Blog – One year on


One year ago to the day, a button click from the WordPress back office sent the very first pages of this blog into internet space. And I wasn’t expecting them to receive much attention.
As I’m typing this today, 43,476 users from 134 different countries have generated 443,549 page views on that same blog. That’s a hell of a lot more than I had ever expected, so thank you all, and not only visiting my blog, but also for making it a regular stop in your surfing across the internet.

I’ve been ill last summer and my work is currently keeping me very busy, two things that come first in life. They’ve been the main reason for my erotic musings falling dry, for my opinions remaining in the closet and for interview candidates not being looked for. Temporarily though, I hope and expect.

I’m also announcing we’re soon seeing the bottom of my amount of video material. It’s being replenished with new stuff I manage to find, but not at the same rate as roughly 15 updates a week require. Just so you know, and yes: should you have interesting material for me, I’m game πŸ™‚

A recent announcement I was very happy to make is the one showing on the front page: that of my friend Olga’s Amputee & Devotee Forum.Β Β Its bilingual (Russian and English) set-up may pose a few challenges, I’d say they’re not even close to the challenges of being an amputee. And there’s Google Translate of course.

Olga’s forum makes me very happy because it was launched by a woman who is an amputee herself, meaning this wasn’t yet another devotee making a step towards better mutual understanding butΒ an initiative coming from ‘the other side’, the side that is so often – and often with good reason – watching ‘us’ with suspicion.

The beauty of the amputated may well never become normally accepted, but amputees and devotees acting normal about it over a cup of coffee may equally well be a pretty good start. For that reason, there’s coffee and birthday cake over at Olga’s today!



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