Even when her website is no longer active, as far as I know, Florida based right leg amputee Eve is a well known model. Having lost her leg as a baby of ten days old, she can also be called very naturally adapted to her being one-legged, which – I think – shows, both in her coping with the limitations and in the way she talks about it.
As said, she used to run her own website, from which all material available on the net originates. And while the videos date from times before HD, the pictures are generally of high quality.

Movies and photos of Eve can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Eve

  1. The viewing of these amputee ladies is really constructive in a sense of not being forced to islollation by themselves or their relatives, My advice to all: “Do not think of yourself in terms of disabled, just project you are normal ladies with modified agreeable to some, in life”s due course.


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