Publicly accessible material of this sexy high left leg amputee redhead – originally from the far east of Russia – is unfortunately scarce. There’s hardly any pictures and most every video published on the internet is being removed swiftly, due to copyright claims, making this homage to Elena a bit of a gamble.
There’s little information on her, except that she models for AmpGermanyRU, where her bio states she is from Siberia, but recently I came across a little more than that. It appears Elena left Siberia and is now living in Germany. Reportedly, she is now married – to a devotee – and gave birth to a son. As to the history of her leg loss, my source tells me she was diagnosed with osteo-sarcoma when she was 15, the illness eventually resulting in amputation a year later, which will now (2017) be some twelve years ago.
Lovers of high leg amputation with a perfectly shaped stump will easily find Elena ravishing, since she possesses both and isn’t shy to let us enjoy that aspect of her beauty. And personally, I think Elena ranks top in having the most beautiful leg amputation: my preferred high upper thigh amputation level, and perfectly shaped with a perfect scar.

Pictures and videos of this sexy redhead can be found here.