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Writing in general has something to it you have to be prepared for. During the process of writing, you somehow become attached to what the fruit of your thoughts or fantasy produced on (virtual) paper. The more personal your writing is, the more you’ll consider it ‘your baby’. And once you’ve published, you’re setting that baby free. Into a great big world that can be cruel.
One aspect of cruelty is readers thinking your writing sucks. If you can’t take that, you shouldn’t publish. Another is the impact of your writing, the things people start doing after having read what you wrote. And that’s what I want to go into.

Alicia’s first blog here reports an example of such impact. Someone reads my interview with her, the interview mentions she has an account on some web site, the someone gets himself an account there as well, and tries to get in touch with her. So far, so good, but then he starts to say things that make her mad, and rightly so.
I’m not sticking up for Alicia here. If you read the blog you’ll know there’s no need for that. Furthermore it was her own choice to have an account there, and she’d be hopelessly naive not to expect filthy messages. It happens to women all the time, and not only to amputee women. And that’s pretty sad as such, if you can’t take it, don’t go to sites like Fetlife.

There’s a bit more to this however, something I feel indirectly responsible for. It was my interview that caused this. Writing I published on my blog that had this impact. And this particular impact happens to go against everything I’m aiming at with my blog.
I want to create true understanding between amputees and devotees, and what this someone did, is use information I gave him to satisfy his own needs without any respect for the person he’s satisfying them on. He’s doing the very thing every word on my blog should tell him never to do. And that’s driving me mad as well.

So, all you someones out there. Since you so cunningly prefer to hide behind profiles without any information, to safely go after your rude and respectless self-satisfaction, let me get back to you in the open to tell you what this makes me think.
I think you’re a disgrace to everything my blog stands for. I also think you’re a bunch of sad wanker pervs with no respect for other people and no sense of reality. Who will never experience the beauty of this attraction in mutually respectful friendships. Whose inconsiderate lust driven behaviour will leave you forever unable to have any serious relationship whatsoever. Who will always be sad wanker pervs for the rest of a pathetic life bound to be spent in the crypts of sneaky concealment.
And who will only have themselves to blame.

With due respect to everyone living this attraction the sincere way: I needed to get this off my chest.


3 thoughts on “Blog – Sad wanker pervs

  1. Why would you give these perves any power by getting MAD at them? They don’t deserve ANY of your emotional energy. If they’re as bad as you say, you blog won’t change their behavior.
    I really enjoy seeing your perspective on devs. I never realized just how bady the bad ones can behave.


  2. You were a lot nicer than I would have been regarding those Neanderthal sleaze-balls who lust over foreshortened limbs as mere objects of desire. Alicia’s editorial has put them in their rightful place and your editorial has emphasized my belief that there are more civilized ways to treat people in general.

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