Very pretty and Russian born (in 1985) Jessica is a leg and arm amputee. She currently lives in Germany, and after some modeling for and AmpHouse, she now runs her own web site and YouTube channel.

Jessica was hit by a train as a five year old child, an accident that resulted in a high right leg and above elbow right arm amputation, as well as a year in coma and more years of rehabilitation and corrective surgery.

Her web site states she decided to model because she was tired of being ashamed of herself. Her bio also creates the impression of a woman with many interests. She loves a wide range of classical and modern music music, reading, she’s alledgedly writing a book herself, and she loves contemporary art.
She describes herself as different and unique in her own way, like everyone else, considering every person unique.

Pictures and videos of Jessica can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Jessica

  1. Absolutely adore Jessica! I saw her many years ago in Germany and couldn’t believe my eyes – she doesn’t wear any prostheses, and when a traveling photographer took some photos of her she told him she charges for photos – who knows maybe she mistook him for a devotee but little did she know it was me – wish i could’ve taken a few photos of her or gone up to her but i was with friends (who obviously don’t know about my odd fascination) and so i just had to watch her from afar until we left. never know if i’ll bump in to her again


    1. Weird error. It was in the map but didn’t show for me either on blog. Tried again and it’s working for me now. Apologies and let me know if you still have the same problem.


      1. Oh. I didn’t mean the sitemap. I’ve seen you put the updated note to the name, but I can’t see any updates in any folders. The folder *updates* is totally empty, for example.


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