The agency Christine used to model for – One Leg Online – seems to have disappeared from the net, and I haven’t been able to find other sources with background info on her. If memory serves me correctly though, left leg amputee Christine is from Germany.
I also recall rumours of Christine being an amputee by choice. My apologies if this wouldn’t be the case, but I thought it interesting enough to mention it here. And it’ll no doubt be my devotee bias involved here, I’m inclined to think it shows: in my eyes this model is overaveragely coquettish with her mid-thigh amputation. Beit in how she shows her stump, the way she uses crutches or the many times she accentuates what’s missing, it often creates the impression she’s quite eager to show she has one leg.
No matter the cause, Christine can be ranked among the genuine dev teasers, knowing quite well what triggers the attraction and playing with it as if she knows very well how to do it.
Christine also likes to use a pegleg, which lovers of this aid for leg amputees will appreciate.

Pictures of her have so far been tough to find, but videos of Christine can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Christine

  1. Dear friend please search videos of divemouse she is a pretender “woman” amputee before the transformation to Christine
    Congratulations of your work and thank you from latin america


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