Petite leg amputee Nina was born in a small Russian town during the days of the Moscow Olympics, in 1980. She’s got university degrees in psychology and managment, but having lost her right leg – in early childhood – is apparently a big obstacle to find a job in Russia, and perhaps not only there.
In her country, people with a disability are often embarrassed to go out, but Nina will have nothing of that. She’s sociable and has an active lifestyle, loving parachute jumping and traveling, and she describes herself as an optimist whose optimism is contagious.
Photography is one of her many hobbies, and she also likes to be at the other side of the camera. Since a couple of years, she models for Natalie’s Palace and has appeared in quite a few videos that freely show the beauty of her high right leg amputation.

Pictures of her are pretty rare, but I’ll continue searching. Videos of Nina can be found here.