He’s on YouTube with his full name: Marcos Roberto Ribeiro. The name suggests Portuguese or Brazilian origin, but I’m still searching for more info on him.
So, whether I’m right in my suspicion is yet to be proven – and I apologise in advance for being wrong – but looking at this left leg amputee’s movies left me with a question: are we looking at a succesful wannabe here?

There’s a remarkable overtness in the way he shows he’s an amputee, and many movies focus rather specifically on things strongly reminding of what devotees find attractive to watch.
Interestingly, there’s also a young woman featuring – his girlfriend? – who appears to be quite willing to support the things Marcos likes to show. With the same reserve as regarding Marcos, I had the impression she’d be a female devotee.

Of course, this may equally well be his way of treating his being an amputee with openness, with his presumed girlfriend an understanding chaperone. But something told me it wasn’t.
I’m trying hard to find the info to solve what’s behind this rather enigmatic example of amputee exhibitionism. Meanwhile, videos of Marcos can be found here.