Devoteeism: the artistic view

Emotion brings out creativity. Interestingly, the nature of the emotion appears to be irrelevant at a general level: it can vary widely. Pablo Picasso’s artistic eruptions were strongly related to his love life, so much so that his work is categorised by colors representing which lover and muse formed his inspiration. Quite different emotion drove Vincent van Gogh. He painted his most memorable work while he was suffering from the deep depressions that eventually brought him to commit suicide. So, the driving emotions will be specific at the personal level, they’re all able to spur creativity.

So, it doesn’t really have to matter whether you’re depressed or rejoiced about being a devotee. No matter how, erotic attraction to amputees is emotion too. And so, it must – or can – lead to creativity, one would be inclined to expect. And it does. Not all of it is good, but that would go for any type of inspiration. Actually, there’s quite a bit worth mentioning.

There’s also quite a few ways to express creativity. Fiction writing is one of them, and since I’m trying to do that myself, I’ll make it the first artistic expression to go into.
The thing I really love about writing devotee fiction is that you can make your erotic inspiration live without it interfering with reality, with real people. Obviously, this has to do with the controversial aspects of devotee feelings, it has for me at least.
As a writer, you are literally almighty however, allowing you to create any setting of any set of characters doing anything you like, and avoiding everything that could break the spell. In short: everything that makes fiction differ from real life.
Of course I try to be realistic, credible, and I take the stuff into account that’ll help make my writings differ from pulp. I also try to relay an indirect message: that my devotee feelings are sincere. But still, what I’m writing is fantasy come true. For the duration of a short story, I create a world that lets my devotee feelings be accepted and enjoyed . And those of my readers, I hope.

The latter be the judge of whether the stuff I write has any artistic level, but I’m not the only one writing devotee erotica. In this respect Peggy Buxton deserves to be mentioned. She used to write on, and was quite productive there until 2011. I suspect she isn’t since because she started to book publish her stories. Interestingly, Peggy is a leg amputee herself, and she is by choice. Many of her stories reflect the Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) that brought her to have her left leg amputated. No doubt this is the most controversial of feelings related to amputee attraction, from a writer’s point of view I’m pretty sure it’ll also provide great insipiration.

The visual arts then, and here we’re entering a pretty wide field. Also with interesting applications. The featuring image of this blog is by Argentinian DevoteeArtist, whose work features on (link here). But look where other work of his features on too:

Argentinian dev art on a Canadian leg amputee’s prosthesis (used with permission of both). is a pretty good place to look for devotee art. It’s also a good illustration of how the combined potential of (photo)graphic software and places on the internet to share one’s work has led to a giant explosion of amateur creativity. Some stuff is really, really weird – and not always very tasteful – but there are good exceptions:


Less classic but nonetheless pretty good I found this artistic cartoon expression:


To a more controversial side of devotee expression then, and I’m deliberately not adding artistic here. Most of you will know ES. It’s short for Electronic Surgery, and it’s the practice of photoshopping or otherwise manipulating pictures to make the (usually) woman portrayed appear as an amputee. And I’ve always hated it.

Apart from the fact that some of it is so badly done there’s zero enjoyment in it, there’s a few things about ES I find revolting. There are real people on the pictures used, and ‘electronic surgeons’ are manipulating them to indulge in their own fantasy, violating portrait rights along the way. No matter how sexually explicit the initial picture – much of the material to work from is sourced from porn sites – portrait rights are for porn stars too. And the advanced software nowadays availble may have improved the general quality of this type of work considerably, an esthetic argument can never nullify the infringements mentioned. On top of this, ES simply leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

How’s this different then, I’m hearing you ask. Aren’t my erotic stories an indulging in fantasy as well? O yes, they are for sure. Every story I write, contains aspects of what I find exciting devotee-wise. My devotee fantasy is my inspiration to write.
There’s also a difference. My characters are purely fictional. I’ve created them, without using real people. That means you can take offense at what I make my characters do or say. But you cannot at who they are, or were derived from, ES-wise speaking. And it’s important for me that you can’t. Respectful devoteeism means respecting privacy, and manipulating someone’s picture without that person’s knowledge or consent violates that. In just the same way as stalker videos of amputees do. It’s the reason you won’t find any of that stuff on my blog. Should you anyway, please contact me and I’ll remove it instantly.
And I never asked, but I imagine people like DevoteeArtist to use similar considerations.

In the days of Jurassic Park 1, you needed a whole studio to create the animation shown in that movie. Nowadays, advancement in technology has made it accessible on pc. It’s being widely used, and it is by devotees as well. Have a look at this.
Tastes will obviously differ here, but one cannot deny this was very nicely done. And not unimportantly for me: this is purely fictional again, making it rank alongside other artistic expressions not violating what e.g. ES does violate.

We haven’t seen the end of this, and frankly I’m pretty curious what animation will bring us in the future. For many – myself included – there’ll always be the real beauty of the real amputee. As there’ll always be the individual and particular drive creating paintings and other visual art work, and poetry and stories. But that being said, I’d claim animation has a real future for devotee art.

Those who would know sources for other examples of dev animation, please contact me and I’ll make sure to give them a place here.


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