Amazing Amputees

There are examples of amputees really beating the living daylight out of their challenges, and I want this page to be a spotlight for them.
Suggestions as to videos that deserve a place here are welcomed.

  • *NEW* Ever tried drifting, making a car slide with smoking tires? This guy does it and he happens to be a double above elbow arm amputee. Click here.
  • One-legged football boring? Watch this left leg amputee kid amaze you! Click here.
  • Doing a Rubik’s cube in about one minute is cool. It’s bordering on unbelievable if you have no right arm, but this young lady pulls it off. Click here.
  • Right leg amputee Mama Cax redefines beauty. Click here.
  • Amputee rap anyone? Left leg amputee Josh Sundquist shows you
  • Young gymnast Kate continues gymnastics after losing her left leg. Click here.
  • Double leg amputee Jen Bricker in a beautiful ‘ballet’: #besomeone (click here)
  • Left leg amputee Rossy Lebó sings “My Way” (in Spanish). Click here.
  • Even break dancing with no legs can be done. Click here.
  • Break dancing with one leg? Watch this guy and watch the cheers! Click here.
  • Differently abled women taking back the beach. Interviews here.
  • Classic Greek-Roman wrestling? Here’s a left leg amputee showing you how to win.
  • Professional wrestling anyone? Left leg amputee Zach Gowen did it. Here’s the Wikipedia link about him, and here’s a video of him in action – not a win btw :).
  • Congenital double arm amputee Tisha shows how to do most everything, and with disarmingly sarcastic fun. Click here for her video channel.
  • Congenital left arm amputee becomes a world class pole dancer (and not in strip clubs). Click here for an item on her.
  • Quadruple amputee girl dances. Click here.
  • Two one-armed girls conveying a positive message. Click here.
  • Fashion model Lauren Wasser lost a leg 4 years ago due to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Last week, she made her catwalk comeback, wearing a spectacular golden prosthetic leg. Press coverage example here, but there’s lots more on her on the internet.
  • Skateboard acrobatics double leg amputee style. Watch it here.
  • Soccer ball handling with one leg. Watch it here.
  • Missing your lower right arm and still be an amazing piano player? Yes, it can be done. Watch (and listen!) here.
  • Russian DJ Michail Onutsin is a right above and left below elbow arm amputee. Watch him in action here.
  • I tried a climbing wall once, and I wasn’t very good at it with four limbs. Here’s two double arm amputee ladies showing you how to do it, assisted by a leg amputee instructor.
  • And here’s a legless guy doing the same.
  • Doing the Ironman triathlon is an incredible achievement for any sportsman or -woman. It’s even more for a disabled sportswoman, but left leg amputee Sarah Reinertsen did it. Here’s an interview with her.
  • Austrian Tanja Erhart lost her left leg at age six. It didn’t stop her from becoming a professional dancer. A short interview with her can be found here.
  • Rock ‘n Roll one-legged? It can be done, and how.
  • One-legged guy doing things I wouldn’t even dare with two legs.
  • Who needs legs to walk? One-legged Roya ‘the DestRoya’ shows you, with an inspirational comment you shouldn’t miss.