The floor to others – Andres

This interview is the young generation getting the floor. It’s also the first interview with someone originating from South-America. Devotee Andres is 18 years old and from Colombia. He’s a college student currently studying in the USA. He describes himself als a straight male with a strong desire of finding an amputee woman whom he can share a long lasting friendly or romantic relationship with.

When and how did you discover your attraction to amputees?
“It all started with amputee Brittney, and a video of hers called Brittney Pink. When I was around 12-13 years old and started discovering my sexuality, I had a prominent cast and braces fetish. A video of hers appeared as a YouTube suggestion and I looked at it. I immediately felt discomfort and moved on. A couple of months months later, I somehow came back to that video. This time though, I was aroused, excited. I simply wanted more. Much, much more. From there on, it only became much more prominent.”

What did discovering it do to you? Did you feel guilty, confused?
“I definitely felt confused, as I kept asking myself why I was liking this. Then I discovered I was not the only one, that there were more like me who not only felt attraction to amputees, but also to casts and braces (orthodontics).
Perhaps this signals that our desires are somehow related to an unusual connection of the brain? I don’t know and honestly don’t care that much anymore. I just know I love it.”

How do you feel about that now? Do you have an ethical conflict with this liking requiring that someone be disabled?
“I feel completely fine with it. I’ve learned to embrace it and it’s now part of who I am. I have never told any of my friends or partners about it though, as all my life I’ve lived in a country where that might not be fully accepted by others. Ethical conflict I don’t have, as I’m not into the stump. I’m into women with missing limbs, and first and foremost they have to be women which I also like and admire as a person rather than as an amputee.”

Can you describe your preferences?
“As with most cases, I am really into single leg amputations above the knee. With or without prosthetics, though I have started to prefer with prosthetics to be honest. I also like below the knee amputations as well as above or below the elbow. Something that does not really turn me on is a double amputation of the same type, though I do find exciting one of each. In terms of preference order, it would go: above knee, above elbow, below knee, above knee and above elbow, below elbow, and triple, I’d say.”

Have they always been the same?
“It started only with LAK and RAK. Slowly, more types of amputations started growing on me.”

Does anyone in real life know you’re a devotee?
“Just some amputees – around six or seven – I’ve told, of whom around half accepted me without being terrified. I’ve also told two fellow devotees and that’s about it.
I believe two of my friends know I’m into amputees though, as they’ve found some erotic videos of Brittney in my computer.”

Does being a devotee influence your real life? Can you have normal relationships?
“I can have normal relationships for sure. Remember, first and foremost I’m into a person, and then into her amputation, hypothetically speaking. I have never been with an amputee in real life though.”

How do you enjoy your attraction to amputees?
“I sometimes fantasize about my sexual or romantic partners being amputees during sex (although they don’t know about that). When I am by myself, I have around 20 GB worth of pictures and videos of amputees I’ve collected since around 2010.”

What’s your view on how devoteeism is being ‘practiced’ on the internet?
“I am utterly disgusted by most. They just give us an incredibly bad image and make it that much harder for us to be able to share our thoughts and desires with other people, whether amputees or not.
Some however – and I will include myself in this percentage –  are not bad at all. We are supportive towards one another and have built a strong devotee community where we share and support one another. Also, we can even establish positive, supporting relationships with amputees.”

How do you ‘participate’ in it?
“I share my thoughts about devoteeism, my findings about the why of it all. I also ask questions and receive help from fellow devotees. On some groups and blogs, I share images and videos from my collection. It has been really hard for me to find some material, and I also want other people to be able to enjoy it.”

Are you in regular touch with other devotees? If so, how?
“Yes, with two of them who I share a lot of material, both sending and receiving. Private Facebook groups in both cases. Also, the sister of a really good friend of mine is a devotee as well, who – just as me – likes casts, braces, and amputees. I know it because of her Facebook likes (I’m a pretty avid investigator), though she does not know that I am aware of it. Maybe in the future I will share my opinions with her. Maybe.”

Are you in regular touch with amputees? If so, how? And if so, did it influence your looking at amputees or at yourself?
“I talk a lot with three amputees who live in Colombia, though I haven’t met any in person due to them living about seven hours from my house back home.
They have helped me and supported me, most importantly letting me know that for them, it is completely okay for me to be into their lack of a limb. Two of them are RAK’s, and one is LAE.”

Did getting in touch with understanding amputees change anything in how you looked at your attraction?
It did indeed helped me a lot! I understood that no matter how afraid you are to show the world who you truly are, there is always good people who will appreciate you for who you are. People can be tough at times, but some are really friendly and understanding. It made me feel part of something, as if I wasn’t alone anymore.”

If you could give devotees some advice, what would it be?
“Please, for god’s sake, don’t give us devotees a bad image. Amputees are first and foremost, people just like you and I, so treat them just as you would treat any other human being. Establish a solid friendly relationship with the person first, and build up from there. An amputee is a person, not just a stump. Learn the difference, be respectful, caring, admirer, and supporter. Above all, treat them with the respect all women (or men) in this planet deserve.”

And finally, is there anything I didn’t ask that you would have loved to tell?
“I am yet to meet an amputee in person. But the day I do (because I will), if I find her attractive as a person both physically and emotionally, I will indeed tell her about how I feel about her amputation.
Oh, and I have lived in a country where finding amputee women is extremely difficult, due to them being an extremely small population. Even more if you take my age group into account.
Now that I am in the US, I intend to find the perfect woman. And the day I do (because I will), if I find her attractive as a person both physically and emotionally, I will indeed tell her about how I feel about her amputation.
If she is okay with it, then I will most likely want to change her last name.”


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