Blog – I made my Barbie more like me

By Alicia I read today on the news that Mattel plans on releasing 3 new Barbie’s: tall, petite and curvy Barbie. I read through the comments and it shocked me how against inclusion people really are in regards to the toy company changing a beloved toy icon. I saw a lot of comments like: “Next… Continue reading Blog – I made my Barbie more like me

Blog – Doesn’t anyone read FetLife profiles?

By Alicia Since my feature on SingularityNL’s Devotee blog, my FetLife inbox has been quite busy. It says clearer than day on my profile not to be shy to add me but it also clearly states for people who decide to contact me (especially Dev’s and amputee pretenders) to tread lightly and thoughtfully when messaging me.… Continue reading Blog – Doesn’t anyone read FetLife profiles?

Blog – Devoteeism: the sociological view

Fifty years ago, not having a perfect set of teeth was quite normal. That’s to say it was where I’m from, but in many countries it still is today. In the modern western world however, it’s meanwhile considered an accepted reason for feeling unhappy. In a few decades time, combined advancement of technology and medical… Continue reading Blog – Devoteeism: the sociological view

The floor to others – Alicia

Introduction My next interview is with Alicia. I got in touch with her on Fetlife, a site dedicated largely to BDSM lifestyle, but it has an amputee & devotee community as well, with a number of amputees participating. Alicia will refer to “Fet” in this interview. She’s 28, from California, and she’s a right leg above… Continue reading The floor to others – Alicia

Story – Porna queen (1) – Change of scenario

“Just relax, Annika. They’re gonna love you!” Although she had no reason to at all, Sandra’s model wasn’t so sure yet, she could see. Of all the girls she worked with, new and Danish Annika could well be the most naturally sexy. Once Sandra’d have her at ease in front of a camera, every second of footage of… Continue reading Story – Porna queen (1) – Change of scenario