What you think – final results

Considering the closed and hidden nature of the world of devotees, 60 respondents to the questionnaire wasn’t bad, I think. And preliminary results posted earlier (click here) already indicated it: neither was what you think of this blog, which is stimulating.

As to the general stats, the final picture didn’t change much compared to earlier results. This blog is predominantly read by males (91%), they’re predominantly heterosexual (90%), they’re mostly devotees (74%), and they mostly – but not always solely – have a preference for single above the knee amputations (70%).

No big changes as to age category either. Amputee devoteeism is not for the young ones, or they’re seeking it elsewhere. Otherwise the spread is pretty even.

Stats I did not publish before is how people find this blog. Not too surprisingly, for me at least, there’s one referrer standing out:
The lesson here is pretty clear: if you want your devotee site to be found, you need to be on Devguide. And once you made them find you, they’ll be loyal visitors:
75% visiting this blog at least several times a week puts a little pressure on frequency of new content and updates, which is duly noted. And I’ll continue to do my best regarding content of my own, with respect to picture and video material it might be good to add that free sources (the only I use) are not unlimited.

With respect to the reasons for visiting this blog, there was the option to tick more than one answer. And it was used, beit sparsely. First the general stats:
As to more detailed stats, the following might be worth mentioning:
Four out of five amputee respondents are women (there’s a weird error in the stats representation here).
Four out of five pretender respondents are also devotees, as three of them are also wannabe’s.
Five out of six wannabe respondents are also devotees, as three of them are also pretenders and one of them actually is an amputee.

As to preferences then. First the general stats:
Only 18 out of 42 respondents with a preference for above the knee amputations state this as their sole preference, so this 70% is slightly distorted.
Most likely, this preference for single high leg amputations correctly represents the general preference among devotees.This would confirm various articles on the subject stating the same. Since a lot of the picture and video material is on high leg amputees, this blog could however also be relatively more popular among devotees with this preference.

Do preferences differ between age categories? We’re entering small numbers statistics here, which is slippery ground, but here’s the split:
Age & Preference
There were no respondents <18, so I left this category out in the graphs.
Noteworthy differences with overall stats would be the 25-35 and the >60 age category having both a relatively high “No preference” and “Above elbow” preference, below the knee amputations being relatively often preferred by 45-60 and >60, below the elbow being only preferred by 35-45 and >60, and a very high preference for “Bilateral leg” in 18-25 and for “Triple and quadruple” in 45-60.

Last but not least to the ratings then, intended to be my source of feedback. General rating stats first:

As a grand total, 80% of ratings given is “Okay” or better, and with 46% “Great”, almost half of the ratings are the highest that could be given, which should make me happy and it does! With only 3 “It sucks!” and only 12 “Not too great” ratings, the number of negative ratings is also reassuringly low.
If we assign a point score to each rating (from -2 for “It sucks” to +2 for “It’s great”), this is the overall picture:
Ratings Calculated

Average ratings represent the calculation explained above, so an AVG of zero would be an overall “Neutral” score for this item. As we can see, no item scores below zero, and quite a few score well over 1, which would be an average “Okay”. Among those, the video and picture material and the interviews stand out. Relatively low rated are “Looking for” and “Poetry”. As to poetry, I already mentioned in the preliminary results that it’s not rated very high among devotees but is nonetheless getting a lot of likes from those who look at this from the poetry perspective.

Do these results differ per age category? Here’s the split:
Age &amp; Ratings

The younger respondents seem to appreciate “Background” a little more, and they don’t appear to like the opinionating stuff (“Thoughts”) very much. Same goes for >60 and the erotic stories, the only age category scoring this item well below average.

Do ratings differ over preference?
Preference &amp; Ratings

The non-devotees appear to prefer the background and personal info provided on the blog, and they rate the erotic stories and poetry pretty high. Relatively high scores for “Thoughts” are also found in the “No Preference” category.

Interesting as well is how these stats correlate with actual page views. For this, I categorised all blog items and pages and added up the numbers of page views they got. To obtain realistic percentages, I corrected totals for page clicks for Home and for Archives. That makes the general picture this:

Background is that Menu item, Amazing amputees plus generally informative other stuff such as this, Opinion is the other Blogs, the Amputee Diaries, the Alicia files and the Amp-Dev Dialogues, Personal is the interviews, Visual is Beauty of the Day and My kind of beauty and Writings is Stories and Poetry.
Big differences between 2015 and 2016 here, due to the following:
With the number of content items gradually increasing and the number of visitors remaining more or less constant and page views per visitors remaining roughly the same as well, the number of reads per item dilutes.
I’ve added a lot of picture and video material, and it’s popular. This explains the big percentage increase there.
I’ve published less stories lately, which explains that percentage dropping considerably.

Finally, I had a look at the most popular blog items, overall and by category. The overall picture first:
PV per Item Overall

“Amazing amputees” is still remarkably popular, as are the daily refreshed “Beauty of the day” and the general page of “My kind of Beauty”. Since I’ve removed the updates and links from that page, I’m expecting that to drop in the future.
The interviews are read a lot. The one in the top ten are the first published and therefore show this strongly. And the Brittney interview is standing out among those, which is probably explained by a substantial number of visitors coming to my blog via the link on her website.
Interestingly, “Looking for…” is not rated very high, but it’s clicked remarkably often. Perhaps there’s a certain wishfulness involved there.

A few stats per category then. Here’s the split as to “Opinion”:
PV per Item Opinion

Here, page views for The Amp-Dev dialogue (in four parts) are added up, partially explaining its high ranking but also indicating a serious interest for info of this kind, which is good to see, I think.

As to the pretty popular section with picture and video material then. These are the most popular ones:
PV per item Visual

And finally, a similar split as to the stories:
PV per Item Writings

Not surprisingly, the highest ranking stories are those from the early days of this blog. You’ll also see a considerable drop (the differences between 2015 and 2016 stats) once a story has been published, with “Kinky providence” a rather remarkable exception.

Conclusions then.
I will very likely take “Looking for…” off. I expressed my doubts when I started this, and they were confirmed. Furthermore, I don’t think it’s generating a lot of activity.
Other than that, this questionnaire is most of all telling me this blog is being liked the way it is, as it’s being read.
So I guess I’m going to have to continue, which I’ll do with pleasure. Thanks again to all who provided this very useful information, and do continue to enjoy!


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