There won’t be many devotees unaware of Danielle’s existence. In fact, this slenderly sexy left leg amputee may well have been many a dev’s introduction to modeling one-legged beauties. Sadly, her modeling during the nineties never got a follow-up, and for a sad reason too. CD-productions, the amputee model agency Danielle modeled for and which was ran by amputee Carol Davis, was accused of fraud and successfully sued in court by Danielle, among others, demonstrating along the way that having one leg is no guarantee against scam.
Most unfortunately, this incident made Danielle decide to stop modeling, which we should still regret, I think. She combined having a very high left leg amputation with a thrilling way of showing it off, and lovers of high heels and high cut lingerie will no doubt still be enjoying her picture material, even when the relatively old videos are not of the highest quality.

Pictures and videos of Danielle can be found here.