff jeans and just about lost it.”

What did discovering it do to you? Did you feel guilty, confused?
“I did feel guilty and ashamed. What was wrong with me? I didn’t want to hurt people, didn’t like the actual act of limb removal, just was turned on by the rare absurdity or weirdness of a missing limb. It’s erotic. Then Boxing Helena came out and I felt a bit vindicated. Grindhouse with Rose McGowan even more so.”

How do you feel about that now? Do you have an ethical conflict with this liking requiring that someone be disabled?
“I’m comfortable with it now. I don’t go for amputee chicks, like I could find one anyway, I just share the fetish/desire with whoever I am with. Everyone is deserving of love and appreciation for their uniqueness.”

Can you describe your preferences?
“I like little brunettes mostly, above knee amputee is hot, below knee also, putting on or removing the prosthetic is a special turn on.”

Have they always been the same?

Does anyone in real life know you’re a devotee?
“Yes, a few girls I have been with.”

How did the women you told about your attraction respond?
“First kind of like WTF? Then, okay … that’s kinda weird, then – wow that’s very unique and kinky and I kinda like it!”

Does being a devotee influence your real life? Can you have normal relationships?
“Only in private, I have had several successful relationships with this particular kink actually enhancing our sex life.”

How do you enjoy your attraction to amputees?
“Masturbation mostly, but a couple of partners have offered to be a pretender – tying up a leg , crutching or wrapping her leg with the ace bandage to pose and say ‘I’m your one-legged girlfriend’, you know.”

Can you describe the thrill?
“Forbidden danger and sex and revealing subconscious desire and intimacy equals wow.”

What’s your view on how devoteeism is being ‘practiced’ on the internet?
“Like anything internet, I am turned off by lowest common denominator people, i.e. the masses. There is some good intellectual content and not enough exotic erotica around it. Also turned off by ES (electronic surgery) fake photos.”

Are you in regular touch with other devotees?

Are you in regular touch with amputees? If so, how? And if so, did it influence your looking at amputees or at yourself?
“I talked with one girl on Fetlife, a super hot above knee amputee brunette from Vancouver BC last year, and shared my outlook. She was appreciative and supportive. I wish I could find her again.”

If you could give devotees some advice, what would it be?
“Don’t take anyone else’s advice.”

And finally, is there anything I didn’t ask that you would have loved to tell?
“Hiding my secret fetish for many years led to shame and negativity, probably inherently led to problems with sex. Come clean and be open and up front right away. My last partners I just spilled the truth, and they were if not totally cool with it, actually aroused and intrigued by the uniqueness of it all. It’s not exactly a mainstream thing. Plus the irony of having a raging foot fetish along with lusting after girls with only one foot is kind of hilarious.
I also saw a sex therapist last year. She said there was nothing wrong with my desire, that it was my thing and was very positive about sharing. She’s the one that told me about Fetlife.
Let me also add I feel I have been extremely fortunate in my life to express myself and have those feelings at times reciprocated by a very select few, thus I am very grateful.
These are very intimate thoughts and private things I have never revealed about myself to anyone, save than about a half dozen women ever in my life.
Thank you for the forum and opportunity to expound upon that expression.”




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