For many devotees, this model’s nick will be a case of nomen est omen. Not only does this buxom left above the knee amputee know pretty exactly what devs like to see, she’s putting a firm claim on being the internet’s most explicit amputee model showing it. I’m sure my beware of adult content added here will only act as an encouragement: this lady is far from shy to show it all, also making her a welcome exception in the context of her generally rather prude country of origin – the USA.

I remember she used to run a website of her own, but – correct me if I’m wrong – this seems to have disappeared. Her name does however feature on a model site (not for amputees only, and looking rather outdated) called Gimps gone wild.
Her bio there states  that she lost her left leg in a car accident, which her scarred stump suggests. It also mentions the loss of a leg doesn’t stop her from letting erotic pictures show you can ‘still’ be sexy.
Fantasy has also been around for a while already, allowing us to both see her in her youth and at later age, when she put on some more weight. I’ll leave the preference to you.

Pictures and videos of Fantasy can be found here.

I was wrong: Fantasy does have her own website. Thanks to the reader who pointed me at it, and here’s the link.

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