Amateur models

Not every amputee will go as far as those who model do. The choice to model is individual for everyone, amputee or not.
At the same time, there’s a gray area between modeling and not wishing to be on camera at all. Like other women, amputees may well enjoy to pose for their partner, or for other occasions not intended to be enjoyed by a larger audience, and the discrete intimacy of such settings will often result in both very natural and alluring pictures.

If an occasional pic of this kind lands on the internet, you have to ask yourself if it was intended for everyone. If it’s a whole set, chances are small it would not be, and that’s where I’ve drawn the line with respect to invading privacy, always a thing to be considered when posting amateur material, I think.

So, this is going to be a place for what you could call occasional amputee models. Women who do not model professionally, but who nonetheless decided to pose and show their special beauty to whomever they found it worth showing to.

I’ll post the various ‘contributions’ in seperate maps. The first examples can be found here.

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