The Heather Diary (4)

The past two months have been very interesting! And as I sit back and evaluate all the craziness I think ‘holy fuck’, I have an amazing life.

Now trust me, I am not one to wear rose coloured glasses. I am always first to burst out cynicism or a smart assed remark. But I think that’s one of the things that gets me through my days; good and rough. For instance, just the other day when I was vacuuming I was jolted back by a sharp tug on my leg. I looked down and saw that the cord had wrapped around the exposed metal of my prosthetic at what would be considered my ankle. It was wound so tightly that I had to actually sit down on the floor, remove my prosthetic and untangle the 25ft of cord. Jesus fuck I felt like Bruno the hound dog wrapped around a fire hydrant. I had to laugh.

All week long Ive been working outside slugging 8 yards of mulch and digging out gardens; you know, to make the property I manage look pretty. And then I noticed cars were driving by very slowly, faces staring out their windows. I thought to myself: wow, this landscaping must look great. Look at all the attention it’s getting. So I would smile back and give a wave thinking these people were so nice…. Until I realized these freakin rubberneckers were gawking at me like I was some kind of tragic car accident. As if they’d never seen a person with one leg doing heavy manual labour before. I should have worn a sign that read ‘$10 PER STARE’. But the amazing thing is that less than a year ago I had two legs and couldn’t do as much work as I can now. It’s crazy !!

Just tonight I was getting into bed and said: “Im going to take my leg off”. My partner laughed and remarked: “You don’t hear that often”, and then pulled me down and made passionate love to me. It’s so amazing that I can still be sexy and a great lover even though I’m down a limb; for leverage πŸ˜‰

Life is so interesting and amazing as an amputee. Of course there are challenges but everybody has challenges. And they’re all relative to each of us. My challenge just happens to be I look like a cyborg. But that makes me unique and I like it !


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