The Heather Diary (5)

As my foot became septic and in need of removing before the rest of my body shut down, I had no idea what my life would be like. Only that I would walk again with a fake leg. And at that time I had a good social life and I feared it would disappear with recovery and being in a wheelchair.
However, I moved around with a walker almost immediately to gain independence and dignity. And so, going out with friends and carrying on at my local watering hole continued, but I must add that the first time I did return to the pub, I got locked in the bathroom unable to get out. So I called my husband using my cell phone from inside the “wheelchair” stall to help. And quickly he came to my rescue; laughing of course!

Getting out and socializing seems to be more fun now than before. I don’t know if it’s because I’m trying to have as much fun as I can now that my life expectancy has decreased, or I just find people more amusing now and take life much more lightheartedly. Nonetheless I have a lot of fun meeting new people now and chatting them up. And people usually hear me singing very loudly along with the music trivia tunes.

It has come to the point now that mingling within a large group of people who have come together for some stress release and fun are the most comfortable lads and lassies to hang out with. In fact the other night while I was out with friends and my husband, he decided to take my leg off and hold it over the table. The look of horror fell across the faces of all in the pub, and silence deadened the room. And out from across the room to our left a voice cried out “Drink from it!!“… and everyone broke out laughing. And yes, my girlfriend reddened Ed’s cheek by giving him a smack across the face for stealing it; which too got a roar from all the patrons.
What a night!

So you see, I’ve never really had lemons. I’ve been making lemonade from the beginning.


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