Blog – Meet the Devotees: a dev’s thoughts

In response to seeing the BBC documentary Meet the Devotees, Alicia wrote a blog. Having seen it myself, I felt the urge to do the same, and here it is. Journalist and BBC Three tv-presenter Emily Yates, who signed for the documentary, has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. It was a picture of her in that… Continue reading Blog – Meet the Devotees: a dev’s thoughts

Blog – Meet the Devotees: Rehashing reality

By Alicia While online the other day, I came across a Devotee group where someone had posted a video for a new BBC documentary called Meet the Devotees. In the documentary, Emily (the journalist), who happens to have cerebral palsy ventures into the world of devoteeism. Prior to the documentary, Emily had no idea or… Continue reading Blog – Meet the Devotees: Rehashing reality

Devoteeism: the artistic view

Emotion brings out creativity. Interestingly, the nature of the emotion appears to be irrelevant at a general level: it can vary widely. Pablo Picasso’s artistic eruptions were strongly related to his love life, so much so that his work is categorised by colors representing which lover and muse formed his inspiration. Quite different emotion drove… Continue reading Devoteeism: the artistic view

Blog – Deviant preferences

Some devs take their feelings for granted. Me they’re giving a lot of thought. The moral aspects. The bad guys. And the why. Getting a finger behind the reason for having developed devotee feelings is both interesting and frustrating. I have never found more than one of my grandpa’s having been a below the knee… Continue reading Blog – Deviant preferences