The Heather Diary (3)

March 10, 2016

Faded Fantasy

People talk about loving sex, passionate sex, kinky sex and angry sex. But i wonder what sad sex feels like?
Is it a mixture of hugs and cries, kisses and sniffles, cum and tears… both of which are salty I might add?
Would we look into each others eyes; still with deep intimate passion or will the dancing blueness be stilled by pain and hidden tears?
Will the smell of our desire overpower the sadness of termination or will it be faint, distant fragrance shoved in the corner of our mind?
Will the sound of your voice continue to fire my yearning or will it stir sadness by echoing in my memories?
And will the moment you touch my flesh still electrify my senses, sending waves of primal lust throughout my body or will the tide have already gone out and with it the desire leaving my skin numb?

I believe our eyes would still dance and the smell of our desire engulf our senses as if we were crawling inside each other. Your voice will still flood my ears with excitement and your skin against mine will continue to fuel the fire of my passionate soul.

Where else does the pain and sadness and sorrow come from? They are the emotions that remind me of the risk I took allowing you deep into my heart. And without these reminders, you would be nothing but a favourite faded fantasy…

You ask how does this writing relate to being an amputee or devotee? I answer: how could it not relate, as im sure devotees and amputees have had their heart split in two by someone they’ve loved. And in that most basic fact we can understand each other.

Maybe the discussion between us could start there.


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