The Alicia Diary (5)

Becoming bionic again

I’m on the road to becoming bionic again… legitimately through my insurance and at no cost to me.

At 29, I’m getting a prosthesis again. I haven’t worn a prosthesis in 9 years. I have been very anti-prosthesis for so long due to previous complications and at my expense, but now that financial burden doesn’t exist and I get to try and get it right this time: physically and mentally.

I’ll be undergoing a full body change to make sure my leg fits and stays that way but my mind will be tested again too. Being an amputee is a constant up and down… they don’t teach you that beforehand! J

I was casted a few weeks ago. For all my cast fetishers out there: I forgot how good casting feels. It’s secure like a diaper (for my ABDL fetishers too ;P ). My orthotics guy, Seamus, is just waiting for a knee for a C-leg to be approved and then I’m moving on to the next stage. Exciting and very daunting as well.

My old prosthetic caused me so many problems before and so did my insurance that it’s kind of hard to believe this is happening. I’m still stunned.


I plan on documenting this so I’m hoping to write more in the coming weeks so bare with me friends 🙂


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