The floor to others – Emily Yates

My next interview is with Emily Yates, who presented the BBC3 documentary ‘Meet the devotees‘. Calling her a journalist would not do justice to the many things this young lady does though. Emily is 24, she’s a freelance professional writer who – next to her work for the BBC – works as a travel writer for Lonely Planet,… Continue reading The floor to others – Emily Yates

The Alicia Diary (4)

Amputee Mentoring During the last year I’ve really tried my hardest to overcome my conflicting feelings about my amputation. I’ve made amputee and Dev friends, joined an amputee support group, started writing again about it, and yet I still struggle. An opportunity arose in my support group with the Amputee Coalition to train to become… Continue reading The Alicia Diary (4)

Story – Cougar

“So you’ll be here around what time?” Squeezing her iPhone unconsciously, Petra smiled as she listened to his answer. ‘His’ was Julian’s, an angelic looking student twenty years younger than herself, and nevertheless her lover of two months to the day today. “Mmm, that’s earlier than I’d hoped. And I like it…” A hand played… Continue reading Story – Cougar

Story – Porna Queen (3) – Word of mouth

“So word of mouth,” Sandra smiled. It wasn’t easy to hide her joy. This new candidate was the first to contact her through recommendation by a model Sandra had worked with, which was business wise promising. It was also Sandra’s idea receiving first signs of recognition, which pleased even more. There were lots of model agencies for… Continue reading Story – Porna Queen (3) – Word of mouth