Blog – Reciprocal relief

Starting this blog in november 2015, I never imagined to be over 55,000 page views by the end of this year. I also assumed my blog to reach a fairly limited number of countries only. The counter is three-digit meanwhile, showing 109 at this moment of writing. And with the average number of page views per visitor remaining over 7, my blog actually being read has turned from a hope into a substantiated fact.

Now the overall picture is becoming more and more supported by user stats, answers to questions like what’s popular start to become meaningful as well. And there’s a surprise, to me at least. The devotee community being reputedly visual, I’d expect the picture and video material of amputee models to soon hit the top ranks. It didn’t. Okay, it’s far from unpopular, and Amazing amputees is actually the most clicked, but many are not subsequently clicking the videos posted there. Maybe people are thinking this to be the place for unknown babe-material. Finding out it’s not they may click back, but since I really do find the amputees shown there truly amazing, I’ll not consider changing this section’s name.

Apart from the above mentioned, it’s the interviews hitting top numbers of page views. And not very surprisingly, those with female amputees are the most popular: think 2,000 views per interview and counting. Then come the highest ranking stories, followed by a mix of other stories and the blogs, and then the visual sections. True, there’s a time lag in this for more recently posted stuff, and I only fairly recently started My kind of beauty. But even when correcting for that, the general picture doesn’t really change, perhaps leading to a tentative conclusion of my blog somehow filling a gap in devotee-land: the need for written material, both in the human interest field and in erotica.

As to the erotica, comments and likes are now starting to drip in. It’s still not much but I expected that. The devotee community is not extremely open, making reading, hopefully enjoying and then moving on the most likely course of events for the average reader. Furthermore, WordPress is not exactly facilitating posting likes and comments; the need to provide an email address leading to likes and comments not being given is not restricted to this blog only. Hence, most of these are coming from fellow bloggers, which I find stimulating by the way, since they will likely be looking at quality of writing, more perhaps than devotees who will find the actual subject more interesting. But that’s a pure guess.

In an attempt to get more feedback, I did consult a few lady amputees, curious to know if the rather rosy picture I tend to paint in my erotica is not at the cost of realism. Much to my joy, they invariably love the picture of amputees being self-confident and sexually active women who enjoy to be looked at as desirable, including being desirable for what they are missing. So, letting my erotic fantasy run free appears to also be appreciated by the subjects of our special attraction, which is just about the finest feedback I could imagine to get.

Even finer however is what being in touch with female amputees has taught me more. I’m not at all pretending this to be generally true, but I’m becoming convinced there is real synergy possible between amputees and devotees. Not as in totally unleashed chat about devoteeism’s attractions suddenly being mutually accepted practice, but as in real friendships being possible in which our attraction is not a taboo, friendships between two people, persons.
An amputee will not feel at ease with our attraction by the simple statement of facts, or as soon as the confessions are made. She’ll feel at ease as soon as she has the feeling the guy doing the confessions is capable of being a real friend. Permission to be her stump’s admirer is not something that can be granted. It’s as much part of mutual respect, trust and appreciation as any other matter of intimacy is. And very noteworthy: it’s as much self-evident once these are established, which is what I meant with synergy, or maybe we should call it reciprocal relief. The importance of the friendship condition cannot be stressed enough, but the mutual trust and comfort of it enables the amputee to be as comfortable with her missing limb(s) as the devotee with finding her attractive for it.

Lauding the beauty of the amputee in erotica is nice, exiciting too. Seeing your musings being read is fulfilling. Speaking out this beauty to an amputee and seeing her smile is however the most important joy I’ve experienced this year. And a pretty good reason to continue this blog, I’d say.

Thanks to all who made this idea into an unexpected experience, and wishing you all the best for 2016!



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