Story – The hunt and the kill

It was a club for swingers where they’d met at the bar, so there was no doubt as to intentions. For Lynn and Roger, there was a bit of a delicate balance in how potential mutual interest was brought into play though. It was easy to be overly jolly, and for their taste many couples… Continue reading Story – The hunt and the kill

The floor to others – ‘Amputee woman’

Introduction My next interview is with a woman who would like to remain known as ‘Amputee woman’, the name she uses on her own YouTube channel. She is from Russia, is 41 years old and married. She lost her right arm seventeen years ago, an amputation under the shoulder due to cancer. Her tale is… Continue reading The floor to others – ‘Amputee woman’

The Amp-Dev Dialogue (1)

Dialogue (1) Not too surprisingly, our dialogue kicks off with what might well be the most puzzling aspect of all for an amputee. Alicia’s Q1: What’s the attraction to amputees? Paul: “For me, it’s a fascination with the absense a missing limb creates. I well realise it’s controversial and potentially hurting, and I also find… Continue reading The Amp-Dev Dialogue (1)

Blog – What you think

The survey has been online since February 2nd, and there’s still replies dripping in, so this is preliminary only. But let’s say I want this to be another teaser to all who did not as of yet reply. So far, 32 respondents gave their feedback. That’s not huge, it isn’t bad either, but it could… Continue reading Blog – What you think