Tell me what you think

WordPress isn’t making it easy to comment on blogs. You need a login, which means you’ll be registered in some sort of way. It’s easy to do it by anonymous email, nonetheless people hate to do it in general, and they’ll likely hate it more in the case of a blog addressing something they will most likely prefer to not become known.
So, if I would like to know more about what readers think – and I very much do – I have a problem.

I came up with a solution though, one I hope will work. There’s websites enabling you to set up a questionnaire and have people reply without anything becoming known other than what they filled in. No login or registration required, no IP-address showing up, nothing: perfectly anonymous, and the way I want it.
The website will also collect all the answers for you, as it will do all the math. Very nice, and perfect again!

That’s what I decided to do. And so, here’s your chance to let me know what you think of this blog.
It will really only take a minute or two, and it would be a great help. And again: all replies will come in 100% anonymously!

Questionnaire closed as of March 2nd.

Preliminary results here.
Final results here.

Thanks to all who replied!



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