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The survey has been online since February 2nd, and there’s still replies dripping in, so this is preliminary only. But let’s say I want this to be another teaser to all who did not as of yet reply. So far, 32 respondents gave their feedback. That’s not huge, it isn’t bad either, but it could be better. So, let this encourage you, and in case I just have: here’s the link again.

Then the results so far. I added in the graph displays of replies per question. I apologise for a number of things showing in Dutch; I didn’t manage to get those translated.


Not surprisingly for me, visitors to this blog are male in pretty large majority. Considering there’s likely interviewees among those 4 females responding, the overall picture may actually lean even more towards visitors being male.

Sexual orientation then:
Another predominance of impression here: visitors are largely heterosexual.

Age category is the first item that gives a more spread picture, with a small surprise for me.
Some 75% of visitors are aged over 35, almost 45% are over 45, and a quarter of all visitors are over 60. I didn’t expect the age spread to resemble that of general internet visit – there <18 and 18-25 are the biggest categories by far – but I hadn’t expected the difference to be this big. Is this perhaps saying something about dev attraction being admitted at later age? That would be an interesting one.

Frequency of visits was another surprise, and a pleasant one:
Over 70% of respondents visit this blog at least several times a week, and the majority of the remainder about once. Not bad, I’d say.

Reasons for visiting were less surprising again:
I’ll go into more specific analysis when the survey is closed, but I’ll add here that category “I’m an amputee” are all women, making close to all male visitors devotees. Furthermore, these devotees have one preference that stands out, as is shown here:
This confirms what’s already known about devotee preferences: that they’re for single and higher amputations in majority.

The most pleasant surprise was in the replies to the last question asked, that on what people think of the different things offered on this blog:
Sorry for small representation here; I had to size this down to get it to show fully.
The number of It sucks! is only 2 out of 318 ratings given in total. Almost half of all ratings given are It’s great! and 82% of all ratings are at least Okay, a general impression that encourages to continue, I’d say.
As to specific items, we’re seeing Interviews stand out as the best rated, a picture confirmed by the number of page views interviews are getting. Not unsurprisingly considering men to be known as ‘visual’ in their erotic preferences, Beauty of the day and My kind of beauty are getting good ratings as well. Erotic musings keeping up well in comparison, I found pleasantly surprising.
The only items not rating too highly would be Poetry and Looking for…. As to the latter, I already expressed doubts myself when starting the section, so this doesn’t surprise me. As to the former, there’s an interesting thing worth mentioning: while Poetry does not appear to be highly liked by devotee readers of my blog, it’s also the blog items getting the most Likes by far. They’re coming from poetry readers and writers, which I find encouraging enough to continue writing poetry, so you’ll have to put up with it, I fear! 🙂

I will leave the questionnaire open for a total of one month, and will get back to you with the final results, as well as a bit of more detailed analysis.

Thanks to all who replied!





5 thoughts on “Blog – What you think

  1. Paul. when I try to view videos I generally get this message. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Sorry, the owner hasn’t given you permission to download this file.

    Only the owner and editors can download this file. If you’d like to download it, please contact the owner.


  2. Yay i’m the youngest! I think its interesting to look at some of the statistics shown, such as how one sided the visitors are. Thanks for the great content Paul, keep it up!


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