Story – Juicy Janet

“Can I say I love your leggings…?” “You can. And I figured you might like ‘em,” she smiled. “So there was a plan behind wearing them today?” “Well, let’s say I had an idea what this rendezvous would be about, Tim,” she replied confidently. “And since I have no problem with that, I don’t tend… Continue reading Story – Juicy Janet

Story – Polish pleasures (6) – Senses

“My stump is becoming wrinkled. Maybe I should have her lifted?” she chuckled. He grinned at her, but didn’t stop his second favourite way to make her purr like a kitten. And hers. With number one being pretty obvious, massaging her stump followed at a close distance that was still getting closer. Both his feeling… Continue reading Story – Polish pleasures (6) – Senses

Story – Porna queen (4) – Recruitment

“Annika, so nice to meet you. I’m Francesca.” “Same for me, and I’m Irina.” “Nice to meet you too!” “And welcome, ladies,” Sandra smiled. “Please make yourself comfortable. As you can see, we already did.” The weather was bright sunny, and the garden at Greg’s and Sandra’s was discretely secluded. If they wouldn’t be having… Continue reading Story – Porna queen (4) – Recruitment

Story – Last train

  “So you’re telling me I just missed the last train?” He nodded. “Yup.” “And is there a hotel anyway near?” He shook his head. “We’re happy there’s still a train stopping here, but that’s about it.” “Anything at all that would do for a place to sleep?” she asked, looking at him with a… Continue reading Story – Last train