Story – Juicy Janet

“Can I say I love your leggings…?”
“You can. And I figured you might like ‘em,” she smiled.
“So there was a plan behind wearing them today?”
“Well, let’s say I had an idea what this rendezvous would be about, Tim,” she replied confidently. “And since I have no problem with that, I don’t tend to hide how I look.”

Her name was Janet, he knew from the emails that’d preceded this meeting. From their small correspondence he also knew Janet was missing her right leg, that she knew about devotees and liked the nice ones, and that she’d often dated men who found they qualified, but not always did in her opinion.

With respect to the latter, Tim needn’t really be as tentative as he actually was. Janet had considerable experience, and this date would not have taken place if previous correspondence had given her a bad feeling about him.  For Tim this was his first date as a devotee though. And Janet could sense it probably was.

“I never do, by the way, but this is my slightly more frivolous me. I felt like that today; hope that’s no problem for you?” she added, smiling reassuringly and hoping it’d make him less coy.
“No, no. You look wonderful,” Tim smiled, only slightly less uneasy now.

Her leggings weren’t just not hiding. They were the tightest fit he’d seen in a while and stretched the curves of her voluptuous buttocks as unrevealingly as they clad her hip high amputated leg. Janet was also wearing a t-shirt that had a hard time spanning the bosom you’d expect with her bountiful figure, and it did with a V-neck displaying both an impressive cleavage and a tiny tattoo.

Maybe Tim should have figured from her style of writing that he wasn’t going to meet a very bashful woman. Somehow his inexperience had made him expect it though, and actually Janet was anything but that.

“The weather’s so beautiful. Shall we go for a stroll first and then decide what to do next?” she asked.
“Sounds fine to me. Where did you have in mind?”
“There’s a park nearby, isn’t there?”
“Yeah, to the left and down the road. About ten minutes.”
“I’ll manage that on my high heel,” she smiled subtly.
“There’s a coffeehouse about halfway if you wouldn’t,” he smiled back.

If the info in her dating profile was correct, Janet was 39. She looked younger though, a lot, giving him no reason to think it wasn’t. Furthermore, it hadn’t lied about her amputation. Courtesy had prevented him from asking details in their emailing, but the ‘high right-legless blonde’ she’d used to describe herself matched what he was seeing. And Janet didn’t seem to mind his looking.

“Coffee sounds very good actually, so I think I’ll pretend I won’t,” she replied, rolling her eyes.
“Coffee does sound good, yes, so I won’t stop you.”
“On our way then?”

The walk was not a bad idea. It made the occasion for the usual questions, that she was happy to answer to break the ice a little. Encounters between a one-legged woman and a man attracted to amputees easily tended to focus on only that, but Janet needed a little more than just her stump being the subject to let this date end the way they both hadn’t excluded. She was open-minded about devotees, provided they managed to tickle her interest, and finding her amputation sexy wasn’t enough.

As a start though, it made the perfect subject, and so she told him to feel free to ask, she answered with the amount of detail she knew he’d love to hear, and took care to maintain a light-hearted tone that wasn’t feigned. Having lost her leg at age fourteen, Janet was an amputee of twenty-five years, well long enough to let acceptance and self-esteem be issues of  the past, and see a date like this as fun.

“So you always use crutches?”
“They gave me a new leg after the amputation, Tim,” she replied. “I used it for a couple of months because my parents made me, but it was so totally terrible I dumped it in the basement, promising myself I’d never wear it again. And I didn’t, and I never regretted it.”
“They have pretty good prosthetic legs nowadays, not?”
“I’ve heard they’re supposed to be great, yes, but let’s say I’ve grown attached to this,” she smiled. “It’s been so long this isn’t even feeling like my second nature; it’s my first.”
“It shows.”
“Can I take that as a compliment?”
“It was meant to be one, yes.”
“Thanks then, I love compliments.”
“I have more if you like?”
“Do I look like I don’t, Tim?” she chuckled.
“I really love the way you’re not afraid to show it. And it’s not only those sexy leggings, it’s also how you’re wearing them.”
“And how am I then, you’d say?”
“Proud to be one-legged? Can I say that?”
“If you think that’s how I look, of course you can,” she smiled.
“And are you?”
“That’s a typical devotee question,” she grinned. “Can I say that?”
“If you think it is, sure. But I’d be curious for the why.”
“One-legged is how I look, it’s what I deal with without being unhappy, and I feel flattered when you make me compliments about how well I do. But having one leg is not terribly practical and although I know you’ll disagree, personally I think I’d look better with two. Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoy life, and I show it off because it’s fun to provoke. But I’d say I’m proud of managing that, not proud as such to be an amputee.”
“Maybe it was a typical devotee question.”
“Not maybe,” she winked. “But I didn’t say I mind typical devotee questions, did I?”

There was an openness in her attitude he somehow hadn’t expected. In fact, he hardly knew what to expect. Tim was 32, currently between girlfriends – as he and his buddies called it – and he wasn’t inexperienced with women; he just hadn’t found the right one so far.
He’d also never dared to date a woman like Janet before, and ‘like Janet’ stood for amputee, preferrably a single leg amputee, since that was the type that played his erotic fantasy eversince he could remember.

“I bet you’ve heard a lot, eh?”
“O yes, and very weird ones too!”
“And you really don’t mind them?”
“I shouldn’t be dating devotees if I would, should I?”
“True, but there’s understandable curiosity and there’s real weirdness.”
“Maybe I find weirdness intriguing?”
“Do you?”
“Don’t you find your attraction intriguing then? I do for sure.”
“I’ve often wondered why me, yes,” he smiled, meanwhile a lot more at ease. This first talk was proceeding very relaxedly.
“Yeah, same here!” Janet giggled.
“And it is intriguing, you’re right. There’s the moral side too, of course, but the fascination as such is actually quite remarkable.”

This was not the time to bring this up, but feeling guilty had always stopped Tim. There was a conflicting wrongness in being attracted to something the person having it could well be traumatised by, he found. Furthermore, Tim was attracted to many more things in women, and the relationships he’d been in had never made him feel they were lacking anything related to his amputee attraction.

But while it wasn’t all-overwhelming, it was also persistent, and a few weeks ago he’d decided to no longer deny it was. Out of curiosity mainly, and not with any further intentions; he’d  made that clear in his correspondence with a few candidates.
It’d made all but one decide to not meet, and he respected that. And it’d made Janet decide they should have a date, which had made him feel awkward at first. He was used to asking a woman on a date because he’d seen her, had a first chat and liked her. The way dates were made, and should be. And this one was based on his date having one leg. True, the pictures she’d sent him showed a woman he found very attractive, and their correspondence had been nice enough to make him curious. But essentially, he was dating Janet because of her leg amputation.

“I fully agree. In a world obsessed with bodily perfection, it’s pretty amazing to see there’s people rather passionately preferring imperfection.”
“I wouldn’t even call it that,” Tim said, smiling and eyeing down.
“So you’d say I have good reason to date you?” Janet winked.
“Can you take another typical devotee compliment?”
“I think I can, yes,” she grinned.
“From the looks of those leggings, my guess would be they’re cladding my idea of perfect imperfection,” Tim then said, somewhat surprised by his own boldness.
“Mmm, and you’ve ony seen the leggings…”
“And yet you’ve already made my day,” Tim winked.
“Gosh, you’re that easy?”

Somehow Janet’d never run into mr. Right either. It didn’t stop her from allowing him the chance though, even when she’d never have it burden a first date like this. Today was for enjoyment, pleasant excitement, and if Tim turned out to be as okay as he looked so far, for fulfilling an appetite she was not ashamed to call very healthy.

In her view there was nothing wrong with loving sex, and Janet saw no problem in having it with men attracted to her special looks. True, the world of devotees was not without creeps, but good intuition had always kept her adventurous nature out of trouble. Barring a few disappointments, her experience with dates like these had been surprisingly good actually. And most of all, they were great fun.

* * *

“Welcome to my modest palace,” Tim smiled as they entered the living of his flat.

They’d never made it to the park. The coffee halfway had become two and three, it was followed by two glasses of white wine, and by then it was clear how they both wanted this date to proceed. And since the initially somewhat shy Tim had turned out to be a truly pleasant conversationalist with respectful views, Janet had trusted herself to prefer his place to the neutral grounds of some anonymous hotel.

“With an immodest stereo, good heavens!” she said, impressed by an almost man high speaker set.
“My second serious weakness,” he grinned. “And shall we continue with wine?”
“Is it better than the plonk they poured us in that coffeehouse?”
“It is.”
“And can I trust your judgement?”
“There’s one way to try, but I’d say you can. Riesling or Chablis?”
“Is the Riesling dry?”
“Hmm, you didn’t strike me as a connaisseur earlier.”
“Some things I do hide,” she winked, nonchalantly making her stump rest on one of her crutches.
“Mmm, beguiling, quite beguiling,” Tim smiled with appreciation. “And it is, by the way. As dry as a Trocken tends to get, that is.”
“The German Riesling it’ll be then,” she smiled, knowing he’d get her small deduction. “And can I put on some music or is this the kind of stereo women aren’t allowed to touch?”
“I should be offended now,” he replied while pouring the wine. “You called it ‘stereo’.”
“And how should it be called to not offend your sensitive soul?” she teased.
“My fellow nerds would call it high-end audio.”
“Hmm, so I ran into a nerd after all, eh?”
“Only when I let myself be one,” he grinned. “And it’s three things you need to switch on; the cd-player, the big black one and then the smaller black one on top of that.”
“And how would your nerd friends call those?”
“Power amplifier and preamp.”
“Mmm, preamp sounds interesting,” Janet chuckled. “Is that what you switch on before getting to the… amp?”
“Yup, all that’s needed then is the amp herself switched on,” Tim played their innuendo.
“She wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t already,” Janet wasn’t shy to admit.

He watched her as she switched on the equipment, then made her way to the cupboard storing his cd collection. Janet had put her crutches away to have her hands free, so he was witnessing a casual demonstration of her one-legged agility, with her high heel off for better balance, but still fascinatingly beautiful. And maybe it wasn’t quite so casual, since she knew he was looking, and she didn’t seem to mind one bit he was loving what he saw.

“Does lounge sound good? Or are you the romantic violin type?” she asked with a mockin grin.
“Lounge, Riesling and a glorious woman with a perfect leg amputation. What more could I wish for?” he replied, reaching out her glass and inviting her in his arms.

On the way to his place, Janet had invited him to cut the crap, as she called it. Tim was a smart, truly nice and witty guy, and he was the perfect kind of devotee, making Janet all but mind he was. That gave little reason to remain diplomatic, she found, and so she’d told him to speak his devotee heart. Next to that, she quite liked men who enjoyed to not put brakes on what they found of her.
In the background, sultry lounge began to play. And monstrous those speakers certainly were, they sounded like every instrument was being played right behind her.

“That woman with less clothes on, maybe?” she smiled seductively as she took the glass. “And cheers, very handsome man…”
“Cheers, very sexy lady. And you have wonderful ideas.”
“They’re not without self-interest,” she replied, sipping her wine while eyeing him up and down.
“One of the things that make you glorious, Janet.”
“So there are more?”

He nodded, now also eyeing her while sipping. The way hungry men did.

“I consider our cut the crap a general agreement,” she smiled, her lifting eyebrow subtly asking for details.
“Your ass is breathtaking; begs to be grabbed…”

She just nodded and took another sip.

“If I’d have a spare one for you, I think I’d rip off that t-shirt of yours. That’s about how much I’d love to see you in bra only. And then I’d unclasp it and watch your phenomenal boobs bulge out.”

A subtle grin now, and twinkling eyes telling him to continue.

“When I’m going to take off your leggings, I’ll first enjoy what I’m imagining to be a very well-shaped left leg. Your leggings aren’t hiding in that respect either, so I think I’m right on that well-shaped. And it will only further accentuate the magnificent erotic contrast: one leg perfect, the other perfectly absent. I will curiously explore that perfect absense, the fleshly beauty of a fascinating stump in return for your leg taken off. With my eyes, with my hands, with my heart pounding and my cock throbbing fiercely. And by then, the mesmerising power of your amputee splendour will have made my hunger for you total.”

A broadening smile. His choice of words was amazing, and she loved how his thoughts were taking the time to make this the climax it’d be for him.
He wasn’t the first devotee she was about to reveal her naked body to, and neither was he the first to have been granted a cut the crap. Tim was the first though to make such wonderful verbal use of it, and he did with a subtle detail that hadn’t escaped her. He was using the present future, looking at her with the subtly arrogant certainty that should be part of this detail: that the future was written and there was no escape for her.
Timid Tim turned out to have a predatory streak, and she had entered the home of this predator. And now that she had, there was no way back. She would not leave it unless sexually devoured, and the thought of that started to become quite itchy.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard cutting the crap be used with such talent,” she smiled, pulling him closer. “You’ve just made having one leg a poetic awareness.”
“I’m glad I succeeded in conveying my thoughts, incidentally not only about your perfectly missing leg…”
“I know, and it wasn’t meant as not enjoying the other things you said,” she replied, her eyes trying to apologise a little. “I actually adored the t-shirt part.”
“That was sudden inspiration, caused by this incredibly sexy display,” he replied, grinning as he looked down, straight into her impressive cleavage.
“Thanks,” she winked.
“My pleasure entirely.”
“And you’re sure you don’t have a spare?” she giggled.
“I’ll gladly let you have one of mine…”
“I’d have to try that on before I can let mine be ripped off, but that would show you my tits before the fun.”
“Unless you’d try it one with me not looking?”
“Yeah, but then I’d have to pull myself out of your arms, and I don’t want that.”
“Better leave it for next time then?”
“Yeah, at my place.” she smiled.
“Hmm, we haven’t even had our first time yet, and we’re already talking the second.”
“You noticed too, eh?”
“I must really find you terribly hot then,” he said, now pulling her seriously close.

Janet didn’t resist. Not at all. In fact she pushed the full glory of her bosom against his chest, and welcomed the notable pressure against her belly with tilting hips and a soft, guttural moan.

“I’m feeling definite signs that you might.”
“And I’m feeling you like them.”
“Of course I like them. I’ve been eyeing your hard-on eversince you had it. Didn’t you notice?”
“Maybe that’s a second thing you hide well?”
“Better than you, for sure,” she grinned.
“Is that so?”
“It is, yes. Your eyes started undressing me after our second coffee, and I’ve yet to see you take a break.”
Tim laughed out loud. “I’m that obvious!?”
“Yup, you are. But maybe I liked it?”
“Not maybe. Your nipples betrayed you,” he grinned.
“There was even more that did…” she whispered.
“Mmm, was there?”
She nodded slowly. “Uh, uh.”
“So while I was trying to conceal my boner, you felt your panties get moist?” Tim said, now pushing a full hard-on into the softness of her belly.
“I don’t think ‘moist’ is quite the right word,” she whispered, reaching for his lips to steal a kiss. “And if this would be a gun in your pocket, you’d have me think .44 Magnum… ”
“Glad I’m only pleased to see you then?” he asked, just able to suppress his laughing.
“I’d not use ‘only’ for what I’m feeling here,” she replied, groping his groin while sipping wine with proper nonchalance.
“I felt I needed something to match the size of what you’re driving me wild with,” he grinned confidently.
“Mmm, now you have me curious, very…”
“Same here,” he whispered, subtly stroking the back of a finger over a clearly protruding nipple. And then the other.
“I was about to ask you to hold my glass, so I could unzip you,“ Janet whispered, looking down at her nipples responding. “Now I’m having second thoughts,”.

It was clearly visible, as it was intended to. Mother Nature had endowed her well, Janet was quite happy to show just how well, and she’d taken care of the details. Finding thin fabric bras in her cup size was not that easy, and their comfort wasn’t great, the upside was her breasts showing their natural shape in full glory, especially when wearing an equally thin fabric, stretch t-shirt. Like she was.

“A wonderful dilemma, for the both of us.”
“Indeed, and are you seeing a way out?”
“I’m seeing one erotically relevant argument,” he replied, very calmly proceeding this tease, but his heart was pounding like mad.
“I’m listening,” she whispered, looking straight into his eyes as she squeezed full into his impressive bulge.
“There’s two options, obviously. But you freeing my cock first would allow you to see it get even bigger when I make your glorious boobs fall free. It would severely pressure my eagerness to make you go first though.”
“I fully understand that, yes,” she nodded, maintaining the casual tone that gave this conversation its sizzling tension.
“We’re also going to put our glasses down somewhere.”
“On the kitchen bar, yes. We can stand there too, and I’d have a little support.”
“We should if you need that support. And sorry for not thinking of that.”
“It’s no problem. You’re enjoying to see me stand on my one leg. And you should,” she winked.

Tim smiled, loving how easily Janet was taking her own part in cutting the crap. Before meeting her today, he’d been worried about how to handle his attraction in the presence of a woman who would no doubt trigger it. She’d assured him she was fine with men drawn to her amputation, but it hadn’t made his worries go away. Now they were gone though, totally. Not only was Janet expecting him to enjoy whatever her freely shown stump triggered in him, she was beguilingly expressing her being flattered by it.

“You’re extremely versed in this,” Tim smiled as he watched her hop towards the kitchen bar.
“I’ve never used a pros since I dumped my first one, so you’re watching twenty-five years of practice,” she smiled, lifting an eyebrow.
“It shows, very beautifully too. But where were we?”
“I think I remember,” Janet whispered, putting her glass down rather suggestively.
“Now I do too,” Tim replied, doing the same and pulling her face close for a kiss.
“Mmm, I wonder if you can guess what I like most about you?” she whispered in between nibblekisses becoming sensuous.
“I’m a bad guesser, so tell me…”
“You’re taking your time with me, and I’m adoring it,” she then said, smling with seductively willing content. “Since the moment we decided to continue this date here, we both know how this is going to end. We’re bound to end up having sex, and we’re both letting the thought of fucking each other’s brains out tickle our anticipation. You sense me pretty well, Tim, so you know I wouldn’t mind you ripping my leggings off and have me on the couch for starters. And yet you’re taking the full duration of this sultry lounge track we’re hearing to do as unbearably little as make my nipples peek through the fabric of my shirt.”
“The key word is unbearable,” he grinned subtly.
“And that track just finished…”

She’d done this before, Tim had to conclude from the laid-back ease Janet freed his cock with. And there was a keen twinkle in her eyes when she had.

“Oh my, how right I was to be very curious,” she grinned, obviously liking what she’d just popped out of his jeans.
“I’m not unhappy with little Tim,” he grinned, almost smugly.
“Believe me, I would never use ‘little’ here. I’m also a firm non-believer of size doesn’t matter, by the way,” Janet grinned back.
“With your cup size you sort of should be, not?”
“I wasn’t talking cup size…”
“I see. So you were referring to what will be stripped naked after I’ve made your hot boobs dangle like horny tit balloons…”
“Yes, first my big tits, then my short stump, then what you’re going to use your big boy on.”
“And how do you like me to call that slippery spot?”
“When it’s slippery, I call it my cunt or my slit, and so should you. I don’t like ‘pussy’,and it’s inappropriate too, if you know what I mean,” she grinned, lifting a suggestive eyebrow.
“Hmm, clean shaved?”
“You’ll find out soon,” Janet winked, teasingly tilting her hips as she jerked him off a little. “And eh… your turn now?”
“You make it sound as if you can’t wait to show me your tits.”
“Well, maybe I can’t?” she giggled.

She’d often thought about it, if her pleasure in showing off her tits was related to missing a leg. A woman’s desire to be found attractive seeking compensation for a leg lost would not be that implausible, even when Janet didn’t feel unattractive for it, or rather had left her worries about that behind.
Attractiveness was in expressing you were happy with yourself after all, and Janet had very little reason not to be. She was smart, good fun, and her often causing guys to look back and stare had more reasons than her breast size and a provokingly unhidden leg amputation. And yet, teenage girl Janet had already felt her transforming into a seductively well-shaped woman as providence compensating her for having to be one-legged. And basically, that had never changed.

“Judging from that grin of yours, I’d say you’re right,” Tim grinned as he pulled her t-shirt off.
With Janet’s size, arching her back to push out her breasts was quite unnecessary. She was doing it nonetheless though, and enjoying it too.
“Mmm, and you were right about that erotic argument,” Janet replied, returning to the pleasures of teasing his now visibly throbbing rod.
“It’s what you heavenly body does to me, and I knew it would.”
“And we’re not even half way…”
“We are now,” he winked as he reached behind her back.

He made it every bit the self-tease he’d imagined this to be. The only thing he did was unclasp her bra, place his hands on her shoulders and move back a little to have a proper view. Then he starting shaking her shoulders, and watched with a horny grin how the weight of her breasts did the rest.

“I can feel you like this,” Janet winked, squeezing into an erection that meanwhile felt close to spontaneous eruption.
“Aw fuck, Janet, pffffffff,” was the only thing he was able to utter.

She swiftly got rid of the bra but dropped it on the kitchen bar to let the size of the empty cups do their job. Tim was not her first guy with this type of weakness for her tits. Actually, she’d had men so obsessed with her bosom they took her being an amputee for granted. And obviously they hadn’t survived for long, their confessions and her own good memory had made Janet a true expert in knowing how to tickle this weakness.

“I can make you like me even more,” she teased, bending over to make her heavy tits dangle. Dangerously, she was soon to find out.

The arousal her breasts were able to cause had also taught her something with regard to devotees. The object of their weakness was different, and perhaps it was more controversial, but devotees did not respond very differently to her stump than big boob lovers did to her bosom. Very likely, it was simply how men with particular preferences responded, which rather reduced the difference for her. If she could be flattered by her boobs being worshipped, truly not minding to be an amputee meant the appreciation for her stump shouldn’t flatter her less.

This formerly timid Tim was a special case however. He found her lustfully attractive for most every physical reason she had to offer, including a – in his words – perfect high leg amputation. Furthermore Tim seemed well able to handle the handful she knew she was, he did it with smartness, sense of humour and relaxed defiance, and last but not least she was curiously exalted by what Tim had to offer in terms of male physical assets. Janet wasn’t particularly narrow, so she genuinely appreciated a well-sized lover who knew how to exploit his asset. And there were no guarantees beforehand of course, somehow Janet suspected Tim to know pretty well.

“You should only be doing this if you don’t mind me cumming all over you,” he warned her with a horny haze in his eyes.

And then there was something else, she pondered as she continued to push him. Tim’s devotee feelings were strong alright, for him they were also as normal a part of being a horny guy as this current lusting for her dangling tits was. Janet had never minded a guy getting hard on her stump, as long as it wasn’t the only thing that got him hard. For many devotees, that was sadly the case though, as it had been the reason for their swift exit.
But Tim was promisingly different, which she knew she shouldn’t be thinking on a very first date, but nonetheless did.

“Thanks for telling me….” she said, looking straight into his eyes and jerking faster.
“Testing… my… control, eh?” Tim stammered, his fists clenching his knuckles white now.
“I wanna have an idea what I’m going to be fucked by, Tim…”

* * *

“Using crutches to not have your glorious boobs bounce, dear?” Tim asked, stretched out on his king size bed, watching Janet return from the bathroom.
“That’s one good reason, yes. It hurts!” she replied, smiling but firm.
“So there are more, eh?”
“Hopping is not exactly good for your knee, and I’m not feather weight.”
“I’m glad you aren’t,” he winked. “And crutching is very beautiful too.”
“I’ve never quite understood why, but thanks,” she smiled.
“Especially nude crutching.”
“Obviously,” she grinned.
“Not for the reason you’re thinking…”
“Then tell me,” Janet smiled, all but uncomfortable with his fascination.

The man who was now taking his time to watch her up and down had also taken the time to give her an adequate picture of what heaven must be like. Her suspicions had been right, that Tim would know how to use what was now back to a shriveled state of rest. Temporary rest, she dearly hoped. In fact he’d known so breathtakingly well that every nerve in her body was screaming for more. And it was safe to say Janet would now be comfortable with anything.

“It’s in panties being off,” he explained. “That way I can see every detail of your stump doing nothing while you crutch. Seeing it dangle so loosely has a serene beauty for me, especially with your amputation being so high.”
“That’s important to you, eh? My leg being off high?” she asked, pushing out her stump as she remained standing next to the bed.
“It is, yes. Very.”
“Can you describe how?”

Meanwhile, nothing regarding her leg amputation and his liking it was off limits anymore. Janet knew what the attraction really was about, she’d told him not to hold back, and Tim’s verbally versed frankness was a pretty flattering way to hear him oblige. So, in a way, she wanted more in this respect as well.

“My erotic trigger is absense,” Tim replied, smiling because Janet was still toying with her stump, and liking it too. “Physical absence, functional absence, and the more absence, the bigger the trigger. Has to do with contrast, I think. Your left leg standing alone is more intense because your right is missing almost completely. And then there’s the magic attraction of your short stump. A lower amputation is half a leg, so to say. Your high one gives the stump shape a different feel, more like a dangling big breast than the remains of a leg. Does that make sense?”
“Not really, but I love how it makes you look at me,” she replied, obviously charmed.
“And I love how totally you don’t mind.”
“I don’t see why I should. Having one leg doesn’t affect vanity, you know.”
“It shouldn’t. It often does though. You’re exceptional in that respect. And not only in that, by the way,” Tim said, spreading his arms to invite her back.

She went to sit on top of him, resting her hands on his chest. His skin felt sweaty, not surprisingly considering what had just come to a break.

“Mmm, another thing I love, two things actually,” he winked, watching her boobs dangle.
“And there’s nothing in your perverted mind wishing I’d have only one tit?”
“Strangely there isn’t, no.”
“Just checking,” Janet winked, teasingly letting them dangle close to his face.

He stuck out his tongue, reaching for the exciting big teats passing by his lips. In this position, her magnificent boobs were showing at their thrilling best. With their weight now fully subject to the law of gravity, her glorious amounts of tit flesh dangled with sharply arousing looseness.

Of all the things he found terribly exciting about this woman, there was one standing out. And although it came close, it wasn’t her incredibly hot stump. It played a part in what stood out alright, as did her sizzlingly sexy tits. But what made Janet his dream come true was her irresistable sexual confidence.

“You check whatever you like, juicy Janet,” he winked.
“Juicy?!” she laughed. “What makes me juicy then?”
“Everything you are,” he winked. But he was also suddenly serious.

Tim had seen many women share this bed with him. There were quite a few he had fond memories of too. He loved sex, found it the most intense expression of exchanging passion, and he’d made love with many women who found the same. Yet none of them came close to Janet’s interpretation of intense exchange.

In a weird way, he found her masculine in that respect, weird since physically she was as all woman as he’d ever seen. But her sexual expression was very prominently freeer than he’d seen in other women, even women he was sexually very experienced with.

He’d always taken it for granted. After all, he wasn’t a woman. He’d never have a real idea of what sex was like for the other side, but that was also part of the magic of attraction between the sexes, and he’d seen enough female smiles of utter satisfaction to not doubt his own sexual talent.

This wonderfully juicy Janet was quite a different case though. Not only did her looks and person thrill the heck out of him, in bed this witty lady transformed into an all sex fury. He had always thought that really letting it all go was something women couldn’t do, not the way he knew he could. Now he knew he’d been wrong. Janet could, and she did, with a natural self-evidence he found both astonishing and incredibly hot.

“Mmm, so it’s not just my juicy cunt leaking all over your reviving fuck rod, is it?” she asked, suggestively grinding her lower body.

He shook his head. He also pushed up his hips, with a horny grin to tell her he loved her slithery confidence. And Janet pushed back, shamelessly making clear what she wanted the next step of this date to be.

“Yet another thing I love about you: you don’t seem to have any headaches,” he winked.
“There’s quite a lot we like about each other, I think,” she replied, smiling but also tentatively.

This was something she never brought up on a first date. And now she did, simply because it was out just like that.

“There’s one huge problem though,” Tim said, his eyes twinkling enough to not have her worry.
“There’s is?”
“Tell me then,” Janet whispered, grinding wetly against what felt like a full revival on its way.
“I’m 32, you’re 39. That’d make me a toyboy and you a cougar…”
“What if I’d quite like a toyboy?”
“And you sure fuck like a cougar…” he added.
“That great toy of yours makes me…”
“That great body of yours makes me…”
“I’ve yet to hear the problem, Tim…”
“Maybe there isn’t then.”
“I’d say there isn’t, no. Unless you couldn’t bear your cougar having no right leg, of course…” Janet teased, grinding even heavier.
“Actually, that makes my cougar incredibly sexy…”
“Sexy enough to use little Tim on her again…?” she giggled.
“Little Tim will be forever not little with juicy Janet around,” he winked.
“Mmm, then do it, baby,” she heaved.

One more grinding, and her hand moved between her thighs. She carefully positioned herself, looked straight into his eyes and got ready to plunge herself down.
A moment of silence, then her voice sounded again.



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