Story – Porna queen (2) – Daring to dance

“Greg darling?”
“Yes , honey?”
“How are we going to make the best of today?”

If Sandra said ‘Greg darling’, she had something in mind. And usually it was things he liked.

“Well, yesterday was a pretty great start, I think?” he replied, smiling suggestively.
“Bet you liked it, yeah,” she winked.
“Two chicks sexing in the shower, that’s a guy’s dream.”
“I was referring to Annika’s solo shoots…”
“Ah yes. Well, those were great too. But your little lesbian show with her was more. That was memorable.”
“You found her fucking hot, admit it,” Sandra grinned.
“I did. For sure I did. But Annika wasn’t the only hottie in the shower…”
“Mmm, so you liked it, your very own girl going lez?” she grinned teasingly.
“Sexy, you liking girls too is one of the things that make you so hot,” Greg grinned, kissing her and pushing himself against her nakedness.

Sandra responded instantly, humming when she felt his morning erection against her tummy. It didn’t mean he wanted to have sex, not necessarily, but it told her she was the woman he desired. After ten years, it was still there every day. And it felt wonderful.

They were never shy to be open about the things that aroused them, which was safely convenient as well as thrilling. There was a lot of nudity and explicit scening involved in her business, and with Greg being one of the guys doing the camera work, full disclosure was a sensible thing if you didn’t wish work to threaten your relationship. They were good at it too, and although their sex life didn’t really need spice, sharing their excitements about others without restraint made a perfect way to like each other even more.

Yesterday, things had gone a bit further though. It wasn’t Sandra’s habit to take part in movies herself, but their newest model had triggered her to. She’d found it simply impossible to watch Annika’s transformation from shy to gloriously open untouched, and then Annika’s saucy invitation to join her in the shower had done the rest. The Danish cutie had turned out to be as unconstrained in her bi-curiosity as Sandra was herself.
And neither of them had minded Greg to shoot what’d come of it.

“Mmm, who’s causing this magnificent boner of yours then?” Sandra teased.
“The both of you.”
“Nope,” he grinned, letting his hands have their way with her naked body. “But I’m thinking of her for sure, and of what today will bring. And you are as well…”
“Of course I am. Hence the question.”
“And you found her friggin’ hot too.”
“Would I’ve gone to shower with her if I didn’t?”
“You didn’t shower, sweety. You sexed your brains out with her.”
“I seem to remember I did, yes,” she replied, grinning naughty and playfully pinching an erection getting bigger with every word. “And I’m pretty sure you loved it.”
“Watching two chicks get off is a man’s dream. Watching two chicks with one leg get off is a dev’s dream,” he grinned broadly.
“Rather particularly too!” Sandra giggled.
“Yeah, let’s call it that,” Greg winked.

There’d been no reluctance to include their being amputees in the play, quite the opposite. It’d started as boldness triggered by the occasion, and it’d finished rather ecstatically. Letting their stumps be explicitly part of giving pleasure was a revelation they couldn’t get enough of. Beaming with excited surprise, they’d explored most every contribution a stump could be to stimulating the other’s female flesh, and they’d done it with unleashed pleasure. Being in the same boat was no doubt the reason for it, but they’d turned it into a cascade of thrills without any inhibition, giving Greg the time of his life along the way.

“It was a very important experience!” Sandra pouted.
“I’m sure it was!” Greg laughed.
“No really,” Sandra stressed. “It was my first time with a girl who’s an amputee as well. That was a great support.”
“As if you need support…”
“I don’t. But still.”
“I was teasing,” he replied, kissing her sensuously. “I know what you mean.”
“You think you do.”
“Then tell me wat you found so important,” he said, moving a hand to her stump while he asked.
“It was liberating, really liberating. Does that make sense?”
“To both be doing what you did, you mean?”
“Yes. I mean, we never exclude my stump from sexing either, but this was the two of us giving and taking. That made it very special.”
“It showed, pretty clearly too,” Greg smiled.
“Plus that using it on a woman is… um… easier,” she chuckled.
“You’re not that bad at it with a guy,” he winked.
“It’s a lot harder though.”
“Yeah, tell me!”
The double entendre didn’t go unnoticed, and it made them both laugh.
“But honest,” Sandra continued, “Making a cunny ooze all over your stump feels strangely great, and I’m sure Annika was feeling the same.”
“As I said: it showed.”
“And you got it all on camera no doubt?”
“Hell yes. This is going to be a blockbuster movie.”
If I decide to include our lesbian experience feature in that movie, darling…” Sandra grinned.
“You shouldn’t include it, sexy. You need to make it a star production of its own.”
“Hmm, do I?”
“I’d be most happy to watch it…”
“I’m sure you would be…”
“Together with you…”
“Mmm, and then convince me there are good alternatives to sexing with a chick?”
That I was actually about to do now,” Greg grinned.
“Mmm, and what makes you think I’d be in for that?”

He made his hand give the answer. By moving it between her thighs. Sandra knew he was getting his answer there, and she pushed into his touch with hunger. They still had some time before Annika and Kalle would arrive for today’s shoot. And this was the perfect way to spend it.

There was a beautiful primary excitement in how he groped her. Intending to make her wet, and nothing else. If she was in the mood for it, there was nothing she loved more. And one of the things making Greg a great lover was him always sensing her moods correctly. Like now.

She gave in with all she had. She squeezed and jerked his cock to tell him she liked what he was doing. She was sure he already knew, but it was hot to stare into his eyes and relay the message. They had some time, but not a lot, so there was a bit of pressure. The perfect pressure for a sizzling quickie.

Greg was thinking the same. He was also thinking what a great lady he’d ran into ten years ago. He hadn’t regretted a single day, and for many reasons. It was true he’d first been attracted by her leg amputation. First impressions are always about looks after all. He happened to find leg amputees extremely sexy, those with a high amputation most, and Sandra’s never hiding hers had instantly made him see she qualified to perfection in that respect.
He still did, very much too, but it wasn’t essential in what made him adore her, in what they had together. Compared to before running into Sandra, his devotee attraction had actually become totally different. He had fallen in love with the strong-willed determination this woman expressed, her positive attitude, her gutsy lack of conformism, her great sense of humour. And last but not least with her thrillingly open-minded sexuality. Not so much in the sense of being into kinky stuff – although she didn’t mind it occasionally – but once Sandra had come to totally trust him, there had been no inhibitions, reservations or taboos anymore. It was a mind-set of anything goes, a thrilling mutual trust to put it to work whenever you felt like, and his devotee attraction had found a place within it.
There was a huge difference with the past though. In stead of distant, non-personal and fetish-alike, it was now very naturally part of what excited him in this woman. And Sandra considered it part of that with similar self-evidence, and equally naturally expected the guy who loved her to include her missing leg in what he found arousing about her. Which was quite a lot, by the way.

“I just know. And I’m right,” he grinned, with a confidence Sandra loved.

He didn’t ask. Because he knew he didn’t need to. And she adored the wordless understanding it stood for. Greg read her mind, and his never being afraid to act on it made him her best match ever. They were buddies too, soul mates. He was her main support in realizing her ambitions, with passion and conviction. He found her special and extra sexy for having a leg amputation too, which made her feel at ease with it like she never had with a guy. But nothing could beat the way Greg managed to always be on her wavelength.

“You always are. That’s what makes you so hot,” Sandra whispered in reply.

She looked straight into his eyes when he entered. Hungry, greedy. Like he should. Tenderness and sensuality were glorious. But not now. Now she wanted his unleashed, primary appetite for her. His stallion lust, ignited within seconds and expressed without inhibition. Their passion for each other condensed in insisting hard cock, in dripping, wantonly clenching cunt, and brought out in a no-brakes ride with only one aim.

She forced her hand under his thrusting pelvis, looked at him when she started to use it on her clit. She could feel it was making him even harder, which made her smile. Greg was pleasantly free of male ego. He knew this was her way of keeping up with going as fast as she wanted him to go, and he loved it.

“Fuck yes, give it to me, baby,” she hissed, heaving.
“Not too fast?”
“This is glorious,” she groaned, shaking her head.
You are glorious…”
“I know, so fuck me for it,” she grinned with shameless hunger.

He did. And she let him, kneading his butt to further encourage him. Always eager to improve, they’d become good at this. Great sexing was something you needed to learn together, they both firmly found. They had, with open mind and lots of fun, and it’d been paying off for a while now. Knowing how to read the other’s every subtle sign, they had made their sexing into an art with many sides. And this was riding the fast lane likeit should be done. Grinning with unabashed excitement, they fucked like mad. It was sweaty, it was fast and it was one hefty race to release, that finished in two almost simultaneous growls, their bodies bucking out orgasmic energy and finally an exhausted but deeply content sigh.


“Mmm, this is such a great way to start the day,” Sandra grinned as she got out of bed.
“The best!” Greg agreed, observing her with a happy smile.

She was nude and not using crutches, allowing him to see her locomotion. In its own way it was effortless. Sandra was a leg amputee who wasn’t missing a leg, you could say. She was three years old when her leg was taken off, young enough to make adapting an inappropriate term. She’d grown up with it, without real recollections of ever not having been one-legged. On top of that, she’d always had a problematic relation with artificial replacements. Partly because her very high amputation didn’t make using a prosthesis easy, partly because she’d always hated the things. So, moving around with or without crutches was her standard practice, it showed in the very natural way she was used to it, and Greg found it beautiful.

“Enjoying your one-legged girl?” Sandra smiled.
“I don’t mind,” she smiled, broader now.
“Correction, you quite like it.”

It was true. And interestingly, Sandra had come to like it more and more. It’d started with fully allowing his devotee attraction, which was essentially because Greg loved her, and not her stump. He had turned out to be capable of giving his attraction the place it should have in a relationship. And once he had, Sandra was fine with it, which was since about half a year after they’d first met.

It’d been followed by many years of what Sandra now called ‘passive acceptation’, but there’d been a change since she’d started this business of hers. Dropping the initial idea with Greg had been the start of many discussions, discussions that not only convinced her to pursue her idea but that’d also made her aware she had something to learn herself. The very thing she wanted to show the world – that people with a disability can be just as sexy and sexual as anyone else – had a personal side: of finding that herself. And truly finding it was more than being fine with his attraction, she’d then concluded.

It was about two years ago now since she’d reached that conclusion. It was also about two years now that she’d made her stump an active part of flirting with and seducing Greg. Trusting the attraction of her most beloved to be sincere meant she should trust herself to play with it, and enjoy his response, she found. It was about a year and a half now that she really did, and she thoroughly enjoyed still getting better at it.

“I’m getting close to loving it,” she winked.
“You should. The more you like it, the more sexy it’s making you.”
“I know…” she replied, waving while hopping towards the bathroom. “But you made a mess of me with that wonderful fuck, so I’m gonna have a shower now.”
“Inviting me to join?”
“Sort of, yes,” she chuckled. “It might make a good place to discuss today’s shoot?”
“Inspired choice.”
“I feel inspired.”
“Also because of that wonderful fuck?” Greg teased.
“Yes!” Sandra giggled as she jumped into the shower.

Greg followed soon, smiling broadly as he watched Sandra show off her nakedness. She had what guys would call a glorious ass and a great pair of tits, and if she wouldn’t have lost one of them, she’d also have a great pair of legs. With a well shaped left leg and a high amputated right, Sandra was sheer perfection in his eyes though, and she both knew she was and wasn’t reluctant to put it to use, which Greg really loved. Sandra had never been shy with her amputation, but when with him, she was totally convinced of being more sexy for it. Her body language was showing it right now, with exciting self-confidence. And Greg was enjoying every bit.

“Shorty’s getting flabby, don’t you think?” she said with a pout, and using her stump’s nickname.
“Yeah, he’s starting to show his age,” Greg smiled.
“You weren’t taking the question as being expected to say no?” Sandra grinned.
“So it’s true?”
“Sweety, how long has your leg been amputated now?”
“Thirty-one years in four months.”
“That’s a pretty long time…”
“I know,” she smiled, lifting her stump and examining it.
“Stumps get naturally flabby, Shorty not excluded. But you’re still drop dead sexy, no worries,” Greg said as he took her in his arms.
“Honest?” she pouted.
“You’ll still be sexy as a granny with a wrinkled stump.”
Sandra giggled. “You’d have to make me a mom first for that.”
“I just gave it a try, I think?”
She pulled him close and kissed him sensuously. “You did. Damn good try too, stud of mine…”

Sandra too had many reasons for finding Greg a perfect partner, and the one she was now feeling ranked high at moments like these. His capacity to be back alive fast was pleasantly remarkable. She’d often tease him by saying it was a prerequisite for a guy whose girl worked in the erotic movie business, but deep in her heart she was very excited by what it stood for. Being desired was an elementally fulfilling feeling, she found, and a man’s erection was the 100% proof of that. It was a darn glorious thing to feel throb against her lower belly too, she found, and another important reason for finding Greg perfection was his having brought her sexuality to full openness. It took two to tango, and it was fair to say Greg had taught her how to dare to really dance. He was the guy who had made the difference between her sexual thoughts and her sexual behaviour vanish, and the very natural way he’d managed it filled her with liberated joy, every day still. Sex with Greg was feeling totally sexual, and when in the mood there was nothing greater than that.

“How late were the lovebirds going to be here again…?” Greg inquired suggestively.
“In an hour…”
“There’s breakfast and getting dressed. Anything else?”
She shook her head slowly. “Equipment is all set, right?”
“It is.”
“And you gave the other guys the day off, right?”
“Yeah, told them we could do this the two of us,” Greg replied with a seductive wet kiss.
“And how long would it take you to fuck me again, you think…?”
“As properly as time allows?” Sandra grinned.
“Well, you know I tend to take a little longer when I’ve just come.”
“That’s what makes your second fucks so good, sweety. But I’ll talk naughty to you. That usually speeds you up,” Sandra winked.
“Hmm, what sort of naughty did you have in mind then?”

He watched her just grin, lead his hand to her stump, make the muscles contract and lift an eyebrow when she felt his lightning fast response. Sandra actively teasing him with her stump was incredibly exciting, both to be feeling and as a comfirmation of his attraction being willingly accepted. Since a year and a half, she was not just okay with him finding her very special for missing a leg. Once she’d made that mental change, as she called it, Sandra wished to make her amputation sexual. She’d started to enjoy arousing him with it.
And she knew awfully well how to do it.

“Feel me up, stud boy,” she whispered, reaching behind her back to make the water start to run. “Lust for my cut off leg and fuck me wet while you’re doing it.”

She groaned deep when he did, really did. Like everything in their sex life, he did without taboo, pushing his fingers deep into the soft flesh to feel up the fleshly essence of her leg taken off. The short thigh bone, the remaining muscles, how they been stitched up long ago to form the stump that’d taken the place of her right leg, and the contractions she was making him feel to actively trigger his arousal. And a deeper groan when the excitement virtually forced him to thrust into her once more, like she wanted him to.

“Hmm, they took off your leg so excitingly high,” he whispered back without inhibition.
“You like that, eh? You pervert,” Sandra continued teasing.
“Yeah baby, that makes me rock hard for you,” he replied, kneading firmly to make her groan more.
“Argh. I know, stud. Now fuck me with it. Hard. Like I know you want to fuck your high amputated girl.”
“Standing in the shower, water all over us, horny as hell for my one-legged fuck chick.”
“Mmm yeah, do me as your one-legged fuck chick. That’s what I wanna be.”
“Yeah, my horny girl who loves to have her hot stump groped while I’m doing her.”
“Whose stump feels fucking horny now…”
“Hmm, does it? Tell me…”

They looked straight into each other’s eyes. He was feeling up her stump with unleashed lust, as he was making his near painful hardness spear her wanton wetness. This was going all out, without a trace of holding back.

“My stump feels incredibly amputated now. And I want to be amputated. For you. For me. For how fucking good you fuck me for it,” she hissed, her body thrusting back like mad. She told him what he wanted to hear. She surfed on the waves of how hard it aroused him. And she loved it, every bit.
“It makes you wet to dare say that, eh? That you want to be amputated,” Greg replied, knowing equally well how to take ‘revenge’.
“Yes. And I want you to get off on it.”
“I’m close already.”
“Told ya,” she grinned with a horny smile.
“My hot amputated fuck girl knows me well.”
“Hot and amputated or hot amputated?”
“You know the answer…”
“Mmm, I do. And it makes me ooze.”
“And squish.”
“And wanting to cum.”
“Like me.”
“Go on then,” she whispered, moving her hand to her clit. “And keep groping my stump. I wanna feel how much you like my leg to be off when I’m cumming.”
“So much that I’ll fill your horny cunny for it.”
“Only for that?”
“Yeah, right now only for that.”
“Do it then…”

Their silence was only broken by the gurgling sound of the shower. And despite their very recent quickie, it didn’t take very long. The excitement over daring to take this all the way was just too overwhelming. It was as intense as it was liberating. It was a man’s attraction blending in with a woman’s sexual thoughts now uninhibitedly being sexual reality. It was a perfect demonstration of how they dared to dance.

In the kitchen, an iPhone bleeped to announce a text message. Half an hour, then Annika and Kalle would be showing up. Looking forward, as Annika’d put it. In the shower, a dance came to an end. With two passionate groans of release, resounding as far as the kitchen.


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