Sexy right leg amputee Cecilia is neither shy to show off her beauty, nor to be open with problems an amputation can cause. Hers made a stump revision necessary, and she agreed to have it taped. The result is not your average devotee video, but it’s an unvarnished report of an amputee’s reality.
Happily, it’s not the only material available of beautiful Cecilia. AmpHouse, that she used to model for, made several really interesting videos of her, with an artistic pretention I find successful. Quality unfortunately isn’t always great, but many of Cecilia’s (not always spelled like this, by the way) videos dare to step away from the purposeless showing for the sake of showing that make so many other videos rather boring. This slender, dark-haired beauty has good taste in knowing how to seduce , and she feels free to do it either in beautiful or in very few clothes.

Pictures of her have been tough to find so far, but videos of Cecilia can be found here.