Story – The Sarah scheme

“So, what do you do with the other then?” Tom asked.

Eva had just bought a new pair of shoes this afternoon, unable to resist a special offer. They’d gone into town together, on their second sort of date.

“I trade it,” she replied, smiling smartly.
“You do what?” Tom laughed.
“Honest, Tom. I trade all my right shoes.”
“Explain please?” he asked, still surprised.
“I exchange with someone here in town. We have the same shoe size, we usually have the same taste in shoes and we both never wear a prosthesis.”
“And she is missing her left leg…” he filled in.
“Would be handy if she was, eh? And she is, yes,” Eva chuckled.
“Sounds smart,” he said with admiration. “Saves half your shoe budget.”
“Wrong,” she grinned, sticking out the tip of her tongue. “It doubles your number of shoes.”
“Hmm, I should have guessed that!”
“You should!” she giggled. “But it’s nice, eh, my new shoe?”

He nodded emphatically, smiling to himself. If memory served him well, this was the fifth time she was asking. Like Sarah, his twin sister, would. Women, he thought, taking care to hide what he was thinking. After all, Eva had a very charming way of asking. As there was a lot about her he found charming. Their first date had been set up by Sarah. Not this second one though.

“And thank you for the nice afternoon,” Eva added with a smile. “I really had a good time.”
“So did I,” Tom smiled back.
“And maybe you’d like something to drink?”
“I’d love to.”
“A beer, I take it?”
“Only if it’s really cold,” he grinned. “And eh… if I can help?”
“It is, and you can,” she smiled. “In the fridge, glasses are in the top left cupboard. And I’ll have one too.”

It felt nice to see him offer a helping hand so spontaneously. She would manage herself too, but still. What also felt nice was having been into town with him, or rather seeing him act normal and without embarrassment in her company. It had been her main reason for having that second date outdoors.

It was two years ago now. She’d been in a hurry, so she was going too fast. On her ATB in a busy, narrow street. An old lady misjudged her speed and crossed. She’d hit the brakes hard to avoid a collision. And then there was a banana peel on the tarmac that made her skid and highside. A bus came from the other direction. It was unable to avoid her and ran over her right leg, changing her life forever.
She’d woken up in hospital three days later, knowing instantly that something had gone terribly wrong. And she’d been right. Her lower body had been numbed by the pain killers, but its being bandaged and the ominous emptiness underneath the sheets had told her enough. They’d had no other option, she was told. But to amputate.

“There we are, two perfectly cold beers,” Tom smiled as he returned from the kitchen. “Where are we sitting?”
“On the couch?”
“On the couch it will be,” he replied, putting down the cans and glasses on the small table in front.
“Cheers then,” she said as she’d sat down and poured.
“Cheers, Eva.”

Sarah had told her, that Tom could be a tad shy. She’d also told her she thought he really liked her, and that she knew him to be quite open as soon as his shyness was out of the way. So it was just a matter of making him feel at ease, she pondered as she smiled at him.

Before setting up their first date, Sarah had also asked her brother. If he liked Eva, as in really. There was no need to though, she could tell. They didn’t quite reach the congeniality of identical twins, Tom and Sarah were nonetheless very close, close enough to share their love life, fulfilled or not, and close enough to read each other perfectly. Tom had told Sarah he really liked Eva, he’d also confessed he found it difficult to ask her on a date. That’s why Sarah had stepped in, rather enjoying her role as a matchmaker.

“So, what did your sister tell you about me then?” Eva kicked off an attempt at conversation.

Tom did not find it difficult because Eva and Sarah were best friends. Not as such. It was how he’d got to know Eva, and he’d seen her on many occasions because he and Sarah shared quite a few friends. Not surprisingly, the twins had picked the same city to go to university, as they soon turned out to have the same preferences as to where to go out and which parties to attend. And as a rule, Eva was where Sarah was. Some even called them ‘the inseperables’.

The reason Tom found it difficult was Sarah having told him Eva could be doing better. And it wasn’t hard to guess why. Medically she had recovered well, the emotional struggle was however a lot harder. Not that there was ever a good age to lose a leg, early adolescence was a pretty bad one. With everyone discovering growing up and all that came with it, learning to face a life with one leg was particularly tough. Eva was a pretty girl who’d always had a choice of dates and a bunch of guys dreaming of one. That falling to pieces as well after the accident hadn’t really helped to get her life back on track. It’d left her insecure, fearing there’d never be a guy wanting her anymore.

“A few things,” he said, looking a little shy as expected. “But nothing violating your best friend’s secrets.”
“I don’t mind her telling you about me. You seem to get along awfully well with Sarah. For a guy, that is,” she smiled.
“The twin magic, no doubt.”
“I guess. But cool to be so close with your sis.”
“It sort of works by itself. We always understand each other somehow.”
“I know what you mean,” she smiled. “Best friends have the same. Not so strong maybe, or maybe different.”
“Yeah, you’re two girls, eh… women.”
It made her giggle. “What do you prefer then?”
“Neither. Chicks is easier, but maybe less nice,” he grinned.
“I can live with chick,” she chuckled.

Sarah knew of Eva’s worries of course, and sensing her best friend could do with a little help, she’d confided Tom in this. Not fully, but enough to not involve him in her little plan unaware. Knowing her brother liked Eva, she thought it a good idea to see if Tom could help Eva gain a little more confidence with guys. And who knew what could happen.

There was a slight problem: Tom was not the womanising type of guy. Most girls called him cute and sweet, but he had a bit of a talent for not noticing female interest in him. And with respect to Eva, he doubted if he was the right guy to boost her ego. He did like Eva, he also didn’t consider himself very good at talking about the things she was struggling with. Not that he wouldn’t want to help her, he feared he would screw up, which would likely make her feel worse.
Sarah had two strings on her bow however.

“Cool,” Tom smiled.
“I’m also a chick with one leg. What’s that making you think then?”

She could see his discomfort kicking in. She knew it would too, but she needed to know.

“I know you’re struggling with it. And I understand.”
“Was that what I asked?” she smiled.

It wasn’t. And Tom knew it wasn’t. Her smile was open, inviting. It wasn’t hard to guess why she was asking either. He’d often thought about it, what missing a leg must mean to her. To how she coped, to how it made her feel about herself. She wasn’t hiding it, which he found brave. Not that you could, with a leg missing hip high. But she was wearing mini skirts like all the other chicks, and her pants always had the missing leg cut off and altered to fit tight around her short stump. Like today, and he found she looked really hot in those jeans she was wearing. A divine tush he’d call it when with the guys, and it wasn’t the only thing divine about Eva’s looks. And frankly, he’d never found her having only one leg disturb that.
Sarah had urged him to not bring up her amputation too soon. To treat her like any other chick and make her feel liked as a person before addressing the touchy subject. And now Eva was asking.

“I think you’re very sexy, Eva. And what you have doesn’t change that.”
“And you’re not being diplomatic?”
“Yeah, honest,” he smiled.
“Thanks then,” she smiled back.
“My pleasure.”
“I often think guys find me repulsive for it…”
“They’re wrong then, Eva. And you should ignore it.”
“I’m trying,” she sighed. “But it’s not so easy.”
“I bet it isn’t, but you need to try and be happy again.”
“That’s what Sarah keeps rubbing in. And less diplomatic than you,” Eva grinned wryly.
“How so?”
“Basically she’s telling me that every guy I’m ever going to have, will be with the amputation. So I need to get over it if I ever wanna score myself a nice one.”
“Yeah, that sounds like my sis,” Tom grinned.
“In that respect you two are very different…”
“Are we?”
“Are you not then?”
“Maybe less then you think?”
“Care to explain that?” Eva frowned, smiling curiously.

For a guy reputed to be shy, this chat with Tom wasn’t so bad, Eva found. In fact she quite liked it. He was caring, he was a lot more open than she’d expected and he was honest, at least it felt like he was. And he was pretty cute too.
Considering how reluctant he’d been about this, Tom thought he wasn’t doing that awfully either. They liked each other, and even his limited talent in sensing chicks was able to tell it wasn’t getting less. That made it easier to speak out, and then he decided he should.

“I think Sarah’s right, Eva. What she’s telling you may sound blunt, but it’s true. You’ll be having one leg for the rest of your life, in everything you’ll ever do. You need to make a start with not letting that stop you. And you better make it fast or it will embitter you.”
“Less different than I thought, allright,” Eva replied, almost stunned by his unexpected directness.
“And just as much concerned…”
“As much as a best friend is…?” she smiled tentatively.
“I don’t know, but I do wanna help…”
“You are already, Tom. More than you think…”

He frowned when she stood up and hopped to stand right in front of him. He gulped when she looked straight into his eyes and unzipped her jeans. She pulled them down with a determined wince and made him look.

“It’s not pretty, you know,” she whispered.

He saw tears dribble down her cheeks, her eyes expectant with flutters of fear. She was biting the bullet, maybe like she never had before. But she was, and it made Tom’s eyes wet as well.

“No, it’s not. But you still are,” Tom replied, getting up too.

She smiled demurely as she took his hand and led it. This was not meant to give cause, as she was sure he’d understand. There were more tears when she made his hand actually touch. They ran free when the tips of his fingers started stroking everso gently. A soft, grateful smile when he kissed them from her cheeks. And an even softer one when his lips moved to hers.

“My sis will be really grinning now,” Tom whispered.
“I bet she will be, yes.”
“Do we care?”
“I don’t…”
“Neither do I.”
“You’re so sweet I can’t stop crying,” Eva replied apologetically.
“Then don’t stop,” he smiled reassuringly.
“You know, Tom…”
“Tell me, sexy Eva.”
That made her giggle charmedly. And kiss him softly once again, cuddling against him. “I don’t think you’re shy at all.”
“I’m only shy when I’m not at ease.”
“Meaning you are now. I like that…”
“You are too?” he asked, softly cupping her stump to tell her what he meant.
“Getting there,” she winked. “Thanks so much. You have no i…”
He interrupted her with a kiss. “Shhh, no need to thank me. Just let it go.”

She nodded, smiling with him as he let his fingers explore further. He was tender but he wasn’t holding back. And it made her gasp with emotion now and then, she let him.

“Not as hard as I’ve always thought it would be,” she whispered.
“Things often are in retrospect.”
“I’m feeling a stone in my stomach disappear, or getting smaller rather,” she smiled, not afraid to be honest.
“I’ll make it disappear, faster then you think,” he winked.
“Meaning we’re gonna have more dates?” she whispered, kissing seductively now.
“If you like?”
“Would I, you think?” she teased.
“You want my answer Sarah style?”
“Yeah, make it blunt,” she chuckled.
“I think you’re already having naughty thoughts about us. And you’re pretty sure I have them too.”
“Mmm, who ever called you shy?”
“Sarah could have told you I’m not…”
“Maybe she did, a little. And eh…  would I be right?” she teased on. “That you have them too?”
“Hmm, that confirms you have them, doesn’t it?” he teased back.
“Guilty as charged,” she whispered, seducing him into another kiss. “It’s about time I’m getting laid again…”
“Is that how decent girls call it?” he winked.
“No, but maybe I’m not decent…”
“I would love it if you wouldn’t be…”
“I know you would,” she replied, sliding a hand over the profound bulge in his jeans. “And Sarah told me something about you…”
“She did?” he asked back, sliding from her stump to her panties.
“What did she tell then?”
“That this here isn’t the worst part of you, physically speaking…” she said, now kneading full into his hard-on.
“Sisters shouldn’t be looking at that,” Tom grinned.
“But twin sisters tend to. And they share it with their best friend too.”
“And did she tell you any more?”
“She may have, but that’s irrelevant now,” she winked.
“Because I’m gonna find out myself…”
“Feel free, sexy Eva.”
“No worries, once you got me this far I will…”

There was continuous kissing as they took each other’s clothes off. In turns. First his shirt, then her sweater. Then his t-shirt and her bra. She sat down for a moment to let him take off her new shoe, then her jeans. Eva slipped out of her panties herself while Tom was getting rid of his jeans and took his boxers down along with it, observed by her with a keen grin. There was an excited squeal when he pulled her back up from the couch, swung her over his shoulder and walked to her bed. He laid down first, on his back, and pulled her on top of him, holding her tight and letting the touch of her bare, soft skin electrify his senses.
He observed her when she reached out to the nighstand, pulled the top drawer and fished out a condom.

“Can these things be past shelf life?” she asked, grinning broadly.
“They can!” he said, appreciating her self-mockery.
“Yeah, but they’d need to be five years old for that.”
“Hey, even I had my last fuck two years ago,” she replied, giggling.
“Two years is a long time…”
“It is, and I feel like catching up,” she said, unwrapping the packing to unreel the rubber along the length of his beautifully hard cock. “And Sarah was right, by the way.”
“Sarah’s never seen me hard…”
“Hasn’t she?” Eva chuckled.
“She has??”
“Taking the fifth!” Eva nickered.
“Then you tell my peeping sis I’m gonna have my revenge on her!”
“Will do,” she giggled, but then her face turned serious. “And now make me catch up…”
“Will do too,” he replied, pulling her close again. “Any preferences?”
“As long as you’re good, I haven’t,” she whispered with seduction, undulating her naked body.

He was. Not because it was too long ago, he really was. And she surrendered with tears dwelling up again. She felt them trickle down, and let them. She felt her body respond with an almost painful urge, and she let it. And every now and then, despite all emotions, she was seeing Sarah in her mind. Grinning with subtle triumph.

As if she’d always known.


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