Golden Oldie of the Week

They’re from long before the days of HD, and it shows. That doesn’t mean video material from the older days is bad though. Script wise and artistically I would even say it was better, especially the movies produced by RASC (Russian Amputee Support Coalition) / Amputy and AmpHouse.
The oldest material – as far as I know-  originates from the other side of the Atlantic, with AMPIX and Fascination the pioneers and ASCOT and CD Productions following in their footsteps.
These organizations combined have left us a genuine wealth of golden oldies of amputee modelling, and I think they should have a place in the spotlight here. For that I will make a weekly pick of one full movie from the old(er) days. was one of a few organizations founded by Tatiana Volkova, and they ‘sourced’ their amputee models from Russia. Tatiana was a pretty artistic lady and she produced many very original videos. Flamingo Kitchen – this week’s choice for golden oldie – is perhaps not her strongest production in that respect, but in return it features quite a few nice models. And for lovers of nude there’s the famous nightly scenes around the camp fire.

You can play this week’s golden oldie by clicking here.