She’s definitely one of the prettiest models, Brittney’s also not shy to show quite a lot of her beauty. This sexy right leg amputee has been modeling for several years now, and luckily there’s a lot of quality material of her on the internet.

Brittney’s modeling can be divided into periods: her younger years posing for ariagirls and the later years as a no longer girl. Stylistically, there’s quite a difference as well. In her early years, she could perhaps be characterised as the naughty chick. Her work of later years shows a young woman, and both high quality photography and Brittney becoming older make it stylish, glamorous and – although this will be preaching to the converted here – unmistakeably expressing a woman missing a leg can be very confidently seductive.

Having lost her leg at the very young age of seven, Brittney is highly skilled in handling her being one-legged. Videos often show her using just one crutch, and pun not intended she does it with great dexterity. I’ve actually never seen her use a common pair of crutches.
More background on Brittney is in the interview I did with her, which you can find here. Since she’s been so kind to be interviewed for this blog, and is also professionally running her own website, I will mention this here.

Videos and pictures of Brittney can be found here. Since there’s so many pictures of her, I’ve categorised those in four submaps that, I think, do not require explanation.