The floor to others – Monica

My next interview is with Monica, and she’s the first female devotee I managed to seduce into being interviewed for this blog. She’s in her 30’s, single and enjoying it, and she likes to date both men and women. Monica grew up in Texas and still resides there today, and it’s also where her fascination for amputees began many years ago. She confesses to still be a bit shy with her attraction and she’s really excited to do this interview and see what feedback comes from it.

When and how did you discover your attraction to amputees?
“When I was younger I would go stay with my grandmother for several weeks during the summer. She had a lady in her early 40’s that lived next door that she was friends with, and being that they were both widowed, they always helped each other out and did things together.
One summer when I was 12 or 13, I went to visit and discovered that my grandmothers friend had lost a leg above the knee due to a circulation problem. So during the day while my grandmother was away for work, I would go and help Mrs York to do some daily tasks. I would help her get ready in the morning, go shopping with her, help her carry things and we even would go to the pool to help her build up strenght for her recovery therapy. She even let me feel her leg stump while she moved it around, and well, that started the whole fascination for me. I bet I must have asked her a ton of questions and was always watching how she adapted to doing everyday things.
After I went back home, I found myself thinking about her and reliving some of the things we did and how she seemed to not be to bothered by being an amputee. As I got older and continued to visit my grandmother and go spend time with Mrs York, this just drove my fascination to start taking notice of amputees and how they would get along in the normal world.”

What did discovering it do to you?
“I was a bit confused and thought I was weird for being attracted to amputees. I also thought that I was the only person in the world that had these thoughts and likes.”

How do you feel about that now?
“I’ve really always been comfortable with my attraction, and I don’t have any conflict with dating a person with a disability. The way I look at it is there are people out there that are totally repulsed by a disabled person and they can’t deal with the attention it brings. Married couples have divorced over this and people have lost friends after becoming disabled, so I’m just making the odds a bit more even for those who are not like the rest of us.”

Can you describe your preferences?
“Well my preference is mainly amputee women and a couple cute amp men!!”

So your devotee attraction is stronger with women? How does this differ for you?
“I’ve always been fond of the female amputee because of my encounters with one in my younger years. They seem to be more discreet with their amputation and less revealing than men. This helps with the couriosity of the devotee, to leave you wondering what is under that shirt sleeve or inside that empty pant leg. Plus I find a bit of my attraction falls in line with the sence of helplessness a woman can portray, whereas men always seem to come off strong and independent, not wanting the help of others. This has always been a part of my devoteeism and I wonder if it’s that way for other devotees?”

Have they always been the same?
“I change from time to time on what I like and or fantasize about, like it may be a single amputee or a double or more; it just depends.”

Can you describe where the attraction is in for you in the various preferences?
“I think I answered this question with the previous guestions answer… :)”

Does anyone in real life know you’re a devotee?
“I have told two people: one is my best girl friend and the other is this guy I’ve dated off and on for many years, in which he is a bit of a devotee also.”

How do you enjoy your attraction to amputees?
“Well it is all just fantasy at this point, until I find someone to date, I guess. What I mean is I’m not out searching these people out like some devotees. I’m just fine with keeping it in my thoughts for now.”

As far as you’re able to tell, would you say the female way of enjoying this attraction differs from how men do?
“I think it’s really about the same for each sex, but how we release our desires is going to be different for each individual. I’m not even going to touch on that subject! :)”

Do you feel you can have a relationship with people who are not amputees?
“Yes I do. Sure it is an attraction of sorts and I do fantiasize about it from time to time, but reality is that there is a low chance that I could actually find and date a person within my liking that meets up to what I want in a relationship. Heck, I have enough trouble finding those qualities in the average population! :)”

And as long as you’re not dating, how do you enjoy the attraction?
“I like the to use the aspect of being bound sometimes, it gives me the pleasure of not being able to perform normally or at least perform with limited abilities. So if my partner can share the binding sensation with me then it all works out perfectly for me and none is the wiser. Otherwise if I’m alone I tend to do as most and explore the web and look into blogs and see what other devotees are finding.”

What’s your view on how devoteeism is being ‘practiced’ on the internet?
“I think it’s wonderful. It gives us an outlet to learn more about our attractions when we are unsure of our feelings, and it gives us some release for our bottled up fantasies.”

How about the bad guys?
“They really make things hard for the rest of us, because so many amputees shut down to the whole idea of devotees after they encounter one bad seed. I totally understand cause I have heard some really bad stories from a few female amputees that have shut down completely to men and are very picky when it comes to women. The idea of the attraction to me is great to a certain level and if one person is feeling uncomfortable then things have not progressed appropriately. If these agressive devotees could understand that, they might get further with the amputee they are communicating with instead of being blocked all the time. Nobody likes an over aggressive, pushy person. Just ask yourself how you would feel in that situation.”

How do you ‘participate’ in it?
“I like to read blogs and stories, I enjoy watching and sharing videos along with chatting with other casual devotees.”

Are you in regular touch with other devotees? If so, how?
“I would have to say yes, mainly though chat rooms, blog sites and some video sharing sites.”

Are you in regular touch with amputees?
“I wish! No, I had a couple on Facebook but they ended up deleting the friendship. When I asked why, I was told because of the pushy over aggressive devotees scared them away from entertaining devoteeism.”

If you could give devotees some advice, what would it be?
“Stop being so damn aggressive with the attraction, cause you’re scaring them off and making the rest of us look like a bunch of creeps!!”

And finally, is there anything I didn’t ask that you would have loved to tell?
“Not at this moment, but if I think of anything I will let you know XOXO.”


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