Her first name suggests she is German, or from a German speaking country at least. Her alluringly fluent crutching suggests she has been an amputee for quite some time. And while I haven’t yet found any material actually showing her stump, the circumstantial evidence provided by videos of Gritt fitting a prosthesis shows that her right leg amputation is a hip disarticulation.

There’s much more pictures available of Gritt than videos. It’s actually been quite a search to find any video material at all of her. I’ve managed to come up with some though, and like her pictures it gives the impression of a merry young woman who does not seem to be bothered too much by her very high leg amputation. Her cheeky and bold expression have always put an instant smile on my face, as well as her perky, punk-ish haircut and rather particular choice of clothes.
Much of her video material shows she used to model for Visable, and I seem to remember she was on Amputee World’s model site as well, but I no longer see her appear there. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean she gave up modeling.

Pictures and videos of this cheeky right-legless lady can be found here.

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