Story – The hunt and the kill

It was a club for swingers where they’d met at the bar, so there was no doubt as to intentions. For Lynn and Roger, there was a bit of a delicate balance in how potential mutual interest was brought into play though. It was easy to be overly jolly, and for their taste many couples here were. Others could be pushy, which they didn’t like either. For them, an open mind about sex with others wasn’t the same as fucking around. Not that they didn’t quite like a bit of hot excitement, they’d only engage in it with a decent click both ways.
With Karen and Geoff there definitely was. There was also something that made Karen a little special.

“So… eh, how do we best treat what you have, Karen?”
“We thought we’d just ask…”

It was Roger who volunteered to bring it up. Lynn wasn’t slow to second him though, with an apologetic smile. Karen and Geoff were really nice, a couple much like themselves, they both found. It had just made them propose to continue drinks at the bar a little more privately, to which Karen and Geoff had agreed with a relaxedness that felt promising.
She didn’t seem to be bothered by it herself, and neither did Geoff, but Karen had only one arm. Just below her bare shoulder, a freely shown stump revealed how her right arm was amputated almost completely. And for Roger and Lynn, that was new. Hence the question.

“Sweet of you to ask, but it can’t be treated,” Karen replied jokingly.
“Um… we didn’t mean it like that.”
“I know you didn’t,” Karen said with a reassuring smile. “And to answer your question: we call a spade a spade, also with respect to my missing arm. And we’d prefer if you would as well.”
There were two nods. Somewhat insecure still, though.
“I was seventeen when I became one-armed, so I’m used to it,” Karen reassured them a little more. “It’s not my idea of handy either, but it doesn’t stop me from anything. And I prefer clear to polite, so please don’t mince your words when referring to my amputation, okay?”
“And Karen’s stump is touchable and teasable like anything else,” Geoff seconded.
“Yes, very much,” Karen added, lifting and twitching it with an inviting smile.
“And I wouldn’t underestimate Karen’s left-handed dexterity,” Geoff added with a wink.
“No, you shouldn’t…” Karen grinned.

It was followed by a laugh, with Geoff playfully squeezing Karen’s stump. She let him with a charmed smile, using it to break the ice. On occasions like these, her being one-armed always required a little more getting used to. And while she quite understood the unfamiliarity, she was also keen on having it out of the way as soon as possible. Everyone was allowed to see she was missing an arm, including the details of where and how it was taken off. An intense joy to have survived a disease that could well have ended her life before it had really started, the always stimulating support of a husband who found her far from less attractive for having one arm, and a rather daring personality of her own had also made Karen self-confident and anything but shy with what made her looks special.

“It may feel a little strange in the beginning, but for me it’s very sensitive in a pleasant way.”
“Not only for you, dear,” Geoff added with a grin.
“The words of a man with experience,” Karen winked. “So don’t consider it forbidden territory.”
“We’ll do our best,” Roger replied. “But do bear with our inexperience, please.”
“I will… for the time being,” Karen replied frolicly.

Unconsciously, this was also giving Roger and Lynn the signals they were looking for. They weren’t swinging because their sex life was in need of a boost. Still very attracted to one another, they expected any couple they’d swing with to feel the same, and to not be shy to show it. And that was pretty much what Geoff and Karen were doing. It was also what Roger and Lynn loved to do themselves, as a sign back of things proceeding the nice way. Looking at the other couple, Roger let his hands move over Lynn’s body.

“Like nothing should be considered forbidden territory,” Karen encouraged him with a playful wink.

He wasn’t, and neither was he shy to show it excited him. Roger had many reasons for finding Lynn his perfect partner, and her well-curved slender body did not come last. Luckily, she also quite enjoyed to see her husband ‘show her off’ on occasions like these. There wasn’t a trace of resistance in feeling her Roger take things further, and she smiled at Karen when she saw Geoff respond. With a similar degree of playful unconcern, Geoff made his hands follow what Roger’s were doing. It made the first excitement become apparent, and both couples enjoyed it curiously.

“So, how do your favourite swinger evenings look then?” Roger inquired while sliding down between Lynn’s thighs.
“We like couples who like each other, just like you do, it seems…” Karen replied, following Roger’s hands intently.
“We do, yes,” Lynn confirmed. “But that’s for starters, isn’t it?”
“Sure it is,” Karen said, smiling meaningfully. “We’re swingers, aren’t we?”
“We are. We actually love it…” Lynn played along with Karen’s game of subtle tease.

It was clear meanwhile they were going to take this further. But the hunt was as nice as the kill, they all found. And so the ladies continued the verbal part, with the guys making their hands follow the build-up of erotic tension. Lynn felt the straps of her black lace body slide off her shoulders first, instantly followed by Geoff doing the same with Karen. Two pairs of male hands cupped the exciting softness of now bare breasts, with two women heaving heavier as they felt their nipples rise.

“And what do you like best, Lynn… taking turns or both together?” Karen continued, letting the excitement make her questions bolder.
“Taking turns,” Lynn replied without hesitation. “I’ll gladly watch every detail of Roger doing you…”
“As you love Roger to watch Geoff fucking your brains out, I take it…?”
“Oh yeah!”

The guys followed in perfect sync, Roger hinting Lynn to lift her butt so he could slide her body off totally, and Geoff just pulling down Karen’s tiny string. There were two female gasps when the guys kneaded full into now exposed flesh, as there were four smiles of contentment. Somehow, it wasn’t surprising they also had the same view on the subject of shaving. Not that they didn’t at all, both Karen and Lynn firmly found a woman’s cunt should not look like a young girl’s, as they were married to guys who firmly agreed.

“Natural dark blonde, l guessed that,” Geoff said to Lynn.
“As I guessed the natural redhead,” Roger winked at Karen.

They both withdrew their hand for a moment, or rather used it to unabashedly expose their wives’ short trimmed hairy beauty. And with preference implicitly confirmed, both women let them with squirms of pleasure.

“Can you live with dark blonde, Geoff?” Lynn teased.
“I can live with any colour if a woman is as sexy as you are…”
“And how about you, Roger?” Karen joined in.
“Let’s just say I’ve suggested Lynn to have a red hair dye?” he replied, grinning subtly.
“And what stopped you, Lynn?” Geoff asked.
“I did try it. But I thought I looked like a carrot, and I think Roger agreed,” she replied gigglishly.
“A little more chestnut tone should help, dear. But nothing beats natural red,” Karen grinned.

She grinned even wider when Geoff very openly illustrated her point. Despite a short trim it didn’t hide her pubics were pretty lush. She had a guy who loved her bushy inner thighs though, and it very much looked like he wasn’t the only one who did.
Karen felt her excitement rise fast now. Roger wasn’t exactly shy. In fact he was looking straight into her cunt now, a cunt fully exposed by her own guy, which quite added to the thrill. Furthermore Geoff was exposing her by holding her one arm behind her back. It was a tease of her other arm being amputated, a play with her stump being unable to cover her nudity. Not that she wanted to cover it, but she found the suggestion of not being able to very hot. And it didn’t remain unnoticed.

“Mmm, this is intentional?” Lynn inquired curiously.
“Intentional and fucking hot,” Karen replied without reservation.
“Meaning you love to be teased with having one arm…?” Roger now asked.
“Meaning I love it to be made sexual in every way that comes to mind, yes,” Karen admitted.
“Wow, that’s pretty daring, dear,” Lynn responded with admiration.
“Is it really?” Karen asked with a confident smile. “For me it’s pretty naturally part of the body I have…”
“Having one arm is, yes,” Lynn replied. “But is enjoying to be teased with your disability?”
“It’s not a disability for me. It’s my bodily reality, and I love to play with that.”
“You’re looking at it as a taboo, at least implicitly,” Geoff explained. “Having to miss an arm is ‘bad’, so you don’t allow yourself to associate it with erotic pleasure.”
“Especially not pleasures sexualising the very thing that’s considered bad,” Karen added. “It’s just that I don’t. For me there’s nothing bad about missing my arm. I can’t say I love it, but I happen to have it, and it’s my right to deal with it as I please, including whatever people may look at as unusual.”
“Or kinky,” Geoff added with a wink.
“Hear who’s talking,” Karen was fast to reply, sticking out her tongue. “I’ve never heard you complain I have one arm…”
“I’ve never found a reason to, darling. You’ve never struck me as suffering from it, so why should I complain then?”
“Not every guy might look at it like you do, Geoff,” Lynn said.
“It’s one of the reasons he got himself elected,” Karen winked at Lynn.

It made everyone snigger. This more serious interlude was cooling excitement down a little, it was also intensifying their click, strongly enough to propose yet another moving.
Their current nook was secluded from the action at the bar, but now they felt it was time for some real privacy. They stood up, made their way into the corridor behind the dance floor, showed their membership cards to the topless young lady in charge of assigning private quarters and all smiled expectantly as they were shown theirs.

It was the natural moment for switching, and they did without needing to ask. While Lynn moved to sit on the couch with Geoff, it was Karen who kicked off by pulling Roger close and starting to undress him. Having only one hand for it didn’t make it easy, but Roger had been listening well. Karen was going to do this on her own, and she was expecting him to enjoy watching her do it.

“Geoff was right. You are good at this,” he said, smiling with admiration at how she unzipped him with surprising ease.
“I am. I’m also not quite done with you,” Karen smiled back.
“Fine with me!” he replied, grinning. “And eh… you really meant what you said earlier? About liking your stump to be made sexual in every way that comes to mind?”
“Did you have an idea?” Karen replied, grinning defiantly.
“Nothing in particular yet, but good to know.”
His grin turned into a gasp when she yanked his jeans down, his briefs along with it, and went for the full grab instantly. With her fist clenching tight, she worked him to full hardness in mere seconds.
“Mmm, Lynn?”
“Yes, dear?”
“Is your Roger as good a fuck as his cock is making me think he is?”
“There’s a way to find out, dear,” Lynn grinned from the couch, squirming prominently from Geoff’s hands becoming alluringly indecent.
“I wanna hear you tell me,” Karen winked, eying her intently.
“Well, some say size doesn’t matter. I disagree.”
“And why do you…?” Karen asked, jerking Roger off while watching Geoff make Lynn distinctly wet.
“Roger knows how to put his size to work. Pretty well, I’d say.”
“So he’s really gonna stretch me with that big boy, right?”
“You hear that, Geoff?” Karen continued the tease. “I’d have my naughty cunt really, really stretched if I’d have Roger stick that boner into my wet fuckhole…”
“I’ll enjoy your every gasp if he does, darling…”
“And what will you be doing while I’m getting myself stretched…?”
“First, I’ll be watching every detail of how you’ll be fucked out of existence. And then I’ll have my revenge with sexy Lynn…”
“Mmm, so that’s why you’re already playing with her hot cunt?”
“Yeah. I want her to be dripping with desire when I’m fucking her under your eyes.”
Roger and Lynn listened with excited curiosity. This couple loved to make this into a giant tease alright, and they did with a thrilling lack of verbal decency. One they found catching too.
“Lynn loves to be made very wet, Geoff,” Roger joined in. “And a good pair of fingers can really make her ooze…”
“As a good jerk-off can really turn Roger into a stallion, Karen… And Geoff…?”
“Yes, dear?”
“Feel free to make those fingers more than a pair,” Lynn heaved, pushing up against his probing hand.
“Grrr, fuck girl, I like how you talk,” Karen replied, groaning with anticipation.
“And maybe I do have an idea,” Roger grinned, observing Karen.
“I’m game, dude,” she replied with a fat wink.

The idea involved Geoff, meaning Lynn would have to content herself with watching alone. Knowing her hubby’s ideas to often be pretty good, she gladly agreed though. And she wasn’t disappointed.
A little whispering between the guys was soon followed by mischievous grinning, then Geoff went to stand behind his wife and held her arm tied to her back again. This time with Roger standing before her though. It was instantly clear to Karen what his idea was about, and she loved it.
“Mmm, yeah. Tease the heck out of me,” she whispered, pushing her hips out and hinting him to touch her missing arm.
He did, tickling it with a subtle defiance that made her groan. And she did even more when he started rubbing his cockhead against her unprotectable wetness. It felt pretty kinky to be ‘abusing’ the missing of her arm this way, it was also blatantly clear it was exciting Karen hugely. With suggestive contractions, she made her stump resist, as she let it whip her arousal at staggering pace.
“You’re getting the idea, Roger!” Geoff wasn’t shy to encourage him.

Karen just groaned and looked straight into Roger’s eyes. She wanted to see him dare this, as an intense pleasure of this moment and because she felt this couple could well make a match they’d long been looking for. Despite many attempts, they had never run into the luck of finding both the man and the woman on their wavelength, Maybe two or three couples had been close, but there they’d felt the discomfort with Karen’s arm amputation wouldn’t disappear, an absolute prerequisite for both.
This Roger however was a fast learner, as well as a guy who knew how to tease otherwise. It wasn’t that she wanted special attention for her missing arm. She just wanted it to not be sexually denied, and to be a natural part of excitement, without any reservations or heed. Karen was not unhappy or depressed for having to miss an arm. She was used to it and always smiled while making the best out of what was very definitely a fucking awkward limitation. The times it used to anger her were long past, but it still required quite a bit of resignation to fully accept the clumsiness coming with having only one arm in a world that so often had you need two. In that respect, erotic teasing of her missing the arm acted as a sort of compensation, as a reward in pleasure for what she had to miss. And Karen had given up on trying to explain the exact why, she’d surely never give up enjoying it.
That was why she needed sexual partners who were not afraid to cross the lines of what many saw as a taboo. And preferrably with a wife who was able and enjoying to see her partner cross them. For which Lynn seemed to qualify very nicely.

“Karen’s naked cunt being so unprotected is making you very hard, isn’t it, Roger boy…?” Karen heard her play along with this tease.
“Hmm, yes baby. You think I should fuck her now?”
“I’d say you’re big enough to really stretch her, yes…”
“And I’d say you smell wet enough to have Roger’s big boner shoved in…” Geoff added, hissing into Karen’s ear from behind.

Karen just gasped, her eyes flaming with arousal. Her Geoff was holding her arm tight on her back, exactly as she liked most. There was no escape, exactly like she didn’t want there to be one. And every gesturing of her frantically moving stump added to her sense of self-imposed helplessness. This was a glorious tease, and things hadn’t even really started yet.

But the hunt was maybe even nicer than the kill…


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