Story – Porna queen (4) – Recruitment

“Annika, so nice to meet you. I’m Francesca.”
“Same for me, and I’m Irina.”
“Nice to meet you too!”
“And welcome, ladies,” Sandra smiled. “Please make yourself comfortable. As you can see, we already did.”

The weather was bright sunny, and the garden at Greg’s and Sandra’s was discretely secluded. If they wouldn’t be having this meeting with two new model candidates, Sandra and Annika would no doubt be naked. For a first live encounter this would be too forward though, even for one aimed at recruiting two women to feature in videos that would not exactly avoid nudity.

“And what a great idea to let us meet one of your models, Sandra!” Francesca smiled.
“I love to let them speak for me,” Sandra replied.
“It’s the way to recruit new ones, she thinks. So there’s pressure on me!” Annika winked.

The chuckling helped to make everyone feel relaxed, including the guests feeling a little overdressed because their hostesses were both in bikini, the decent compromise between enjoying the beautiful weather and wishing to openly show their amputation.

Sandra’s erotic modelling business aimed at acceptance and appreciation of amputee beauty, and she practised what she preached. Annika was one of her models, who had seen her posing be a great help in getting to terms with having lost a leg fairly recently. She was among the most shy at her first shoot, now she was as comfortable with showing her stump as ‘veteran’ Sandra, who lost her leg at age three and had been one-legged virtually all her life.

“Please grab a seat, girls,” Sandra smiled. “And there’s cool fresh fruit juice or ice water, whatever you prefer.”
“That juice looks yummy,” Irinia said.
“I’ll go for the water.”
“Coming up!” Sandra said, hopping over to the other table end, where the carafes and glasses were in the shadow.

In bikini, it prominently showed her hip high amputated right leg, but it was intended to, and help put her guests at ease. From preceding email and Skype contact, Sandra already knew of Francesca being a left below the knee and Irina a shoulder high right arm amputee, she was always keen on inviting potential models to feel free, and the best way to do it was to feel free herself.

Happily, Irina already did, wearing a tank top with her jeans mini skirt that hid nothing of her right shoulder ending in a very short stump. And while Francesca was wearing a prosthesis, she was also wearing hot pants, her prosthetic leg had no cosmetic cover, and she looked like she was already about to take it off.

“Mmm, are all your interviews this relaxed?” Irina inquired as she sipped her juice. “I sort of expected a serious business office, and look where I landed.”
“I do have one,” Sandra replied. “But this is how I like my business to be: both serious and relaxing and fun.”
“Sounds wonderful to me. But let me get rid of something first,” Francesca smiled.

The others were watching when she started to take off her prosthesis, but in a way that felt good. Their type of loss might differ, essentially they were all in the same boat, and it made Francesca want to join in on this relaxed openness.

“This is much better,” she said, smilingly stretching her leg and bending the knee to show how her case of being one-legged looked.
“Cute stumpy, eh? Don’t you think?” Irina grinned.
“Agree, and so is yours,” Sandra smiled.
“So we’ve all learned to love her, our stump?” Francesca asked.

This sounded good, Sandra thought. The aim of this recruitment interview was not just to see people say yes. She preferred models who gave the why of their posing a thought, and doing it from a positive self-image was important in her view.

“I can’t really remember not having an amputation, so I love mine pretty naturally,” Sandra was happy to get this talk going.
“I took almost ten years before I could look in a mirror and not feel my stomach twist. But now I’m at peace with my short arm,” Irina came next. “I can even find it sweet.”
“I’m a freshman compared to you all,” Annika smiled. “Making good progress though.”
“I’d say you look a confident and happy one-legged, Annika. And a sexy one,” Francesca said.
“That’s what I’ve always told her,” Sandra winked.
“Don’t blush, darling. They’re both right, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” IIrina chuckled.
“And how about the lady raising the question?” Annika replied.

Being a little shy, she no doubt said it to try and divert the attention on her. Both Sandra and Irina knew however that Francesca’s being one-legged had a rather unusual cause.

“I asked for my leg to be taken off, Annika. I was five months pregnant when they discovered a tumor in my foot. It could only be treated with a chemo my baby would not survive, and I myself would very likely not survive not doing the chemo until I’d have given birth. So I gave up my leg to give life to my daughter. Her name is Jayden, which means thankful, she’s nineteen now, and she’s the reason I can always smile when seeing my stump.”
“Wow, I don’t know what to say…”
“I did what every mother-to-be would do,” Francesca smiled.
“Must have made it easier to accept the amputation?”
“The amputation was what had to be done, very strongly so. My instincts demanded it, so I’ve never had acceptance issues, and I’ve never once regretted I had my leg taken off.”
“There’s a lot to learn from that, I think,” Sandra said.
“How do you mean?” Irina asked.
“Francesca made the choice to be amputated. Not that she felt she had one, but she made it one, so strongly in her case that she has never felt the amputation as a loss.”
“I think I see where you’re getting at…” Irina said pensively. “If we’d all have a reason so convincing, we’d not be struggling with acceptance either, right?”
“Or much less so,” Sandra responded.
“And the reason would only need to work,” Annika said
“Good thinking, girl!” Sandra smiled.
“Fill me in please!” Irina asked, smiling curiously.
“Well, saving your baby is a very compelling extra reason,” Sandra explained. “But Francesca’s second reason is also a compelling one without the mother aspect. She wanted to live, Irina, man’s most essential urge, and did you. And for that to remain possible in your case, you could say you decided to have your arm amputated. It’s a thought construct of course, but what matters is that it makes the amputation an active choice of your own.”
“In stead of a fate you passively seek to make peace with,” Annika filled in.
“Exactly,” Sandra smiled.
“And how would that be for you?” Irina asked.
“Mine is more nebulous maybe, but I still made it work.”
“We’re all ears,” Francesca smiled.
“After that truck had run over my leg, the alternative was to either have a totally ravaged full leg or a half ravaged half one. Both would leave me with lots of pain and I’d be forever unable to properly walk. So I made my thoughts decide I wished to have my leg taken off completely, to be forever free of pain and to walk better with crutches than I’d ever be able to with a crippled leg.”
“And it works?” Irina asked.
“Does she look like it’s not?” Annika replied with a broad grin.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Irina chuckled.
“And I’ll take it as a compliment,” Sandra said, lifting an eyebrow.

She was also very much enjoying this talk. Not only were these potential models fully at ease, this very relaxed addressing of things every amputee struggled with would surely contribute to their saying yes, and for the right reasons.

Lately, she’d had a few interviews with models who seemed driven mainly by financial motives, basically taking the modelling into the bargain. And Sandra wanted models who were proud to show they were amputees, and seeing the money as coming in nicely with something they wished to do anyway.
A mere one year ago, she was still unable to afford this position. Her ideals were the principal drive alright, there was a business to run too, since this was their only source of income. But then the business boosted sales wise, and the way she’d always hoped for. Large distributors of quality erotic movies on the internet started taking her productions in portfolio, giving amputee beauty access to the full market of quality buyers, along the way presenting her with more new models than her business could handle.

Since then, her reputation allowed her to select, with the financial means to be able to say no, and thus stick to what were now ideals that could be made reality. Russian Irina and Italian Francesca illustrated how far her reputation meanwhile reached, they were also the proof of her ideals receiving wide acclaim, and there were only two things that could make Sandra smile broader: her soul mate, passionate lover and business partner Greg, and the slightly shy but incredibly sexy young blonde sitting next to her, who she playfully called her bisexual sin.

“And you, sexy one?” Irina asked Annika.
“Sandra and I have talked about this a lot already, and I use what she just explained to you, with Greg assisting my fragile ego,” Annika smiled.
“Your increasingly less fragile ego, I’d say,” Sandra winked.
“Meaning it works,” Francesca added.
“Meaning I’m happier than I ever thought I’d be a year ago,” Annika smiled.
“And which brings us to the next subject, maybe?” Sandra said, observing the candidates.
“I think it does, yes,” Francesca replied, noting Sandra’s hesitation to steer this nice talk into more formal aspects.

The aim of this visit was to help her – and Irina – decide if she was officially going to model for Sandra’s business. Francesca was far from camera shy and had posed many times already, but never explicitly as an amputee and never as nude as Sandra no doubt had in mind. Francesca had been assured it was her and only her deciding how far she’d wish to go, she knew what Sandra’s productions sought to express, and respecting that by saying yes – which she felt she should if she did – would mean considerably more than the topless foto shoots she had done.

The young lady requesting her nudity was not only ambitious and talented though. This talk so far, as well as earlier chats over Skype, showed there was serious thinking behind her open-minded views on sexuality, as well as a genuine concern to make her models feel confident with their body before making them take their clothes off in front of a camera. Francesca herself had never felt ashamed of what she had insisted to have done, but she knew enough amputees whose self-esteem had been a struggle, often for many years and often the very years they should be blooming and enjoying the pleasures of being a woman, rather than thinking they’d no longer be desirable and see it depress them.

This Sandra however was making her Porna Queen Productions shoot videos featuring amputees as desirable sexual beings, unafraid to let whatever they were missing be part of their attractiveness. She’d seen a couple, and they weren’t particularly hiding. They were also very good, with plausible story lines, charactered women, real and realistic sex, and a tasteful bit of artistic ambition that was never overdone. And the more Francesca thought about it, the more she felt the thought of consenting to do one herself tickle.

“Most of your models are leg amputees, right?” Irina asking awoke Francesca from her musings.
“Yes,” Sandra replied. “But not because they’d sell better. Arm amputees are much harder to find, but their videos are flying off the shelf.”
“Sounds like there would be a market for you, dear,” Francesca grinned.
“Just checking,” Irina said. “Stripping butt naked only to end up on sale is bad for my fragile ego.”
“Another one?” Annika winked.
“Um… just checking too, Sandra: how’s the market for one and a half legged Italians in their forties?”

The chuckles now turned to giggles and laughter. This was meant to be the serious part, but everyone was making it the good fun Sandra’s business wished modelling to be. Sandra had an honest answer to give however, and she did.

“Francesca, it’s fair to say below the knee amputees are less popular, but I’m pretty sure a raven black Italian beauty with a sexy stump like yours will have no trouble selling.”
“And without a trace of gray in all that black hair of hers!” Irina added with a suggestive grin.
“Hmm, sounds to me you know more than we do, Irina,” Annika replied.
“O, she does,” Francesca wasn’t shy to admit.
“Um… as in really does?” Annika asked, now distinctly curious.
“Annika. I’m happily married and I have been for over twenty years, and Irina and I have been lovers for five, occasionally only but with full consent of our husbands. So yes, I’d say she knows the colour of my hair, at least as well as my husband does and in any way you’re free to imagine,” Francesca said looking down at her hot pants with a subtle smile.
This was new to Sandra, but it instantly gave her an idea. “Um… does this mean you would not deem doing a video together impossible…if you would decide to model?”
“I’d say it does, yes.”
“I would definitely increase your sales, Franny…” Irina teased.
“As I’ll make sure that you will, girl,” Francesca winked.
“As Sandra would be off a certain hook, and so would I,” Annika giggled.

The frowns this caused were jointly explained by the hostesses. That Annika’s debut in front of the camera had aroused Sandra enough to let their subsequent showering together get a bit out of hand. Which had been shot on video by one Greg, who’d since then ‘threatened’ to start selling it if Sandra would not succeed in seducing two other women to feature in ‘something equally sizzling hot’, as Greg called it and Annika was visibly enjoying to quote him on.

“Aha, so we have a conflict of interest!” Francesca grinned.
“Do we, Franny?” Irina replied, lifting an eyebrow while taking off her tank top. “I’d say we have four sexy bi-women gathered in a carefully well secluded garden. And two of them are overdressed, including you.”
“How about we’re all overdressed?” Sandra said, already reaching behind her back.

The bikinis were off fast, but the guests didn’t need much longer. And for all four, this was the expression of how they’d always wish to feel free. They all knew how every day life treated them, from sneaky stares to bluntly disrespectful freak interest. They’d all learned to not be bothered by it, just as they all knew you were never really, really not bothered. Happily, they all had a beloved one who was supportive, understanding and not minding their physical incompleteness, in Sandra’s case even finding it beautiful and sexy. But this was four women in the same boat enjoying the positive energy this gathering was giving them, and using it to let their bodies be admired without any of the second thoughts they all knew they had. It required a women-only setting for this free atmosphere to have any chance to emerge, which they didn’t bother to discuss because they all knew. They simply enjoyed it knowing everyone else would too, without a word being needed.

“I can see now what Irina meant, Francesca,” Sandra winked.
“Yeah, I’ve long given up trying to keep it in control, dear,” Francesca smiled, confidently showing it wasn’t just her head having a lot of black hair.
“If I’d not be blonde, I’d have it like you, Francesca,” Annika said.
“Agree, Annika. Bushy looks best with dark hair. And you’re young enough to make a girly cunny look good on you,” Irina said, eyeing Annika’s clean shaved inner thighs.
“I bet she’s less innocent than that,” Francesca chuckled.
“I think you’re right, Franny, and wouldn’t you agree we should be allowed a view of this famous footage Greg shot?”
“I definitely would, Irishka.”

Sandra grinned. She knew this was coming, as she knew Annika had not just casually mentioned this video coverage of their first sexual encounter. There’d been many more sexual adventures since then, but Annika had always found it her revelation experience, Sandra knew, as she was convinced Annika wanted it to inspire these two now almost certainly new models.

“You have any idea where you have it, dear?” Annika asked innocently.
“If we’re to believe Greg, she’ll no doubt have it well stashed,” Irina chuckled.
“O, Sandra’s very methodical, Irina. She’d make an excellent archivist, you know,” Annika winked.
“Hmm, I’m not so sure if that’s a compliment,” Sandra chuckled.
“Well, you can always pretend you need time to find it, dear. Then we’ll pretend we believe you,” Francesca winked.
“As long as…”
“I got it, Irina…” Sandra interrupted her, grinning and already getting up.

Not surprisingly for someone owning Porna Queen Productions, Sandra’s living had a huge HD television, with an equally huge couch opposite it to comfortably watch whatever the screen would show. And while Sandra was pretending she needed time to fetch the famous dvd from a systematically categorised drawer containing every production PQP had done so far, the two models-to-be had made Annika sit between them, snuggled up close, far from shy to enjoy her nude sexiness and examining her stump with unladen curiosity.

“Did she settle meanwhile? No more shape changing?” Irina asked.
“Yeah, I think she’s done shrinking now,” Annika said.
“Mine took about a year too,” Irina said, lifting the short arm stump and feeling it.
“You use a prosthetic arm?”
“I have one, but it’s cosmetic only. And since I can’t do anything with it, I hardly ever wear it.”
“You don’t need cosmetics, Irina,” Annika smiled.
“I agree!” Francesca added.
“Well, it took me a couple of years, but meanwhile I do too,” Irina replied, waving and twitching her stump with a broad smile. “And how about you?”
“I don’t believe in cosmetics either, but I do believe in practical,” Annika smiled. “So I have a C-leg, plus one of these blade legs for running.”
“You run then?”
“I used to before my amputation, a lot, and I wasn’t an all that bad mid-distance athlete then. Now I’m the best of my track club, but that’s for lack of competitors with one leg,” Annika chuckled.
“Great that you continued!” Francesca said.
“I didn’t see a reason not too. And these blade legs are really cool.”
“So they work with your level of amputation?” Francesca asked.
“Well, they work better with your level, but I manage pretty well, I think.”
“She does, I’ve seen her!” Sandra confirmed.
“But they’re downright super when you’re below the knee, Francesca. Try it.”
“I might, Annika!”
“And how about our Porna Queen?” Irina inquired, seeing Sandra put a dvd in the player.
“Porna Queen is on your side, Irina. A pros is a lot more fuzz with my stump size, or lack of size rather,” Sandra smiled, sticking it out. “Plus I can hardly remember having had two legs, so I’m sort of attached to this.”
“You sure are awfully agile, lady,” Francesca said, visibly impressed by Sandra’s effortless one-legged mobility.
“That girl is depressingly agile!” Annika added with a feigned pout.
“Hey, don’t forget you’re watching over thirty years of experience, girls,” Sandra waved it away a little.
“Sandra, if you’re teaching us to be proud, then so should you be yourself,” Irina replied.
“Irina has a point, sweety,” Annika winked.
“Yeah, she has. So thank you for the sweet compliment and I’m glad you like my hopping,” Sandra smiled as she did, on her way to the couch. “And where did you have me in mind?”
“Right here, dear,” Irina insisted with her hand patting the seat space to her right. “And I can’t put an arm around you, but I very much would love to, so we’ll just think I’m doing it.”
“I can sit to your left?”
“You could, but I also want to keep an arm around your sexy girlfriend,” Irina winked.
“I get it, I get it!” Sandra grinned.
“You should never have decided to have that arm cut off, Irishka,” Francesca winked, obviously referring to their earlier talk.
“Yeah, I know; bad decision!” Irina giggled.

Actually everyone was when Sandra plopped down on the couch, as everyone felt that Irina’s short arm stump stroking Sandra’s shoulder was actually an arm around her. The giggling fell silent when Sandra pushed the remote control, and it turned to humming when the first shots appeared. The loud spraying shower drowned the other sounds somewhat, but not enough to turn a distinctly curious frown on the guests’  faces, followed by a broad and excited grin.

Annika felt Francesca’s hand cup her stump. Its gentle squeezing was short, but only because it soon became passionately firmer. And all the time, Francesca’s eyes – and not only hers – were locked onto the screen.

“Mmm, I think these two ladies are truly inspirational, Irishka…but aren’t we too?”
“We should show them, don’t you think?” Irina replied with a frolic smile.
“With everything we got, right?”

Both Sandra and Annika frowned, but they had an idea what Irina was saying. As Sandra knew she had just recruited two great new models.



4 thoughts on “Story – Porna queen (4) – Recruitment

  1. Still ain’t right 😉 – Annika says to Irina:
    “So I have a C-leg like Francesca has, plus one of these blade legs for running.”

    I recommend you to re-read this whole chapter :).
    Despite these errors this chapter is great !!!


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