The floor to others – Android

Devotees are starting to become less silent, it seems. This next interview is with Android, a male and straight devotee in his early 30s. He’s tall, outgoing and told to be a great personality. He describes himself as fun loving, always optimist and loving life.

When and how did you discover your attraction to amputees?
“One of my earliest memories was of me, riding in a car with my parents and looking out the window and seeing a sak woman crutching. I remember going home and pulling the leg off of an action figure and playing. I must have been 3-5 and after that I played as an amputee wannabe throughout my childhood until I hit my pre-teens when I got my first computer with internet access. ”

What did discovering it do to you?
“I’ve always been a devotee, I know no different. Since I have been online for so long, around 1999-2000, I have been aware of other devotees. I have felt weird about it, I don’t really understand what it is that causes me to feel this way but,  as I have dealt with much in my life, I just went with it and pressed on. ”

How do you feel about that now? Do you have an ethical conflict with this liking requiring that someone be disabled?
“I feel alone as I have never had any contact with any amputees and timid about contacting someone as I’m afraid they’ll be turned of by it.
I think that most amputees are turned off by devotees. But I also wonder if there are amputee women out there who are unable to hold a relationship because of their ‘disability’ and insecurities. If that is the case, giving devotees a chance almost seems like a perfect opportunity. ”

Can you describe your preferences?
“I have the most common type of amputee devoteeism, I like sak amputees but I’m aroused by any amputation. I mainly only like above amputees but I’m not turned off by below amputations.”

Have they always been the same?
“Pretty much. Ever since that first almost dreamlike encounter, saks and daks have been my favorite. ”

Does anyone in real life know you’re a devotee?
“So, a couple times when I was younger I told people about it but it always was held over me. I was looked at different by my peers and friends so I stopped.”

Does being a devotee influence your real life? Can you have normal relationships?
“While I can have normal relationships, something is always missing. I feel I’m meant to be with the woman of my dreams and she’s out there but I haven’t found her yet. My relationships always end because I’m never truly into the women.”

Do you feel “never truly” has anything to do with these women not being an amputee?
“Absolutely. In every relationship, their  physical body has never been what I’ve most desired.”

How do you enjoy your attraction to amputees? 
“Well, obviously I’m aroused by it, so you can imagine. I liked what Brittney said; she explained that it’s no different than liking butts or boobs. I like stumps; it’s just who I am.”

What’s your view on how devoteeism is being ‘practiced’ on the internet?
“I’m really not impressed with some of the devotees on the websites. Some are very graphic and are on the dark end of the spectrum. I worry that they single handedly give us good devotees a bad name.”

How do you ‘participate’ in it?
“I rarely post anything online. I am just now coming out of my shell a little.”

Are you in regular touch with other devotees?
“I have never once been in contact with any other devotee.”

Are you in regular touch with amputees?
“I haven’t had any contact with any amputees either. Something that really bothers me. I’d like to get to know someone and find the woman of my dreams.”

What’s keeping you?
“I suppose it’s a bit of a cowardly feeling complied with the knowledge that reaching out as a devotee to amputee women could come off as stalkerish and that I’ll be automatically judged only because I’m a devotee. Not given a chance to be a devotee and have a true connection. I have also never been in any situation when I could connect with an amputee. Not once. I guess I live in an amputee desert if you will.”

If you could give devotees some advice, what would it be?
“To  respect the amputee models and private citizens out there. Obviously sharing pictures is the normal but some are stalkerish and that’s giving us all a bad reputation. Also, stop sharing the newest paid for site stuff. I mean, it’s ultimately going to cause the models to stop modeling.”

And finally, is there anything I didn’t ask that you would have loved to tell?
“I’d just like to say thanks for trying to out us devotees and make it more accessible. I appreciate it very much. Hopefully we can find a way for amputee women looking for devotees a platform to get in touch. I’ve never only wanted just to be with an amputee woman, she’d have to have the same personality credentials that I’m looking for. I want a life time relationship with someone I’m fully attracted to inside and out.


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