Story – Third date

“Hmm, so I fell in love with a creepy perv, eh? You never told me that, sweety…”

Her eyes twinkled with tease. They’d just watched a documentary called Meet the Devotees, and the picture painted of that world wasn’t too positive.

“Not necessarily,” he smiled back, kissing her cheek. “You heard that lady in the end, not?”
“Think I did, yes. So?” she replied, challenging him a little more.
“Well, finding your little arm sexy doesn’t make me creepy.”
“That means you admit to being a perv?” she chuckled.
“Depends on what I do with it.”
“Yeah, and what do you do with it?”
“Right now I’m on my way to kiss it.”

Her little arm was her right. A small error of Mother Nature made it end below the elbow. She smiled as she moved it to his lips, obviously charmed. There was no forearm since birth, which gave her coping the natural ease of never having known otherwise. The ease was her own ease though, quite in contrast with how most people looked at her. She’d been teased as a child, virtually every day, and her never hiding it still got her the daily amount of stares and lame remarks. But she couldn’t bother, and she’d happily do without anyone who found half a missing arm a problem.

“I’ve never seen anyone find it so attractive,” she whispered, humming with pleasure.
“Your little arm is irresistable, like everything about you,” he replied with a wink.

Her new boyfriend didn’t find it a problem. Actually, he found her terribly sexy for it. Technically, that made him a devotee as well, like the rather shady people in that documentary. Neither he nor she ever used that word though, simply because it didn’t feel appropriate. Although he’d confessed being attracted to it on their first date, it’d had nothing to do with a second date following, and now this third.
He’d never felt it with a girl, that totally being sure she was the one. He’d told her, at that second date. At the risk of being found pushy or exaggerating. But in stead of what he’d feared – getting rejected – he’d heard her say the same.

“What makes it then for you?”
“It’s cute, sweet.”
“Glad you agree,” she smiled.
“And I find it intriguing.”

Confessing his amorous feelings for her and seeing her confirm them had landed them in bed, grinning with anticipation while assuring one another they never landed there on a second date. Their hunger had been so overwhelming it’d truly surprised them both. And they’d hardly call themselves prude, they’d actually really never done this on a second date.
Much to their joy it’d ignited even more passion. Not every character click is necessarily matched by a sexual one, but theirs definitely was, and they’d both been quick and open to confirm they quite adored the other’s making love. As well as the body it was done with. She’d already found him a hunk at their first date, clothes off had only made her find it more. And every look of him at her left no doubt it was mutual.
So, all in all, she was on top of the world with a guy who was as well. And who sweetly worshipped her little arm as part of a whole body he worshipped.
It was naked now, like his. As it was becoming a pleasant habit when they were together.

“Yeah. I always wonder how it feels for you to have no hand there.”
“It feels like it does. I’ve never had it,” she replied, smiling at his curiosity.
“That’s part of what intruiges me,” he smiled back, stroking and licking the rounded ending below her elbow. “Does it feel like something’s missing?”
“I’m not missing anything, sweety. And it feels nice, sensuous…”
“But you know you’re missing half your arm…”
“Exactly yes: I know. But it doesn’t feel to me as missing. How should I miss something I never had?”
“So you never long for it?”
“O, I could, sure. But what’s the use of feeling bad about things you can’t change?”
“Wasn’t implying you should, sweety. I think you’re perfect.”
“Then why the heck should I long?”
“Just wondering if you ever did. But the answer is no, and that’s good.”

She just smiled. This world implicitly assumed everyone to have two hands. Not meeting that assumption meant being looked at. Happily, most of this looking was innocent curiosity, but she was always struck by what it implied: that everyone expected her to be missing something. Because she wasn’t. She was aware of being different alright, but that was not the same as missing what made her different. Her little arm had always been there. It was as much a natural part of her as anything. She’d grown up with it, and handling the obvious limitations was a self-evident part of her system, a system that’d never known otherwise.

“I often feel others find it a big thing. And it isn’t for me.”
He smiled, listening to her.
“I simply never think about it,” she continued. “Except when good looking guys nibble me there…”
“Is it sensitive?”
“It is when you nibble. And maybe a little more because you find it so intriguing,” she added. “Makes me feel special.”
“You are special,” he smiled. “But that’s for having it and for being so relaxed about it. And a lot more too…”
“Mmm, I’m listening…” she hummed, smiling curiously. “What makes me so relaxed for you then?”
“How shall I say,” he replied, pondering his words. “You’re not excluding it from anything. Does that make sense?”
“I know what you mean, yes. But for me it’s perfectly normal to?”
“Yeah, maybe I tend to forget that. It’s not that easy to envision your side.”
“You’re not the only one,” she smiled. “But for me it’s like any other part of my body. Just a part not everyone happens to have.”
“I like how you said that,” he smiled.
“Said what?”
“You call it ‘having’…”
“I do, yes.”
“That means you’re defining it from the perspective of what is, not from what isn’t.”
It made her giggle.
“Nothing, but I find it funny how you’re being so philosophical about something I never think about. Well, hardly.”
“I’m just being curious,” he smiled, somewhat shy now.
“And I’m fine with that, really. Much better then seeing you avoid it,” she reassured him with a kiss on the cheek.
“Glad to hear.”
“And it is a little more touchy, I admit. Because I always get stared at. But as an awareness or sensation it’s perfectly normal for me to have one little arm.”
“Yeah, makes sense,” he smiled.
“Good, good. It’s pretty hard to change, you know,” she winked.
“As if you would want to?”
“It’s handy no doubt,” she chuckled. “But I’ll take what I was dealt with.”
“And you never use a prosthetic arm?”
“I have one, but I never use it. It feels unnatural.”
“Glad you don’t. Natural looks much nicer.”

She smiled again, feeling good about how this subject was broached. It was bound to come up, as she always felt it should come up with a new boyfriend. She was a little different after all, and she didn’t want it to be denied or avoided. Once it’d been on the table though, she also wanted it to be treated as normal. She’d never felt disabled; the word wouldn’t even come to her mind.

“And I want you to enjoy it. Don’t feel like it’s a taboo or something, okay?”
“That makes sense too.”
“And you mentioned me not excluding it from anything earlier… I want you to do the same.”
“Meaning I want you to feel free with it. To use what makes it special… not exclude it from sensuality, or from sexuality for that matter.”
“Hmm, now I’m listening… go on?”
“Well, I could tell you… I could also show you…” she replied with a naughty smile.
“Hmm, could you?”
She nodded slowly. “Want me to…?”
“O yes…”

There was no hand to touch with, nor fingers. But the bit of arm below her elbow was quite capable of active touching. As she was quite willing to make it touch. Innocently at first, but her moving down was without hesitation.
A naughty grin when she started stroking along the length, and it became broad as she saw it increase. She went between his thighs, fondling his balls and now using her good hand to further work on his excitement. A few quick jerks, combined with letting her stump stroke under his balls up his inner thighs. An appreciating hum when first precum made his cockhead glisten, and the sound of her jerking become wetter.
She moved her stump towards it, lubricating it with the fluids of his arousal. It made stroking with her little arm quite a bit more exciting, and it was clear he was enjoying it big time.

“Looks like you’re happy to see me do this,” she grinned, admiring the effect on his erection.
“It’s hot to watch and it’s even hotter to feel,” he winked.
“It’s hot for me too,” she winked back.
“And you said I should be free…?”
“I did, yes. So tell me,” she replied, looking curious.
“I don’t know if you can do it…”
“Then let’s find out? Go on, just tell me.”
“Okay… um… can you jerk with your little arm?”
“Sure I can. What makes you think I can’t then?” she giggled, already on her way to do what he asked.
“My precum making your little arm slippery?” he replied, frowning teasingly.
“Mmm, maybe,” she grinned. “And that’s not going to become less.”
“Not really, no. I’m close to making it a lot more even,” he grinned back.
“Without the ‘pre’ too?” she asked, clenching her little arm around his cock as hard as she could.

If she held the inner of her elbow against his cock and flexed the small end, there was just enough stump to bring it off. He was right though: things getting more slippery weren’t making this easier. His hefty responses were also making it more exciting however, a lot even. Seeing him enjoy this so overtly made her feel special, as it made her quite sure her little arm was never going to be in the way of whatever was to become with this cutie.

“I’d count on it,” he admitted without any shame.
“Who needs a hand to make a guy spurt,” she giggled, licking her lips as she continued jerking.
“You’d have to jerk me off with yours to tell the difference,” he winked.
“That’s for next time, baby. Now I’ll make you cum my special way.”
“And I can’t tell you how hot it is. And intriguing of course…”
“Philosophical too?”
“I’m very rarely philosophical when I’m about to orgasm.”
“Good,” she whispered. “Don’t think now, enjoy the intriguing.”
“Without taboo eh?” he groaned.
“Yeah, find it horny.”
“I am…”
“Makes me wet too…”

She spread her legs to show him. And what she loved about this guy was that he never hesitated when being offered. Seconds later he was playing with her swollen cuntlips, letting her feel how much truth there was in what she’d just said. It made things more slippery, now two way. Their breathing became heavier, fast. And there was no doubt he was about to come very hard on this special treatment of hers.

“I’m glad I asked then,” he replied, groaning deep.

She used the tip of her tongue for the final. And a bit of tickling his balls with her good hand. But otherwise it was her little arm doing the job. Effectively too. His deep groan was followed by him holding his breath and tensing. And then he surrendered, gasping with excitement when he watched his exploding cock cover her sexy little arm with cum. She squealed with joy, beaming and undulating in the rhythm of his hips, trembling to support the violent spurting of his load.

She allowed him time to return, stroking gently and taking care not to touch where she knew him to be very sensitive when he’d just orgasmed. In that respect she was already getting to know him well, which wasn’t too bad at a third date.
There were also many more to come, she knew now. If there’d ever been doubts at all regarding her little arm, they were now totally gone. And that made her be even a little more on top of the world, with a tingling realization this could go on for quite a while.

“Next time no more asking, okay?” she winked.

He nodded and grinned. Then he kissed her with sensuous passion, and made her stretch out on her back. “Your turn now,” he whispered.
She closed her eyes and allowed it to be hers.
Quite willingly.


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